The 23-year-old says Bar cut her real ID in half

A woman went viral on TikTok after claiming a bouncer broke her ID in half with no explanation.

TikTok user Kristen (@kristen_nicoles) uploaded a video of the incident on Jan. 23. As of January 24, her video had 7.5 million views.

“I just walked into this damn bar and they break my ID in half,” Kristen said. “My real ID, they just broke in half.”

She held up her hand to the camera and showed that her ID card was split in two. Kristen then filmed the bar as she continued to complain about the establishment cutting a 23-year-old’s ID in half. According to the caption, the bar in question is Mother’s Tavern in San Luis Obispo, California.

@kristen_nicoles 🤬🤬 So this place in downtown San Luis Obispo just tore my ID in half!! I’m so pissed! I’m 23 years old and had a year until my license expired. Called “Mothers Tavern” in downtown San Luis Obispo!!!!! DON’T WALK HERE, YOU BREAK REAL ID’S UNGRAINED Bouncers!!!!!! Let me know if this has happened to you! #bars #sanluisobispo #GenshinImpact34 #fyp #snappedid #bouncer #clubs ♬ Original sound – Kristen

In a follow-up video, Kristen described what happened the night of the incident. She said Mother’s Tavern was the first bar she and her friends went to. The bouncer stamped her on the wrist and let her in with no problem.

After a few hours, Kristen and her friends decided to go to other bars. However, they later returned to Mother’s Tavern because Kristen wanted to use the bathroom there as it was cleaner than the one her friend used at another bar.

When Kristen returned to Mother’s Tavern, the bouncer who had let her in earlier was at the door. He wanted to see the stamp on her wrist and gave Kristen a “weird” look after she showed it to him. The bouncer then asked to see her ID, which he also gave a “weird” look before telling Kristen he had to keep it while she went to the bathroom.

“I was really confused. I’ve never heard of a bouncer doing that,” Kristen said. “I really needed to pee, so I said, ‘Okay, no problem, you can keep my ID.'”

Kristen said when she came back from the restroom, another bouncer was at the door, while the bouncer who took her ID was “nowhere to be found.”

@kristen_nicoles PART 1 OF STORYTIME!! WHY DID HE SNAP MY ID? #GenshinImpact34 #sanluisobispo #sanluisobispocounty #california #snappedID #snappedid #bars #bartender ♬ Original sound – Kristen

In a second follow-up video, Kristen continued the story. She said she learned from the new bouncer that the previous one was at “the other end of the bar”. When Kristen approached the original bouncer, he gave her the torn ID and claimed it was fake.

The TikToker noted to viewers that she hadn’t attempted to order drinks. She also said she was confused as the same bouncer let her in hours earlier. The only explanation she could think of as to why the bouncer thought her ID was fake was that maybe he had never seen a vertical ID before.

Kristen left the bar after trying to resolve the situation with a manager. She explained to viewers that she was upset because she was on vacation and her only ID had been destroyed. Luckily she didn’t have to get on a plane to go home. Unfortunately, Kristen was the one driving her friends to San Luis Obispo. She hopes she won’t be stopped on her way home.

Although the bartender told Kristen he had to call the police, it appears he never did. Kristen considered calling the police about “property destruction,” but decided against it that night. However, the next day she went to the police station to file a complaint against the bar.

@kristen_nicoles 😩😩 PART 2!!!! GO TO THE POLICE! #sanluisobispo #GenshinImpact34 #sanluisobispocounty #california #snappedID #snappedid #bars #bartender #motherstavern #crazy #storytime ♬ Original sound – Kristen

At the police station, Kristen was informed that she needed to file a complaint against the bartender, not the bar. She said the officer who helped her claimed he “knew the owner of the bar personally” and gave her two options. She could file a complaint against the bouncer, or the officer could call the owner to speak to her.

Kristen ended the video by saying she would continue the story in a third follow-up. At the time of publication, the video has not yet been posted.

The Daily Dot contacted Kristen and Mother’s Tavern via email.


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*Initial publication: January 24, 2023 5:43 pm CST

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melody hero The 23-year-old says Bar cut her real ID in half

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