The future of Tua, the aftermath of the season – Dolphins owner Steve Ross’s ball in court if he knows what to do – Twin Cities


Finally, there were chants of “Tang”. There was also the coach, Brian Flores, later talking about his team’s “resilience” while basking in the glory of a pre-New England season.

As if it meant something.

If only it had any consequences.

If only the Dolphins played like this when it really mattered last week in Tennessee.

How fun would Sunday be if the Dolphins beat New England out of the playoffs, 33-24, while making it through the qualifiers on their own?

That, people, would be something, “proud of this team, proud of their fight, their tenacity,” as Flores later put it. Sunday game.

Yes, it’s been an empty day, an empty season, right after the rant for midfielder Tua Tagovailoa, who presumably played his last game in a Dolphins uniform. That’s up to team owner Steve Ross. He hasn’t spoken publicly in nearly two years, so it’s hard to know what he thinks about anything, much less how he feels about this reconstruction having a twelfth birthday party. Wednesday without a playoff appearance.

The ball is on your court, Steve.

Would you like to: a) Cut bait with Tassels after two seasons; b) General Manager Chris Grier cuts the bait for picking Tua in three years of sacrificing seasons; c) cut the bait with Flores and switch to the subject your heart yearned for a decade ago in an apparently Michigan NFL coach Jim Harbaugh; or d) all the woes above?

You can create a case for each of them.

You can make no case.

You might be wondering if Ross knows what to do, as he’s had 12 years as an owner with a playoff.

You can also expect him to have Deshaun Watson on Route 1 any day, as that’s the position we had at the November 2 trading deadline. is that? Ross considered what if one face of the franchise faced 22 sexual assault charges?

Tua played superbly in Sunday’s opening game, completing all seven 54-yard passes and one touchdown. He then completed 55 passes for the rest of the day. He’s a guy right now. Just a guy. Is there anything else there?

His bigger games on Sunday were on his feet, actual third runs for which he didn’t show trying affection until the final minutes of the season.

“We wanted to end this season with a bang, that’s what we went out and did,” he said.

Well, if a fun but unimportant win is a bang, that’s it.

“This season has been up and down for me and a lot of people,” he said. “We’ll see what the season has planned for us.”

Well, here we are, season. Again. You’d say it’s been the most important holiday season in years for the Dolphins, but that’s how it’s been the past three seasons.

Flores was asked a question Sunday about how he feels about becoming the second Dolphins coach to have a winning season in two of his first three years. Does it matter that he didn’t make it to the knockout stages in both seasons?

Flores was also asked how it felt to scan the Patriots for the Dolphins for the first time in 20 years. Let me answer: Wouldn’t it be better if that meant the Dolphins would go to the knockout instead of the Patriots?

Here’s a simple question for Flores: Was this a good year? Key point. Your place-bar fundamentals.

Flores replied: “Every year is different. “Every experience you learn from them, good or bad. That’s how I try to approach things. I’ve learned a lot this year about myself, this team, the players on this team and the people in our building. That’s really what I took from it. … I’d like to think I’ve matured a bit, but I hope that’s the case with everyone. ”

That’s existence, man.

I was just expecting some perspective of having a good Sunday but ultimately pointless in the bigger picture of a lost season. The goal is the playoffs. I mean, right? Or has that bar become too high for everyone?

Another season said goodbye as chants rang out, “Tang”. Does it matter a lost year? Does Ross care? Or should we just celebrate nothing won?

Recipient Jaylen Waddle said of the season: “It has its highs and lows. a great thing for him. “I don’t even have a word for it. It is just new. ”

He’s a rookie, bless him. All of his seasons are ahead of him. But no rookie in the last 20 years has earned a spot in the playoffs for the Dolphins. Sunday is fun. But imagine how it would feel if that victory meant anything? The future of Tua, the aftermath of the season – Dolphins owner Steve Ross’s ball in court if he knows what to do – Twin Cities

Beth Allcock

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