The Slots Lobby does not act in the best interests of the community

Illustration: John Shakespeare

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Minn’s quest for victory in this year’s election would be made much easier if he joined Dominic Perrottet in taking a bipartisan position in support of cashless playing cards. It seems the only friends he’ll be holding on to as he stands are those in the less respected club and pub lobbies. With a treasure trove of skeletons from the previous Labor government in the closet, Minns would be better off going for the family-friendly look. Simon Pitts, River View

Minns needs a lot of luck to defeat a struggling Dominic Perrottet (“The Minns Dynasty will’t come easy,” January 5). Unfortunately for the state, few voters know Minns, and voting for a somewhat invisible, uninspiring politician is highly unlikely. Little time is left for him to highlight Perrottet’s stumbling blocks, better articulate Labor Party policy and demonstrate a style of leadership voters are demanding. Denis Suttling, Newport Beach

It shouldn’t be our concern to stand up for the fool who squandered the rent money and has little use for food for the children. Let’s face it, he’s been around forever. The real poker trade wants game hours into the wee hours with a portable toilet next to each poker machine because there aren’t enough hours in the day to handle the oceans of dirty money that need to be laundered. Minns better wake up; Work is on the wrong side big time. Joe Whitcombe, bronze

A prognosis: In the state elections in March this year there will be a body slam against both major parties and the result will be a hanging parliament. Then the Greens, Blue-Greens and the myriad other colorful fringe winners will judge which of the ‘losers’ deserves to run NSW. As it stands, how could anyone think Minns is foreman material? Mark Pascal, Austinmer

Minns’ refusal to support the Prime Minister on his stance on the gambling industry means some loss for Labor in the upcoming election. As last year’s federal election showed, voters don’t want a detached party. Servaas van Beekum, Bondi

Looks like the poker machine could determine which party will rule our state after the next election. Con Vaitsas, Ashbury

Cut through the spin

Well done for them herald for the state of addiction Campaign. Let’s hope the tide has actually turned. In the meantime, we, the people, can raise our voices. Next time we choose a place to eat, why not choose a slot free place (cafe, restaurant or a minority of pubs and clubs) instead of a club or pub full of slots? If we’re drawn to an oversized, underpriced chicken schnitzel, maybe we should consider who’s really subsidizing that meal. Thomas Caroll, Haberfield

Same age, same age

The gambling lobby claims the cashless card will threaten many jobs. The same has been said by the tobacco lobby, the asbestos industry, and clothing manufacturers’ sweatshops. hollow words. Even the unions recognize that the card is a “no-brainer”. Rob Phillips, North Epping

Slot machines for an extra hour

During this controversial debate about club gambling, I ask, why are some clubs open later for poker players than for guests who are there for other reasons? For example: the VIP room opens from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., the rest of the club opens from 10:00 a.m. to midnight. The answer is obvious.
Aidan Cuddington, Umina Beach

Cheap as chips

The last time I was tempted to flap onto the slot machines was when I came back from a round of drinks and had some 20 cents for change. There was also a 5c machine for those not as flush. Has anything changed? Drew Morrisey, Cremorne

Not everyone is happy with the strong population growth

Their report on Sydney’s projected population growth included the words: “The state’s population largely stagnated for two years from 2020 to 2022” (“Sydney’s population forecast to reach 6.1 million by 2033,” 5 January).

Population Growth v Overpopulation

Population Growth v OverpopulationCredit:Flavio Brancaleone

“stagnant”? What’s wrong with the word “stable”? It suggests a bias in favor of endless population growth. Despite all the vicissitudes of COVID, I’m sure the citizens of Sydney have welcomed the pause from never-ending growth. Adding another 800,000 to the population in a decade could well be the stuff of nightmares. jenny goldie, cooma

In this finite world, why are we brainwashed because growth is good? Can’t these oh-so-smart economists develop a steady-state economy that doesn’t rely on growth for success?
Angela Williamson, Exeter

Chinese visitors should understand the need for COVID testing

The complaints about COVID testing for Chinese tourists are quite inexplicable (Letters, January 5). With the current massive COVID outbreaks in China, Chinese visitors can certainly understand the need for testing – they wouldn’t want to inadvertently infect their entire family once they arrive. Every time I visit my mother in her nursing home I have to do a RAT and have a negative result. At worst, it’s a minor inconvenience for me, but it protects my mom and my roommates. That’s all the Australian government asks of Chinese visitors – a little time out of consideration for others. Merona Martin, Meroo Meadow

Nurses could relieve family doctors and emergency rooms

Just as many presentations in our hospitals could be handled by a GP, too many presentations and ongoing care in a GP’s office could be handled by a nurse. Every practice should have a nurse to help offload GPs (“Perrotted to push for free GP’s in Medicare overhaul,” January 5). lisa clarke, Watson Bay

Where is the goal?

