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There’s an aphorism, often mislabeled with Einstein, but with a lot of wisdom in it nonetheless, resulting in “a madman doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results.” different results.” And then there’s Santayana’s saying, “Those who cannot remember the past will be condemned if they repeat it.”

With this in mind, I’m trying to get around Ramsey County Judge Ostby’s decision to release from probation Joseph Conley, who committed violent robbery (“Ex-son on probation for assaulting injured driver on Green Line, “December 29). Mr. Conley had, including one, three felony convictions and had previously breached the conditions of his probation twice. What made Judge Ostby think it would be different this time?

Sandy Beitsch, St. Paul

Human gauges and dials

One morning, I woke up to a fresh layer of snow that had frozen overnight. As I trudge through the snow to my mailbox, I hear the familiar clack under my boots, feeling like I’m walking on a bed of frozen eggshells.

The chilly morning air numbed my cheeks and reminded me that adventurous pursuits outside were an unfavorable pursuit in an arctic Minnesota explosion. So I quickly retrieved the newspaper that lay stiffly inside my frozen mailbox, and I sprinted back to my refuge in my warm home, which was smoking hot from the roof vent.

I close the door to the last breeze of December’s winter air and venture toward the scent of freshly brewed coffee, which wafts into my kitchen. With coffee in hand, I sat down in my favorite chair, sipping the morning news.

Shakespeare once gave a speech on “The Winter of Our Discontent,” and Steinbeck later incorporated it into prose. As I read through the newspaper’s opinion page, I see the arguments line up like tanks on a battlefield. It reminds me of a familiar quote that Steinbeck wrote a long time ago: “What a scary thing it is to be human, a huge mass of gauges and dials and registers, and we can only read some and those are probably incorrect.”

And therein lies the crux of humanity, where man’s gauges and dials are frozen in a timeless state of perpetual misunderstanding and conflict. However, with each passing December, we step into the new year with the hope of better things to come.

Happy new year everyone. May 2022 brings the satisfaction and understanding we have earned.

Corby Pelto, Minneapolis

Political propaganda

Posts “Vote box battle…(December 30) by Nick Corasaniti is political propaganda that should have been posted on opinion pages with a corresponding article discussing the other side’s point of view. The fact that it was published on the front page on December 30 only reinforces the “fake news” narrative.

Thomas Mortensen, St. Paul

A vivid warning

Congratulations for the publication of the New York Times article on the state of national legislation voting and actions to make significant changes (“Vote box battle…“December 30th). The article demonstrates the inherent fragility of the Constitution, the laws and rules that support our country moving forward. The article is a vivid warning that a lack of attention at the state legislature level could result in more legislation potentially disrupting the cohesion of our collective nations. It is clear that lack of attention, reliance on political party labels and failure to vote in all elections can permanently destroy the web that binds us.

Carl Brookins, Roseville

https://www.twincities.com/2022/01/06/letters-nonetheless-we-enter-the-new-year-with-hope-for-better-things-to-come/ The revolving door of ‘justice’ – Twin Cities

Sarah Ridley

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