The Lost Ways 2.0 Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review

Worldwide, natural disasters are increasing and stronger than before. It can happen anywhere, anywhere. And it is getting more attention recently. To prepare in advance for upcoming disasters is not a simple thing, you need to have a very detailed plan. And that’s why a man named Claude Davis, who is behind the famous survival website, created a program called The Lost Ways. This 350 page long guide contains the methods our ancestors used to survive disaster.

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What is The Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways is a convenient eBook for all individuals who want to find out the essential survival skills that were common within the adulthood . I will be able to not stress the importance of preparing for disaster because i think you already know that if you’re reading this review. This book will equip you with the talents to affect all kinds of disasters with a spread of data and methods employed by our ancestors.

The author of the book Claude Davis looks at how modern amenities have made mankind so complacent. you’ll accept as true with me that modern technology has made life so comfortable and straightforward . People are not any longer preparing for the worst events during a world where money buys them everything they have .
Just take a flash and picture what would happen if your money became useless overnight.

You will not be ready to take out , water, medicine and other necessities. People will panic and begin plundering when food and water become scarce. Are you ready to perform commodity exchanges for survival? Even the foremost important question is whether or not you’ll grow and preserve your own food to ascertain you thru such disasters.

This book tells us that we’ve lost the vital survival skills that our ancestors had, and it is time for us to find out them again. we will never be complacent and hope that everything will always be so. When the system of power, communication and governance is broken, only people with appropriate survival skills can roll in the hay .

The survival things that our ancestors seemed to be essential for them but could prove a challenge for many folks . With disasters all around us everywhere, this book seems to deal with a really important area where everyone must prepare. Claude Davis has carefully selected the topics that modern people should learn to affect all disasters. a number of these topics include:

  • How to build a self-sustaining fire
  • How to make hardtack biscuits was used as an important food within the American war
  • How to make Pemmican
  • Medicine
  • Fuel and lighting
  • Build a smoking house to preserve food
  • Long-term storage and filtration
  • How to make guns and gunpowder. you’ll also learn what to try to to once you run out of ammo
  • Soap and toothpaste
  • Tips on the way to set animal traps and catch an animal
  • Cook nutritious dishes using ingredients from Native American scouts
  • How Americans built underground houses

Yes, these are just a couple of of the items to find out from the book but as I said earlier, it is a comprehensive 350-page book, so there is a lot to find out .

In the exact words of Claude Davis, it had been time for the Americans to return to their roots and learn to measure just like the first.

What will you learn from The Lost Ways?

Here are the fundamentals that book educates you;

  • Housing: During a disaster, housing was a serious concern and Claude Davis sought to deal with that by educating readers on the development of underground houses. He goes ahead and provides you clear illustrations of those houses. they’re big houses just like the Native Americans use and may comfortably shelter a family of 4 .
  • Food: Food may be a widely mentioned topic within the book Lost Way because this is often another basic need that we cannot do without especially in times of disaster. Pages 27-29 mention the surviving hardtack biscuits utilized in the US war . Page 37 talks about 18th-century recipes that are lost over time. then , he continued to teach readers on the way to make pemmican and a few nutritious recipes which will prove vital keep you healthy. These formulas are from the straightforward and readily available ingredients employed by Native American scouts.
  • Water: water collection, storage and filtration are other important areas that are covered within the Lost Way eBook. During wartime and natural disasters, water became scarce and difficult to get . However, you’ll find out how to simply collect and store it without spending a penny.
  • Traps: Setting a trap is differently to urge a gentle supply of food once you are short. While our ancestors were trapped for money by selling furs, you’d need both fur and meat from these animals to survive. Here, you’ll learn the simplest places to trap different animals and therefore the differing types of traps to use.
  • Poultices: Making poultices is completed thus far in most Third World countries, where there’s no access to health services. within the How-to Guide, you’ll find out how to simply create topical medicines with an equivalent ingredients employed by our predecessors. Poultices can help heal skin pains, inflammation, swelling, cuts, pains and more.
  • Bullets: this is often another important area where you’ll find out how to store bullets and never run out of bullets during a crisis. it’s another large area where Claude teaches readers what to try to to once they run out of ammo.

