The exact time you should have breakfast has been revealed — and it’s “more effective” than fad diets

Shifting your breakfast time could be the missing ingredient you need for weight loss.

Experts say there’s a breakfast time more suitable for Brits that could help shift excess fat and become healthier.

Wait until 11am to have breakfast if you're going to sit down later for dinner


Wait until 11am to have breakfast if you’re going to sit down later for dinnerCredit: Alamy

Many people sit down between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. to eat their eggs or cereal.

But Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, suggested moving the breakfast time to 11am.

People tend to have dinner later than previous generations, around 8 or 9pm.

That means they’re eating over a much wider window of time, which could increase calorie expenditure.

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But the key benefit of shortening the eating window is that it allows the body to fast, Prof Spector said.

“There are still people, particularly in the north of England, who eat earlier, but in general we have evolved into continental eating habits and eat dinner much later like people in Spain and Italy,” he told the Cheltenham Science, according to The Telegraph Festival.

“Even those who don’t can snack until 9 p.m., making it difficult to achieve a 14-hour fast.

“There is a simple change people can make, shifting their breakfast from 8am to 11am, which is actually more effective than more fashionable fasting diets like 5:2.

“Fasting 14 hours a day, eating later but eating the same amount overall is easier to achieve in the long run.

“It works because the microbes in our gut have a circadian rhythm like ours and need a rest period.

“Studies suggest that eating later breakfast to achieve a 14-hour fast could help people lose four to 11 pounds in weight over several months.”

Prof. Spector’s comments suggest that someone could eat breakfast at 8am as long as they ate their dinner by 6pm.

The method works the same way by creating a long period of time where the bowels are in a fasted state.

In fact, researchers last week said it’s better to stick to an eating plan earlier in the day.

They found that skipping dinner — eating your last meal before 3 p.m. — is better than skipping breakfast to lose weight.

Scientists analyzing 250 studies said blood sugar control is in the morning and “metabolism is somehow optimized (for eating)”.

Volunteers were less hungry when they ate between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., the University of Alabama researchers said.

Fasting is becoming increasingly popular to lose weight.

Prof Spector said skipping breakfast is a much easier fasting method than diets like 5:2, where you eat whatever you want for five days and then only eat 500 calories two days a week.

Another fasting regime is the 16:8, where you only eat eight hours a day — say noon to 8 p.m. — and fast for the rest (8 p.m. to noon the next day).

There’s a lot of research to suggest it works for weight loss, however it doesn’t appear to be any more beneficial than traditional calorie restriction.

A study has shown that fasting without improving nutrition does not promote weight loss.

Dieters fasted every other day but ate twice as much as usual on their meal days.

They lost just 0.52 kg in three weeks compared to people who reduced their total calorie intake by 25 percent and lost 1.9 kg.

But those who fasted every other day and ate a little more than their usual calories on the days they ate still lost 3 pounds. The exact time you should have breakfast has been revealed — and it’s “more effective” than fad diets

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