The election plan used QAnon and conservative influencers

On New Year’s Eve, a former adviser to former President Donald Trump provided a series of documents to the Committee on January 6. Among the documents Bernard “Bernie” Kerik provided was a detail “strategic communication plan“Created by Rudy Giuliani’s legal defense team.

The plan, first reported by Politico, which includes a list of conservative social media influencers to tap into to push Trump’s false claims about election fraud to spread and ultimately overturn the results. The list is broken down into “big names” like Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and Daily Wire; “Vehicles” (Ron Watkins et al Brandon Straka are in this category); “small”; and “micro”.

It includes a list of 10 right-wing TikTokers and the exhortations, “WE MUST use TIKTOK!! Content goes VIRAL here like no other platform!!!!! And there are MILLIONS of Trump supporters! It would be great if POTUS actually uses the platform — he will have the biggest account EVER.”

The plan is described as, “A nationwide media outreach campaign to educate the public about fraudulent numbers and inspire citizens to urge lawmakers and members of Congress to ignore fraudulent counting of votes and certifying that President Trump was duly elected.”

The document may establish the most direct link between key leadership in Trump’s bid to stay in office, QAnon figures like Watkins, and conservative social media influencers, including an infamous network of Twitter accounts known as # TheMighty200. This network has been described as “windsurfing cult. (As the Daily Dot wrote last year: “Windsurfing describes a centrally organized effort to create a false impression of grassroots support, fostering the belief that there are more ways to fall in love with a candidate or political idea than there is in reality. “)

Many members have been permanently suspended, locked or silenced in the year since the Capitol riots.

Eric Ellason, CEO of internet services company SlickRockWeb, was the first to make the connection.

Ellason tweeted on Monday, “To our knowledge, this is the first example of someone at a high level of formality (the Giuliani/Kerik team) soliciting or attempting to engage 2 members of the # TheMighty200 The domestic Twitter troll network and major QAnon 4 accounts help in skimming a social media narrative. “

Giuliani is listed as head of operations. Most other key delegates are named by initials only. Some of these initials correspond to the names of famous people in Trump’s orbit who have helped him try to stay in power.

The plan’s communication strategy is mainly based on the internet. “Message dissemination channels” include the Twitter feeds of Trump and Giuliani, conservative bloggers and social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

It further describes different types of messages to use to establish false claims about a stolen election, such as daily discussions with “specific fraud numbers”, advertisements , prewritten tweets and Instagram posts. There are many Instagram posts and tweets every day.

During the 10-day period the plan went into effect, the accounts it targeted repeatedly repeated its talking points. For example, Mark Levin tweeted that the electors have no constitutional authority to certify elections; Candace Owens declare that President Joe Biden “rigged”, Michael Knowles claimed that mail-in ballots earned him “little faith“On electoral integrity and others whose voter fraud does not exist in the states it references, such as Georgia and Michigan. Intentionally or not, each was engaged in an effort to influence discourse to support Trump’s plan to overturn the election.

Live events are an additional part of the strategy the document lays out, both in the form of publicity for and against. It encourages targeting elected officials in their homes and offices, including governors, governor lieutenants, locals and “weak members.” It also calls for protests in Washington, DC

The 10-day timeline for these actions is from December 27, 2020 to January 6, 2021, the date of the Capitol riots.

To what extent, if to what extent, conservative social media influencers identified in the scheme worked with Giuliani’s team to spread the lie that the election was beaten steal from Trump. It is clear that they are willing to go to great lengths to keep him in office, including using a coordinated network of hundreds of influential influencers of varying prestige to spread disinformation about the election. .

Another document in the 140-megabyte folder was an email from Ron Watkins that claimed to have found “weaknesses” in the Dominion Voting System manual and security checks that could be used for fraud. The document shows that Watkins, who many people believe is the person behind “Q”, sent this email to Giuliani associate Maria Ryan on the evening of Nov.

“I am willing to volunteer my time to help identify avenues for voter fraud and test the Dominion Voting System[s] with the mindset of a penetration tester with the goal of finding any vulnerabilities or ‘features’ in the software that may have been exploited by bad actors to facilitate voter fraud”. Watkins writes.

Based on document, Ryan forwarded the email to Kerik the next morning.

It’s not known whether they accepted Watkins’ offer, or whether the email forwarded was a measure of his association with the effort to reverse the election results.

Neither Ryan, Watkins nor Kerik responded to emails the Daily Dot sent to the addresses listed in the document asking if the emails were authentic and whether Watkins had joined their efforts.

The URL on Kerik’s email address on the document matches website. Giuliani’s website is no longer active, but storage shows that the URL on Ryan’s address matches his old website.

In the months following the November 2020 election, Watkins was among many, including Giuliani and Trump, who joined the Dominion Voting System. The company filed a lawsuit Giuliani and is different to defame based on these claims, which they have vehemently denied. Neither Watkins nor Trump are among the defendants.

The strategic plan that Kerik presented to the Commission on January 6 includes an entire section on “dominant machine fraud”.

The committee investigated events that culminated in the Capitol riots for six months. Although some of its findings have been widely published, most have not.

In the coming months, the bipartisan committee is planning a series of public hearings and reports to reveal what they have found. They purport to link Trump’s efforts to overturn the election to a deadly attack on American democracy.

“The full picture is coming to light, despite President Trump’s relentless efforts to conceal the picture,” said Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) US News. “…I think this is one of the most important congressional investigations in history.”

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