The discourse Roe v. Wade is bad

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Hi fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of internet insider.

Happy Friday! We have all sorts of news for you today, from a “historic” Net neutrality wins in California, to a review of dr Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Plus our culture editor Tiffany Kelly dives in how bad the Roe v. calf Discourse was online in their “Online this week” Pillar. Also scroll down for more internet culture news and Tiffany’s choice for “memes of the week.”

Enough about me, let’s get straight to the news.


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SCOTUS: Rights are online continue to take on to come out who they believe it was behind the leak a draft decision that said the Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. calf. Several people have accused employees afterwards search around the internet based pure speculation. Our politics editor David Covucci breaks it all down here.

NETWORK NEUTRALITY: Trade associations representing internet service providers ended their lawsuit against California’s “gold standard” Net Neutrality Act. This decision years of litigation ended above the law and is celebrated as “historic victory for Californians and the open internet.” View our full report here.

MULTIVERSE OF DIRTY: The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, dr Strange in the multiverse of madnesscoming out today… and well, our culture reporter Gavia wasn’t exactly thrilledand called it a “messy, thematically empty Marvel spinoff.” You can read her entire review of the film here.

Women's march in Washington continuing to demand access to abortion after banning most abortions in Texas and looming threat to Roe v Wade in upcoming Supreme Court.

The discourse about the Roe v. calf leak is bad

Since the message on Monday evening from a Draft opinion leaked shows the Supreme Court voting to overthrow Roe v. calf– the 1973 decision giving women the right to abortion in the US – the online discourse has become a mess.

Under all the feelings of sadness and angerThere is a lot assigning blame.

guilty of Trump card for the appointment of three conservative Supreme Court justices. guilty of Obama and biden for not codifying Roe v. calf into law – as the latter said he would in 2019. Blame people who didn’t support Hillary Clinton Especially in the 2016 election Actress Susan Sarandon. Humans are too Accusation by Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburgwho died in 2020, for don’t dismount. There probably is I miss several others.

The point is that people are seek guilt this heartbreaking message a person or a group of people. While there are some people who deserve to be blamed for the abolition of human rights – viz the judge if they vote for the overthrow Roe v. calf in the final decision – to draw up a list of people over the last decade who can also be accused of this is not very helpful. All it does is add a lot of noise.

In a statement, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. Approved the authenticity of the draft, although he clarified that “it does not represent a decision of the court or a member’s final position on the issues raised in the case”. But if Roe v. calf yes it will be overthrown next month, it will let individual states decide whether abortion is allowed. And abortion is already severely restricted about southern states; we could possibly see these states completely ban Abortion.

It is much to processand therefore we see so many debates takes place this week on social media.

But the main aspect we should focus on is how to fight back and how to make sure pregnant people have Access to the health care they needAnd yes, that includes abortion.

Tiffany Kelly

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Here’s some breaking news from across the web.

🍽️ This comedian says she has the “worst first date ever‘ after a man invited her over for dinner and continued his “Wieners on a plate.”

👗 Kim Kardashian wore the the same dress that Marilyn Monroe wore 1962 to the Met Gala earlier this week and apparently needed to lose 16 pounds to fit into it. Her actions sparked debate about how Kardashian industrial complex has set impossible, harmful standards of beauty.

💼 A TikToker has gone viral for sharing how in a video Half of her colleagues resignedincluding the person who was trains themduring her first week on the job.

💸 In a viral video, a man pronounces his trailer park becomes priceless due to its residents new ownership requirements introduced by its owner. The owner is “to make it so that people can’t fucking afford to live it anymore‘ he says in the video.

🥝 Vickaboox shares how she made a “community of little sisters‘ on Tiktok. Want more stories like this? Register to the passion fruitthe daily dot weekly Creator Economy newsletterfor more coverage

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📜 If you think back to the beginnings of the internet, how does that look to you? In “The Lost History of the InternetThe Daily Dot examines the online communities and events that have shaped us.

🍪 A former employee of crumb cookies said she left the company because it wasn’t “value employees‘ in a series of viral videos.

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There is a new Marvel movie outso you know what that means: a meme parody how much homework You must do to see the film.

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Currently running: 🎶“Feels Blind” by Bikini Kill🎶

*Initial publication: May 6, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. CDT

Andrew Wyrich

Andrew Wyrich is the newsletter editor at the Daily Dot. He was previously deputy technical editor. Andrew has written for USA Today, NorthJersey.com, and other newspapers and websites. His work has been recognized by the Society of the Silurians, Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) and the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

Andrew Wyrich

Tiffany Kelly

Tiffany Kelly is culture editor at Daily Dot. She previously worked at Ars Technica and Wired. Her writing has appeared in several other print and online publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Popular Mechanics, and GQ.

Tiffany Kelly

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