The 28 starter Pokémon that are BETTER than Pikachu

YOU always remember your first. Your first day of school, your first love, and of course your first Pokémon partner.

However, not all started from the same place or chose the same starter.

The latest starters from the upcoming games.


The latest starters from the upcoming games.Credit: The Pokemon Company

Whether you’re Team Grass, Fire, or Water, here’s a list of all 29 Pokémon starters across nine generations, ranked from worst to best.

29. Pikachu

Pikachu may be the mascot for the entire franchise, but being forced to drag it and its 40-base defense around Kanto wasn’t fun.

Game Freak gave Pika redemption in Let’s Go as the little yellow mouse had perfect stats and could learn some of the best moves in the game.

Unfortunately it was all too little too late. We were already scared of Red’s level 81 Pikachu standing alone with him at the top of Mount Silver.

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Do you remember what Chespin evolved into? Okay, what about its final evolution? You probably don’t.

If you do, you’ll recall that it’s an overwhelming sphere of spikes that have no interesting use in combat.

Sorry Chespin, you’re sweet enough, but all the appetizers serve us sweet, we need something more.

27. Carpet

So many people were over the moon to see this little fire pig when it was unveiled for Generation 5.

However, our hopes quickly turned to despair when we learned that his final form was the third Fire and Fighting type in as many years.

We might have been more forgiving if Emboar was so adorable, but it only gave us big Chungus.

26. Sobbing

Another promising start. We all love a powerful Pokemon that shows the inner fear we all share.

We lose interest until Sobble becomes the super-fast sniper Inteleon atop his Gigantamax pole.

And not to mention his awkward emo teenage years.

25. Chikorita

Chikorita is one of the most adorable blobs of animals in all Pokemon, making it a pain to place it so low on the list.

While it’s nice that Meganium got its time to shine as an Illumina Pokémon in the latest Snap game, Chikorita is still the black sheep of the second generation starters.

I’m sorry Chikorita. We are happy that you are satisfied.

24. Scorbunny

Granted, none of the Sword and Shield starters are very exciting, but Scorbunny’s enthusiasm bordered on irritation.

The developer was maybe a bit too pushy and turned a starter into a soccer player in a game where all gyms are stadiums.

However, their massive flaming Gigantamax soccer ball is pretty daft.

23. Chimchar

Unfortunately, another fire starter fell victim to market saturation. Not just fire and fighting type, but a fire monkey in a world that Simisear developed.

To make matters worse, players felt strong enough to pick her in games where the only other fire type was Ponyta.

In a game where the E4 Fire-type leader has a Steelix, a Lopunny, and a Drifblim, you know things are bad.

22. Baumko

Treecko is actually a pretty good Pokemon with a good special attack and amazing Speed ​​stats.

It’s a little fidgety with a number of weaknesses and a fairly bland design, but it’s by no means bad.

It happened randomly during Generation 3, arguably the best generation of Pokémon starters.

21. Fennekin

We appreciate you being the first Fire-type to break the Fire and Fight doldrums by bringing in the interesting Fire and Psychic match.

However, they were disappointed by Delphox’s design, which looks like an old man with sticky ear hair and pants that are too high.

Unfortunately, the Feuerfuchs is already finished.

20. Grookey

Unfortunately, while Grookey might be the best Gen Eight starter, that’s not saying too much.

It’s a cheeky, lively guy whose latest evolution looks like a hipster who took up taiko in that one summer he spent in Japan.

Not bad, but not particularly good either.

19. Turtle

This cute little grass turtle has the power to warm your heart, and the grass and ground typing is an interesting final development.

It’s just a shame its hull is a landmass and moves as fast as one too.

You’re a cool Turtwig, we’ll probably never use you in combat.

18. Bulbasaur

This may be debatable, but despite Bulbasaur’s adorable looks, it’s one of the most difficult starters to use.

You’re led to believe it’s good against the first two gyms, but it doesn’t learn a grass move until level 13, and even then it’s Vine Whip.

If we have to wait until level 30 for you to learn a decent move, then you’re probably already boxed.

17. Small

Incineroar’s design is an abomination and one of the reasons we fear a two-legged launcher so much.

Its saving grace is how popular it is in competition, using Scatter Shot to lower the opponent’s Attack and then safely switch to a better Pokemon.

That doesn’t stop us from cringe when we see it in Showdown.

16. Ottawa

The dual input of water and darkness introduced for Samurott in Legends: Arceus was one of our favorite switches in the game.

