The creator of Fesshole shares his favorite funny stories that have been submitted

Rob Manuel started Fesshole in 2019 and is now releasing a book of his favorite confessions (Image: @robmanuel / @fesshole)

He is followed by Frodo Baggins and is the mouthpiece for thousands of anonymous funny stories that would never have been heard without Twitter.

Rob Manuel48, from North East London, directs the Fesshole online accountgiving people the opportunity to tell their best anecdotes – but in complete anonymity.

The father-of-three said he is the first generation of internet influencers – and has been running comedy projects online for over 20 years.

Many of them have been crowdsourced by finding their own funding. but asshole was the most successful of all his ventures and now has more than 750,000 followers.

From the 200 stories a day, of course rob Some of them might sound incredibly big, but others even have the ones that have confirmed names like Chris Packham and Annika Rice from the celebs.

Rob Manuel

Rob Manuel has been listening to strangers’ confessions for years (Image: @robmanuel)
Rob said he was one of the first influencers on the internet (Image: @robmanuel)
The account now has more than 750,000 followers (Image: Twitter)

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In January 2020, Rob received a story that said: “I was working in a call center and one day I got a call from Chris Packham. I wrote down his address and sent him postcards saying “Help, I’m trapped in a postcard factory” during a backpacking trip around the world.

Celebrity Fesshole Tweets

Chris Packham was credited on the Fesshole account Image: @fesshole

The naturist weighed up (not between a wolf and a badger) and confirmed that this was indeed true.

TV and radio host Anneka Rice also found herself in the Fesshole feed when a stranger wrote a message: “I whistled a wolf at Anneka Rice once and told me to fuck off. It really got me thinking.’

To which she replied: “Really? Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t have remembered me if I’d waved so happily, so all right.’

TV presenter Anneka Rice was also mentioned once (Image: @fesshole)

The father of three from Wolverhampton has been carving a niche on the internet for 20 years, launching Fesshole in 2019.

It was the product of another account called “Anonopin”. [anonymous opinion] and Rob was emboldened after one of his buddies said it was the perfect way for him to “blow his head off” and do it without anyone knowing it was him.

He said the account really went up during the lockdown and when everyone had gotten angry at the government it was the perfect pitching phase.

The Fesshole Creator’s Favorite Confessions

Rob Manuel has been running the Fesshole Twitter account since 2019 and has selected his favorite anecdotes from the 150,000 anecdotes sent.

Asshole Funny Tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Fesshole funny tweets

Something incredibly relatable to millions of Brits at the time.

He said: “The point of this is that people tell amusing anecdotes, but there are often people who tell really heartbreaking things and remain anonymous. Life’s joke, its tragedy, that’s all.’

“I don’t have much insight into the truth, any more than any reader.

“Crazy things happen to people and you have to believe in them and believe in them. You have to have faith in people and that good and bad things will happen.

‘So life is.’

He’s now listed all his favorite stories since the account started in a new book (Image: Rob Manuel)
Rob launched the account in 2019 and it was a huge success (Image: @robmanuel)

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Some of his tweets have been retweeted and shared with millions of people. The funny anecdotes have reached the world and even gained followers in Hollywood.

Actor Elijah Wood – who plays Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings film series – follows Fesshole, as does eccentric English artist Grayson Perry.

Others include Piers Morgan – who Rob considered gently blocking.

He said some of his funniest moments involve a woman whose last wish was for everyone to think he was leading a double life.

“My husband’s death should make people think he’s living a double life. We had three blackout Land Rovers follow the funeral procession, and actors in suits and trench coats ‘watched’ the funeral from afar. He was a bank manager at TSB and has never told anyone the truth to this day.’

Fesshole funny tweets

The comedian has opened up about his favorite confessions (Image: Twitter)

Another was a woman who dated seven different guys, which resulted in her watching the same movie five times in one week.

Could you imagine watching Iron Man 3 once, let alone five times in seven days? (Image: @fesshole)

But the beauty of the account is that it is completely anonymous. Anyone can complain and it will be posted without even sharing your email address.

It’s almost as private as a Catholic sinhouse, and a priest is something Rob has compared himself to in the past.

Rob has now launched a collection of all his favorite stories in one new book and chose his best from all 153,570 that were sent to him.

He is also bringing Fesshole to the stage and will be doing another live show in December.

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