The heartbreaking reason the Try Guys split from Ned Fulmer

It’s hard to see strong friendships during this time, especially when business and money come into play. Disputes, differing opinions and alternative aspirations have groups such as A direction and The Beatles, who put down roots together and become successful as a team. In this disappointing land where the best of friendships have been marginalized, The Try Guys have been the shining example of what true bonds are.

Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang and Ned Fulmer’s friendship isn’t just a few years old — the four of them date back to 2014 when they first started fronting the YouTube comedy group The Try Guys on Buzzfeed. They probably knew each other a lot longer before they got together to start the popular show, but it was The Try Guys’ rise to fame who put their friendship in the spotlight.

Anyone who follows her channel on YouTube not only loves the concept of trying out her videos, but also admires the bond between friends. They’ve been together for almost a decade and they’ve made it The Try Guys the resounding success it is today. In their years as a team, not once have we heard of a disagreement or even the slightest rumor that they were breaking up. In fact, they recently cemented their friendship and partnership even further by launching their own TV show. Road trip without a prescription with The Try Guys in the food network.

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But that amicable alliance is now in shambles after Ned Fulmer was discovered to have been cheating on his wife Ariel, to whom he has been married since 2012. It breaks the hearts of all who have found comfort and examples of true friendship in the videos of The Try Guys. There’s no doubt that it was with a heavy heart that Keith, Zach and Eugene made the decision to part ways with Ned. But some think the company’s image is the only reason it was removed.

did The Try Guys Firing Ned Fulmer to save the company’s reputation?

The Try Guys

Ned Fulmer is currently the subject of much debate online as many debate the circumstances of his departure from the group. Many cannot believe that the other three boys would do this to their boyfriend and end their relationship. How does an affair decide whether Ned is still able to follow and build on the show’s core theme — trying new things, no matter how eccentric and risky?

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Many have pointed out that Ned Fulmer was more than just a try guy, his image revolved primarily around being a “wife guy”. Fans of her videos won’t have fingers to count the number of times Ned has proclaimed “I love my wife.” He was the poster child of what it means to be a kind, loving and understanding husband and a responsible and caring father.

In which behind trying Documentary, Ned said he “never thought I would keep my family life so intertwined with my career”.

“I kind of became known for my own relationship, and then we did more of it. I just do it because digital media and the YouTube culture, I don’t know, kinda shows who you are as a person,” he added.

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There is no doubt that life after the Best Husband title was one of the main reasons Ned was liked and loved by viewers. His association with Ariel, which is the very definition of relationship goals, became part of the show’s image and contributed to its success. Apparently – according to some Try Guys fans at least – Ned was outed from the team because his actions, which defied his self-imposed status as a devoted husband, put a dent in the brand’s image.

But while we’re currently living in a world where everyone has a specific, mostly selfish agenda for doing something, we might be missing the big picture here when it comes to seeing why the Try Guys decided to close their group break.

The Try Guys chose to do the right thing about their friendship

Ned Fulmer of the Try Guys with wife Ariel Fulmer and children

While Ned’s betrayal of his image and that of the Try Guys is one of the reasons for the big decision Keith, Zach and Eugene made, it’s definitely not the only factor or even the main reason behind their decisions. How many times have we seen scandals swept under the rug and the person responsible given a wildcard simply because his association with a particular organization was more lucrative for the latter?

The best example would be that of Ezra Miller The Lightning still see the light of day. Even if you’re unfamiliar with her role in the larger DCEU, the past few months have catapulted Miller into the limelight for all the wrong reasons, be it allegations of molestation, an arrest or a home break-in. Regardless, Warner Bros. is happy to continue working with the actor as long as they get back some of the money they put into his film.

We don’t judge them, it’s a perfectly logical decision from a business point of view. What we’re trying to say is that The Try Guys could have kept Ned and covered it up for their friendship and/or for their sake despite the cheating scandal The Try Guys‘ Brand value that depends on the presence of the four friends.

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If you’re following the discussion on Twitter about the three firing Ned, you must have seen how it’s done many who are his ardent fans and are not happy with the decision. You can’t understand why the fourth try guy’s personal problems dictate his career. Some are even talking about unfollowing the channel. There are many who don’t care what he does in his personal life as long as he continues to entertain on screen.

So yes, The Try Guys will inevitably lose many subscribers in the coming days, not only because Ned dumped his “wife guy” status and cheated on Ariel, but also because he was removed from the company. Obviously aware of this fallback, they still made the decision that doing the right thing is more important than taking the easy route.

The Try Guys took this into account when deciding to remove Fulmer from the family they started. It would have taken a lot of strength to put the friendship aside and not allow the business they built to be ruined or discolored. Fulmer went back to the promises (which he made publicly and consistently) he had made to Ariel. He put his wife, children and family at risk by being unfaithful.

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Some would say that Fulmer’s actions have nothing to do with the Try Guys’ business. But it breaks the foundation of basic humanity — staying true to your partner. Though Fulmer’s firing messes up the Try Guys’ perfect image of friendship, it feels very right to actually see at least some people as people by proving they can think beyond the pitfalls of money and false standards.


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