The customer enjoys the “luxury” experience of picking up a new Tesla

While Tesla once claimed to produce a $25,000 hatchback and unveiled its $35,000 Model 3, the idea of ​​a budget Tesla has since fallen by the wayside in favor of the brand’s more upscale models.

For example, the Model Y is the brand’s most popular vehicle (and by some estimates, the most popular electric vehicle in the world). The most affordable Model Y, the “Long Range” model, has a base price of nearly $55,000. And with additional costs for things like different colors or using the improved autopilot or self-driving features, that price can go up significantly.

This high cost has added an air of luxury to the brand along with the perceived clout and social status bestowed on the car. However, some customers complain that the buying experience is far from luxurious.

In a video with over 558,000 views on Saturday, TikTok user Olya (@olyachepurko) documented her experience buying one of Tesla’s vehicles.

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According to Olya, she was told to wait outside before getting her car. She was then not spoken to for “almost an hour”.

When she actually received the vehicle, she said it was only 62% charged – which posed a problem for Olya as they had traveled from abroad.

“It was also dirty enough to write on,” she added in the caption superimposed on the video. She says she paid nearly $60,000 for the vehicle.

Overall, she rated the experience a “-10/10.”

For context, many Tesla buyers report that their car didn’t arrive fully charged either. However, some noted that one can simply require the dealership to fully charge the car before picking it up.

“It depends on the location where you pick it up,” explained one commenter on Reddit. “Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t (or more broadly, the guy who supposedly [to] forgets), but you can of course call ahead and ask. All delivery locations have loading capacity. I think mine was only about 80% charged.”

As for the dirt, several Tesla buyers have filed similar complaints in the past, although the complaint doesn’t seem commonplace. In one instance, a user on a Tesla forum complained that their new car “looked[ed] like it went through [a] Sandstorm” before pickup.

For her part, Olya writes in a comment: “Of course we knew it wouldn’t be a luxury, we just wanted clean and good service.” She later added that she got the car partly because “[they] I like the technical aspect of it the most.”

In the comments, users shared Olya’s opinion on this experience.

“The bare minimum you would expect is a clean, charged car and efficient service,” wrote one user. “It’s not like she was expecting caviar.”

“When you buy a new gas vehicle it will be filled up, diesel trucks will also be filled up with liquid,” added another. “I think a new electric car comes 100% charged.”

Some users have complained about Tesla cars themselves.

“Tesla convinced me not to buy a Tesla,” said one user.

“Wait until it needs servicing,” joked a second.

We contacted Olya via TikTok comment and Tesla via email.


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*Initial publication: March 11, 2023 at 9:50 am CST

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Braden Bjella The customer enjoys the “luxury” experience of picking up a new Tesla

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