The Tiktok video of the Fitzroy garage party goes viral

how it started

Video montages of a party held at a garage in Fitzroy the week before got huge views on TikTok the Friday before Christmas. The videos soon began attracting parodies, and various influencers chimed in, either criticizing the partygoers or jumping to their defense. Enough people in one place all posting videos about the same thing has kicked the TikTok algorithm into overdrive.

How it is going


Part of TikTok’s appeal is the For You Page (FYP), which aims to recommend videos based on an individual user’s personal interests. But the algorithm is currently delivering videos about the Fitzroy garage party to people who have never been to Fitzroy or heard the word “sesh.”

Confused TikTok users in the English-speaking world have posted about the video. A former Love Island contestant jumped to her defense, while parodies like “Scotland garage sesh,” “Kent garage sesh,” and “Pleasantview garage party” (set in the fictional world of The Sims) have all surfaced online.

The videos have also migrated to Twitter and Instagram, where the trend has received a second wind from millennials and older generations, who are generally at a loss as to what’s going on.

Why do people care?

At least at first glance, the video appears to have become a focal point in the discourse on gentrification in Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs. Comments criticized everything from the vintage fashions on display to the iPhones in everyone’s hands, but they broadly pursued the same theme: Apparently wealthy people embracing Fitzroy’s working-class roots for their own gain.

One user, Aleks Hammo, posted a reply saying his family immigrated to Melbourne’s inner suburbs from Eastern Europe in the ’60s and admitted he was “fairly protective” of them.

“I really flinched at that video and I don’t really know why,” he said.

“I feel like it’s that safe, secure space for alternative guys to do their thing … if there’s new things happening where you live, that’s gentrification.”

The Fitzroy Garage Sesh as seen on TikTok.

The Fitzroy Garage Sesh as seen on TikTok.Credit:tick tock

It’s hard to tell how much someone in Canada, Scotland or New Zealand would care about gentrification in downtown Melbourne, but they get to see it anyway.

What remains could be an unwanted legacy. Millennials featured Corey Worthington’s apology to Leila McKinnon A topical matter. Gen Zers have… the Fitzroy Garage Party.

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