Otters are also one of the most adorable animals in the real world, and there can never be enough Pokémon based on them.

Oshawott is a bit average unfortunately, but I’m sure it has its fans.

15. Quaxly

At the time of writing, Generation 9 hadn’t been released yet, so we don’t know much about this starter set.

But who doesn’t love a little duck in a matador’s hat.

Water ducks have existed before, but we’re really hoping for Quaxly’s potential final aquatic and fighting forms.

14. Fuecoco

Another Pokemon we have to guess about. What we do know about fuecoco is that it’s based on a small chili pepper and loves to chew on the apples.

The design leaves potential for a final form of Ghost and Fire, based on the Ghost Chili’s infamous condiment.

All we know is that he’s a hot mon.

13. Sprigatito

Besides having a name that is very fun to say, we fell in love with this cute cactus cat.

Decorated with cute little cactus flowers, although we’ve seen plenty of cacti, none have been mixed with another animal.

Please please please don’t make the final shape sexy.

12. Popplio

There have been more than a few seals in Pokémon, but none as unique as this circus seal friend.

One of the most unique designs in Pokémon, the final evolution Primarina introduced Fairy typing to the starters with flair.

Not quite in the top ten, but we appreciate you, Popplio.

11. Torch

As the first Fire and Fighting starter, Torchic barely got through. It’s an adorable little nugget.

It’s unfortunate that it was in a year of top-notch starters, or Torchic would have perished as the players’ starting choice.

Blaziken has also long been the choice of cosplayers.

10. Sniff

Snivy might seem conceited with his snub nose and snake-like ways, but for good reason.

With its Contrary hidden ability and Leaf Storm move, this powerful attack actually halves Snivy’s special attack instead of doubling it.

That combination alone is enough to make you love the little guy.

9. Freekie

The pipeline from Froakie to Greninja gives us a whiplash at how boring the first one looks and how incredible the last one is.

Not only is using your tongue as a scarf a bold fashion choice, but with Protean as a hidden ability, all moves get a 1.5x boost.

When you add Ash’s weird greninja, it’s certainly one of the more interesting starters.

8. Eevee

If the Eevee you get as a starter could evolve it would probably be at the top, but unfortunately what you got in Let’s Go is stuck as a baby forever.

With its perfect stats, however, it can still be used late in the game and the special moves such as Bouncy Bubble and Glitzy Glow compensate for weaknesses.

Also, you can pet it and it loves it.

7. Charmander

Charmander really doesn’t need to be overplayed any more than it already is, as Charizard is the show’s flagship and has received two Mega Evolutions.

The reason we love Charmander so much is that it really is a timeless Pokémon design.

From delightful to terrifying, Charmander’s line goes the distance.

6. Totodile

Totodile suffers from being second generation before the Special/Physical split happened.

It has a buff Attack stat on a special attacking Pokemon, which can be frustrating from a power standpoint.

Check out Feraligatr’s Gen 3 Backsprite to see why we’re a fat king.

5. Squirtle

When Pokémon first came out, we all wanted to join the Squirtle team.

Squirtle learned his first water move at level 8 and was the clear choice for anyone starting in Generation 1.

If you liked Mega Blastoise’s giant cannon, then you’re sure to love the Gigantamax version.

4. Pup

In a game with no Fire types, Steel Penguin will surely be the Emperor.

Empoleon has both the strength and defensive stats to ensure victory while looking like one of the most adorable creatures on earth.

Piplup mastered the whole penguin thing before Eiscue made it weird.

3. Cyndaquil

Cyndaquil was already a firm favorite, with its evolution Quilava making ground beef from Pokémon Colosseum.

But when Legends: Arceus introduced the goofy-looking Fire and Ghost Typhlosion, we fell in love.

Cyndaquil, I’m not exactly sure what you are, but that’s what I’m here for.

2. Rowlet

Rowlet is offensively round, and this borb isn’t afraid to let you know.

Archery is cool. Ghost and Grass is cool. Owls are cool. Honestly, everything about Rowlet is pure perfection.

Rowlett makes us feel sweet violence, and we don’t want it to stop

1. Mud dump

Mudkip’s position as the all-time best starter was certainly sealed the moment the “I herd you liek Mudkipz” meme popped up.

Yes, the world loves Mudkip. The little guy is as lovable as big daddy Swampert is strong.

Also immune to Electro. We’re just going to make sure it’s protected from incoming grass movements.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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