Why on earth does the army want these fancy new dual cannons (“Australia Buys 20 God of War Rocket Launchers”, 5 January)? Within 300km of Australia there is a multitude of empty oceans and friendly PNG and Torres Strait Islands. Perhaps there is a plan for Australia to engage in another useless land war. James Mahoney, McKellar (ACT)

Voice means a truly just society

It is ironic that two Indigenous politicians, Jacinta Price and Lidia Thorpe, seem determined to blow up embedding The Voice in our constitution (“Thorpe backs Price on push for details,” January 5). Much is wrong in our history regarding the treatment of our indigenous people, but while it may be largely symbolic, the vote provides a solid basis for further progress towards Australia’s development into a truly fair society. We probably won’t get another chance. Ian Adair, Hunter Hill

Political death by association

Their report that GOP Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speaker of the House is being obstructed by “right-wing Republicans” (“Kevin McCarthy loses more rounds of voting for Speaker’s role, Congress paralyzed”,, 5 January ). That’s all, isn’t it? McCarthy’s wince is cute to watch — he was one of the first in line for a photo op with Donald Trump after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. If you hitch your car to an unstable, egotistical, paranoid clown, expect there’s a price to pay—and likely includes a message for Putin’s generals and oligarchs. Patrick McGrath, Potts Point

Sydney Festival director Olivia Ansell on the set of Sun and Sea.

Sydney Festival director Olivia Ansell on the set of Sun and Sea.Credit:James Brickwood

Town hall sand could improve the acoustics

Now that the town hall floor is covered with a layer of sand, you should consider leaving it there (“That’ll be the talk of the town,” January 5). It could improve the venue’s acoustics by dampening the excessive reverberation that concertgoers have endured for over a century. However, care must be taken to keep fine sand out of the organ’s operation. Jim Donovan, Lindfeld

More free time a myth

My skeptical self scoffs when I recall the same saying from the 1970s: “Don’t be afraid of computers, they give us more free time” (“Robots don’t steal jobs, they allow us to spend more time being human”, 5. January). Computers have certainly transformed the workforce, as have robots and AI, but I don’t recall workers actually getting more time off. Mary Anne Kennan, Burwood

We shouldn’t have anything to do with feuding royals

There isn’t the same literal bloodshed, but the Windsor dynasty of today doesn’t seem far different in their shenanigans from those of the Plantagenets and the Tudors hundreds of years ago (“Harry blames father and brother for division,” January 5). Sibling fights and distrust, exiled brothers, feuding wives, disgraced relatives, and a public all demanding great performance while reveling in salacious gossip from sensationalist pamphlets. Won’t the historical novelists of the 22nd century have their big day?

It’s hard to believe by now that there are still Australians who want to keep members of this mob as our head of state. Bring on the republic. William Turner, Port Macquarie

Cricket Fan’s FOMO

Your correspondent’s father innocently asked when the cricket would start, presumably because not much was happening (Letters, January 5). My late husband, who stuck to the televised tests, often with lots of boring play, would be reluctant to leave the room “if something happened”. Joan Brown, orange

The beauty of cricket may be in the eye of the beholder, but I often think it was summed up perfectly by Bill Bryson: ‘It is not true that the English invented cricket to make all other human endeavors look interesting and lively; it was just an unintended side effect.” steve hell, North Avoca

The digital gaze

Commenting online on one of the stories that got the most reader feedback on yesterday
Perrottet wants to urge the federal government to overhaul Medicare and fund free family doctors
from daisy blue: ″⁣Everyone pays a Medicare levy for their entire working life. When they retire, the doctor shouldn’t cost three times what their medicine costs. Mass billing must be reintroduced for pensioners, the unemployed and the infirm. Otherwise there is no Medicare.″⁣

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