In addition, you also learn more:

1. Discover remedies from lost weeds used from our ancestors. You will find many of these priceless weeds with pictures, how to identify them, how to prepare them and how to use them, all of which have different medical effects. This is the best choice for you to heal yourself.

2. You will learn the techniques and methods used by wise sheriffs from the border to protect an entire village despite being overwhelmed by crowded forces and plundering by bandits and bandits. . Use this wisdom to protect your home against looters when you are surrounded.

3. You will learn how to build a round house underground that will serve you as a storm shelter, a perfectly camouflaged refuge, or an underground bunker. It can easily cover three to four families. So you can store all your food and drinks all year round.

4. You will learn how sailors from the seventeenth century preserve their ship’s water for months, even years, and how you can use this method to preserve clean water for your family for free. .

5. You will learn what to do when the gun in hand has no bullets. The way you can hunt animals in the forest with only the minimum number of bullets.

6. You will learn how to create similar prescription drugs with modern drugs. Your loved ones will be healed.

7. Claude Davis will teach you how to make a super food that the military uses. The great thing is that you can make this dish in just 10 minutes and make sure you have the ingredients in your house.

The Lost Ways is an extensive book with chapters from simple things like making bark – like bread made when there is no food – to build a smoking factory in the traditional backyard .. and much, much, much more!

The Lost Ways Bonus

The Lost Ways - Claude Davis

When you buy The Lost Ways, you also receive two additional rewards, which are:

  • Step by step instructions to build the rotating system possible; This saves you a lot of money in the long run
  • Instructions on what survivors should develop in their backyards: There are some tips in this bonus book on how to grow the most nutritious plants and harvest them.

The Lost Ways Pros:

  • This is often the foremost comprehensive guide the market

Claude Davis’s The Lost Way is far and away the foremost comprehensive survival guide the web , and you will get good value for your money. nobody has provided such a lot information on topics like EMP, economic downturn, power outages, droughts and more. This survival book contains a series of survival tips and tricks than other guides that provide users with useful survival information.

  • Advice is Believable

The guide provides easy-to-understand tips that you simply also can use in lifestyle and within the event of a disaster. Tips for water collection and safe storage can prevent money on your water bill. Other great food and drug tips and tricks also can assist you in your lifestyle . Everything component and material within the book is out there and affordable.

  • Practical Information

This book isn’t about things outside of this world but things that are practical and may be easily done by modern people. Claude Davis doesn’t educate you to measure the way your predecessors did, but instead wants to accumulate those skills and apply them when needed. What’s remarkable is that our ancestors were the type of DIY people that did everything they wanted. They never believe modern luxuries not available to them. he’s trying to vary the smug nature of recent people to show them into more DIY people. generally , he wants us to be more efficient and depend upon ourselves.

  • A powerful 60 day a refund guarantee

This means you’ll get all of your a refund if you do not like this book for any reason. no doubt . This shows confidence in Claude Davis when he knows that he’s providing a book of great value to his readers. this is often a risk-free opportunity for you to undertake within 60 days.

  • Assist you achieve a healthy life

The various nutrition formulas within the book are often applied in lifestyle to assist you lead a healthy lifestyle. There are not any artificial ingredients during this book, and everything is of course and affordable.

  • The Lost Way is reasonable and straightforward to use

This is a comparatively inexpensive program with a one-time cost of $ 37. Claude Davis didn’t believe investing pile in preparation for survival. The book can assist you change spending habits once you eliminate daily visits to the supermarket. you’ll make certain to scale back stress on money when using this program.

The Lost Ways Cons:

Χ There is no video or audio within the book.

Χ There are not any immediate results when using this book. One must devote time and energy to applying the ideas

Χ and tricks explained within the book. If you are the lazy type, this book won’t assist you much.
This book is sort of detailed which suggests spending tons of your time reading and applying whatever Claude Davis wrote.


In short, this is one of the best survival guidebooks available for modern world individuals. People will learn the survival skills that our ancestors used to face disaster. They can still be applied to most disasters that we may encounter. The whole program can even help people in the worst situation. If you are equipped with survival skills, you will also be able to provide protection for your loved ones. In addition, it also gives you 60 days money back guarantee, you have absolutely no risk to try it.

Thank you for reading through to the end of my The Lost Ways review today. Hope this review of The Lost Ways will help you make your decision.

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