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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Game (Reboot) Episode 9 “Health, Wealth and Trading Cards.” With her coaching job in jeopardy, Brittany has a surprise for her father Jason that could turn the tide. Jamison asks Brittany to hang out, but it quickly turns into a double date with Garret and Raquel at the ice rink, and Malik reconnects with an old teammate. Here’s what you missed.

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Previously on Game (Reboot) Episode 8, troubled by Malik’s betrayal, Tasha receives a distress call about Kai from her tennis tournament in Oakmont. Meanwhile, Gayle King’s interview with Malik takes a surprising turn, and Jamison has ulterior motives in helping Brittany complete her Club EndZone pitch.

Warning… Vandals below!

Above Game (Reboot) Episode 9, Jason Pitts surprised his daughter Brittany at her home while she kissed Jamison first. Of course, he threw the young man out. He has consulted friends and former team-mate Malik about extending his contract, he is concerned about his team’s decline.

Jason chats with Malik in The Game Reboot Episode 9

Jason chats with Malik in The Game Reboot Episode 9

The conversation arose about Malik’s frustration with his mother. Jason even suggested that Malik fire Tasha. The two were on link 51 and ironically JJ Jiggles was called to the stage and both Jason and Jamison locked their eyes. Malik rubs Jason’s face that he didn’t know his daughter was dating a LMAO stripper!

Cast & Forbidden

Tasha went to Simone Garner’s office ready to extract a video apologizing for cutting her daughter’s hair before a tennis match. Knowing she wouldn’t admit it, she prepared with a plan B, serving her with the paperwork. sue her and the school.

Simone forbids Tasha and her daughter from going to school. Tasha threatens to buy Oakmont and force her out. Even so, Simone got the last laugh when the nearly $2 million fundraising check Tasha raised was finally cleared.

See the award

Meanwhile, on Tasha’s jet, she’s given Brittany errands including hiring an assassin to take care of Simone (joke!) Brittany asks about buying schools and Tasha shares how nice it is to There is a pool of potential athletes for the company. business plus concealing the fact that she had her daughter expelled.

Brittany shared that her father was surprised Inducted into the Hall of Fame while in Vegas. She took charge of the ambush but felt inadequate in his eyes – the pressure grew.

Las Vegas Fightin’ Fury held a training session with the San Diego Sabers. Once in the dressing room, the players complained because some were cut and they tried to attack. The conversation turned to Garret, who was privileged to not play during contract negotiations. The chats were then moved on because of the need for player representation. They wanted to appoint Malik as player advocate but he was advised to pass (by Caleb) to focus on possession.

Then Tasha visited Jamison to give him his first football check because she wanted to see his face in person. She told him to buy something better than the bike he rode. He is very grateful.

Dad, can I have 1.6 million dollars?

Malik runs into his former teammate Geno Jenkins in The Game Reboot Episode 9

Malik runs into his former teammate Geno Jenkins in The Game Reboot Episode 9

Malik runs into an old teammate, Geno Jenkins, outside a convenience store. The man had fallen on hard times since he last saw him. Malik suggested that he stay at his palace while in town. Caleb strongly discouraged him, but he didn’t listen.

He connected Geno with a cut and indulgence. Geno explains how life goes down his spiral and also shares that he also has an imaginary friend, Prince. Malik even offered him a job with Fightin’ Fury. Caleb protests Geno, thinking he’s crazy, but Malik tries to hold back his thoughts.

Jamison visits Britanny and surprises her with a pair of skates, inviting her out on a date with him. Raquel and Garrett walked out of the room and invited themselves, forming a double date.

Later, Jason talks to Brittany about his disapproval of Jamison. He explains that it’s not because he’s a stripper or ex… but a soccer player. Speaking from experience, he didn’t want that life for his daughter. Brittany switched the conversation and showed him her song for Club Fury.

There are two monkeys in her plan. First, she needs Tasha in the deal. Second, she needs to pay $1.6 million upfront and ask Daddy for it. He shut her down immediately!

Tasha met Oakmont’s COO, Monet, about Simone but she was most of dig with the board. Tasha needs her help to convince the other board members to give up Simone.

Unexpected twist

Brittany, Jamison, Garrett and Raquel skate on The Game Reboot Episode 9

Brittany, Jamison, Garrett and Raquel skate on The Game Reboot Episode 9

Jamison is like a teenage boy on a first date tripping over his words. He confides in Garrett, who has kept him from having sex since entering prison. When the ladies joined the conversation, Garrett went out to tell the ladies Jamison wants to have sex with Brittany. He nervously refused and admitted it.

They go back to skating but some goons start harassing Fury’s teammates. Jamison arrives to protect Brittany and the men who collided, Jamison’s ankle twist in the melee.

Tasha went to her financial advisor about buying Oakmont. She is stretched thin with two office and jet locations. It’s getting rid of the jet or finding a partner with deep pocket to float her for six months. She chose the latter.

Spoiled surprise

The next morning, Garret makes breakfast for Raquel and she gets angry when he posts a video of her singing. The comments dragged her and she was furious for kicking him out and throwing the food in the trash.

Jamison tried to practice with an ankle but Coach Long noticed and questioned him about it. He lied about the injury on Garrett’s advice. The coach reminded him of their talk about no drama.

Malik takes Geno to meet the head of the scout, Roger Nelson, but Geno begins to debunk telling both of them, “he’s not Rogers.” Malik pulls him aside but Geno pushes him against the wall and repeats the same sentence and dashes away.

Jamison met with an agent, Smoke, who gave him some painkillers. Later, Jason sees Jamison and asks him about dating his daughter. Jamison promised not to hurt her, Jason kept him.

Jason finally got a call from Sabers and they didn’t renew his contract. Brittany was ready for all of the surprise hall celebrity pieces and he angrily refused to film. Tasha comes to chat with him and spoils the surprise. She tells him that Kelly and Brittany planned it and that his daughter feels she is a failure for him. She also left him with the fact that he would get a contract extension if she was his agent…

Support Goals & Habits

Garrett comes to Raquel to apologize and she feels the same way. She does not care about money and fame and does not want to be in his shadow. He wanted to be her only and they kissed and made up!

Jason pretended to be surprised at the hall of fame. He pulled Brittany into the camera with him and shared he is proud of her and will support her dreams move forward. He will partially sponsor the club but advises her that she needs to notify Tasha of her participation.

On the way out, Tasha texts Mr. Deep Pockets (Colonel Thatcher) and asks if he is interested in a new business venture. He joined!

Malik goes to see Geno dance in front of the convenience store he found him there. Talk to himself (and Caleb) that he might face a future similar to the man. Then he made the decision to be the player’s representative without thinking of himself but of others to change.

Jamison struggled with the decision to treat the injury and Brittany interrupted him. Too surprised by his actions, he asked her to help shoot the needle. She was against it, knowing from her father’s experience about it. He begs he needs it for his career and she tells him she will do it this time, inject him and walk away…

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Air date: December 30, 2021

Game actor

  • Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack
  • Hosea Chanchez like Malik Wright
  • Vaughn Hebron like Jamison Fields
  • Adrian Rae like Brittany Pitts
  • Analisa Velez as Raquel Navarro
  • Pooch . Hall like Derwin Davis
  • Brittany Daniel like Kelly Pitts
  • Toby Sandeman as Garret Evans
  • Sylvia Jefferies like Montana
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long
  • Cecil Blutcher as Caleb Antwan Jones
  • Tim Daly as Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher

Guest actor

  • Coby Bell as Jason Pitts
  • Cynthia Evans as Simone Garner
  • Kendrick Brown as Geno Jenkins
  • Robert Pralgo as Coach Long

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