The Lelo Dot has a soft tip for pinpoint control of your orgasms

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When I think of luxury sex toys, the first name that comes to mind is Lelo. Providing state-of-the-art and uniquely designed adult pleasure products since 2002, the Lelo name has become synonymous with luxury pleasure. They recently released their newest addition to their luxury product line, the Lelo Dot, which allows you to master the orgasmic multiverse with a single dot.

Does the Lelo Dot live up to the legacy of joy that Lelo has built? Let’s dive in.

How to use the Lelo point

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Like all Lelo toys, the Dot comes beautifully packaged in three pastel colors – pink, aqua or purple. It comes with a USB charging cable, a sample pack of lube, and a storage pouch. One of the first things that always strikes me about Lelo’s toys is how soft the silicone feels, almost like silk if it could be any silkier. A fantastic feature of this item is the ergonomic loop handle. I sometimes struggle with my grip, so having this built-in ability to comfortably hold the toy at different angles is a plus.

Once the Dot was charged and ready to go, I cycled through the eight vibration settings to try and get a feel for what I could look forward to – plus I want to know how all the bells and whistles work before I get down to brass tacks . There are three buttons on the Dot – the power button in the middle and a plus and minus on either side – very simple and easy to remember when you’re ready to play.

It’s up to you how and where you want to position the Dot on your body. I found the type of stimulation it provides felt good on my nipples, and Lelo recommends using it on your throat as well (it didn’t do anything for me there), and of course it’s meant to be used on your clitoris that’s where I concentrated.

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The Dot can be positioned in a number of ways by placing your hand over your pubic mound so the tip makes contact with your clitoris in a flat position, which also allows you to bend your wrist and press the tip onto your clitoris , If you want. You could turn it sideways and get wider coverage, but remember that the vibrations are concentrated on the tip of this toy. (However, if they’re too much for your body, this is a great way to spread them out.)

Because of the toy’s design and the awesome ergonomic loop handle, it’s truly a one-handed product, so you can easily use your other hand while using it for some internal stimulation. It’s also perfect for use in paired gaming as it’s designed to fit snugly between two bodies.

What Does the Lelo Dot Bring to Your Sexual Experience?

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According to Lelo, the Dot is a clitoral pinpoint vibrator that is used externally and allows for multiple orgasms. Traditional vibrators can numb the area around the clitoris and in most cases prevent you from experiencing multiple orgasms. But thanks to its soft and pliable tip and revolutionary elliptical motion, the Dot delivers highlights with unmatched precision.

Instead of moving in a circle, the Dot follows an elliptical trajectory that allows constant and pleasant surprises by simply shifting the angle of the toy. In layman’s terms, it moves in a figure-eight pattern wherever you use it, instead of the traditional buzz or rumble of most sex toys.

With all power concentrated in a bendable, soft silicone tip, the Dot allows for a precise and highly focused approach to self-pleasure. The Dot delivers intuitive power and intensity depending on the applied pressure and angle of use. Lelo recommends experimenting with different positions to find which angle works best for you and your body.

Their press release promised “complete elimination of post-orgasm numbness and satiety,” and I haven’t personally experienced that. Your mileage may vary, of course, but for me it was done after two orgasms in about 30 minutes with this toy. I wasn’t deaf, which is incredible, but getting where I needed to be took more effort than my usual experiences with my wand or clit sucking toy.

Benefits of the Lelo Dot

  • Absolute precision — The precise shape allows you to carefully stimulate each erogenous zone, using the soft and pliable tip to control the vibrations.
  • Eight powerful pleasure settings — The Dot offers eight different vibration patterns, ranging in intensity from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulsation.
  • elliptical motion — Elliptical motion for a whole new, unique sensation that reinvents orgasm as we know it.
  • Ultra soft silicone — Ultra-smooth premium silicone that is particularly soft to the touch. Lelo’s classic body-safe silicone design allows for deeply fulfilling and hygienic pleasure.

Disadvantages of the Lelo Dot

  • Intuitive engine — I’ve noticed this in the past with other toys featuring Lelo’s intuitive technology, sometimes if you move the toy and apply a little too much pressure, the motor will stop for a moment. This may interrupt your pleasure quest, but not for long and it will come right back.
  • Pinpoint stimulation — This can sometimes be a disadvantage as the focus can become too strong, especially after you have already orgasmed for the first time. Easily fixed by not using the toy after the first orgasm, but where’s the fun in that?!

The final result

I’m not going to say this is my new favorite sex toy, but I’m not going to say it’s going to the back of the closet either. For someone who loves variety, the Lelo Dot is definitely fun and I’ll enjoy it for years thanks to Lelo’s 10-year warranty and exceptional quality. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for sex toy beginners as it takes a little getting used to, but for longtime toy connoisseurs who like to try something new and crave a change? It’s a sure win.

*Initial Release: Oct 14, 2022 2:12pm CDT

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Demeter Delune The Lelo Dot has a soft tip for pinpoint control of your orgasms

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