The terrifying reason aliens have never visited Earth could spell doom for humanity

NEW RESEARCH speculates why aliens have never visited Earth – and it could pose a danger to humanity.

Researchers theorize that alien civilizations may be doomed to either stagnate or die before they get a chance to visit Earth.

New research speculates why aliens have never visited Earth


New research speculates why aliens have never visited Earth

The search for extraterrestrial life is one of the most fascinating areas of science – and also one of the most controversial.

In the past, the National Academy of Sciences (NSA) has said that communication with other civilizations “is no longer something beyond our dreams, but a natural event in human history that may occur in the lifetime of many of us “.

Nevertheless, the famous question posed by physicist Enrico Fermi is: Where is everyone?

Hoping to answer that question, a new paper published May 4 in the journal Royal Society Open Science claims that “civilizations are either collapsing through burnout or shifting to prioritizing homeostasis, a state in which where cosmic expansion is no longer a goal, making it difficult to see from afar”.

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“Any outcome—homeostatic awakening or civilization collapse—would be consistent with the observed lack of [galactic-wide] civilizations.”

The research team arrived at their hypothesis using the “superlinear” model observed in cities.

When cities grow in size and energy consumption at the same rate as their populations, this leads to crises known as “singularities”.

This singularity point describes when “population and energy demand tend towards infinity in a limited period of time,” according to the authors of the study.

In response, civilizations attempt to address this with more frequent innovations, but this can cause “rapid growth slumps followed by an even steeper, possibly civilizational, collapse”.

“We envision that once a planetary civilization transitions to a state that can be described as a virtually connected global city, it faces ‘asymptotic burnout,’ an ultimate crisis where the singularity interval timescale shrinks than the timescale of innovation,” they wrote.

Scientists would theoretically be able to spot these nearly decimated civilizations the easiest since they would emit an enormous amount of energy.

What could this research mean for Earth?

According to this theory, if the Earth continues on its path of superlinear growth, it could mean the end of our civilization.

However, Earth is a great example of a “homeostatic awakening.”

This is the case when a civilization redirects its production away from “boundless growth across the stars toward growth that prioritizes societal well-being, sustainable and equitable development, and harmony with its environment,” reports Live Science.

As an example, the study explicitly refers to mankind’s denuclearization of weapons of mass destruction.

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“While humanity has not yet eliminated the threat of nuclear annihilation, today it is somewhat less, and the global number of nuclear warheads is fewer than 14,000,” the study said.

The study’s authors stressed that their hypothesis was not set in stone and was designed to “stimulate discussion, introspection, and future work.”

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