The 13 best eco-friendly gifts continue to be given out

The holidays are one of the best times of the year to start sustainable shopping. Instead of splurging on disposable items that have a small shelf life, put your money to good use and buy things that give back to the earth after they have served their purpose. Adding a few eco-friendly treats to your vacation can make a big difference.

This may come as a shock, but your “sustainable” gifts can be misleading. When it comes to beauty products and certain sustainable items, Labels “natural”, “green” and “eco-friendly” may not live up to the hype.

The FDA has no strict regulations around the sustainability of these products. Therefore, many brands have taken advantage of the lack of regulations when producing and labeling.

When you’re on the hunt for sustainable products, don’t let these big companies take you shopping. Keep yourself sharp and look for these simple things to make sure your product really works for the environment.

1. Certification Check

First, look for the certificate. There are a few gold certifications in the apparel industry that can prove a brand’s supply chain has been thoroughly tested. For example, independent OEKO-TEX testing provides certifications for textiles, screens against hazardous chemicals, and ethical workplaces.

2. Avoid plastic

Second, avoid plastic when you can and invest in biodegradable ones when there’s nowhere else to turn. Plastic is the number one no-no to being sustainable. Plastics don’t just tend to seep into your food or beauty products, once they’ve served their purpose and thrown away, they’ll just end up in our earth’s landfills and oceans. ta.

3. Manage your expectations

Finally, remember that real change doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t beat yourself up if the transition to sustainability is a bit slower than you would like, or if you find yourself buying items that don’t live up to your sustainability expectations. The most important key to making a difference is the desire to make a difference.

The best eco-friendly gifts

1) Drink your tea sustainably: Bamboo Tumbler Thermos with Tea Set + Filter

The best eco-friendly gift Bamboo Tumbler thermos bottle

Heavy tea drinkers will love this handy bamboo filter and thermos. Compatible with your favorite loose leaf teas, this mug keeps your beverage hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. This non-toxic material helps reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and makes it one of the best eco-friendly gifts to give (or receive) this season.

Price: $27.99

2) Add sustainability to laundry habits: Pack of 6 wool dryer balls

Wool drying ball


Instead of relying on single-use dryer sheets that add waste to the environment, empower yourself to add sustainability to your laundry routine. This wool dryer’s six spheres will soften towels, soften bedding, and halve drying time. Help yourself say goodbye to single-use sheets and welcome reusable wool dryer balls.

Price: $36

3) Take care of your own plants in the following ways: Smart Garden SmallGarden

click and plant smart garden

If you’re willing to spend a little extra this season for an eco-friendly holiday gift, this smart indoor garden is a go-to option. No sunlight or daily involvement is required as this garden comes equipped with a self-watering system, grow lights and an iOS compatible app. Pre-sown seeds and slow-release nutrients will ensure steady and vigorous growth of your new plant. Who knows, maybe they’ll thank you with a bunch of fresh herbs!

Price: $199.99

4) Cuddled in recycled cotton: Earth Leopard Knit Blanket

Leopard knit blankets for the best eco-friendly gifts


Get a cozy, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly knit bracelet this holiday season. This leopard print blanket from Cold Picnic is made from 80% recycled cotton and made in the USA. The design is extremely stylish and is sure to complement any home.

Price: $210

5) Best eco-friendly gift for charcuterie: Bamboo cheese board

Bamboo Cheese Sheet makes the best eco-friendly gift


If you love charcuterie, and who doesn’t, this premium bamboo cheese plate is probably calling your name. Designed with clever grooves on the sides to expertly hold crackers and fruit, plus a hidden compartment complete with a bamboo knife, this board makes crafting your next cheesecake a breeze. should be easy. Fill all your favorites with a table that will last.

Price: $31.80

6) Switch to sustainable fabrics: V-neck cardigan



This cozy cropped cardigan offers style and sustainability in a cute package. With 50% of the brand’s fabrics coming from sustainably sourced materials, you can be sure this new wardrobe will make a great eco-friendly gift for anyone in need of a chic new look. important.

Price: $59

7) Give your kitchen an eco-friendly gift: Eco-friendly gift set

Eco-friendly gifts for kitchen use


Get closer to a zero-waste, plastic-free lifestyle with this eco-friendly gift pack. Includes all the supplies you need to start creating your new sustainable kitchen environment. Beeswax food wraps, reusable produce bags, reusable ziplock bags and stainless steel straws combine to help you on your new eco-friendly journey.

Price: $43.99

8) Raised ocean waste to your feet: UltraBoost DNA Running Shoe

Black super tank running shoes


What you may not know is that this famous Adidas sneaker is really a player in the field of sustainability. The uppers of these comfortable running shoes are made from Parley Ocean Plastic® recyclables collected at beaches and coastal communities before being dumped into the ocean.

A flexible TPU lacing cage provides dynamic locking and built-in stabilizing technologies and sturdy rubber treads help each stride move naturally from heel to toe.

Price: $180 – 190

9) Make drinking straws luxurious with this eco-friendly gift: Reusable glass straws

Pack of 12 reusable glass straws


Say no to single-use plastic straws by switching to this luxurious, reusable glass straw. Crafted from food grade borosilicate glass, these glass straws can withstand high and low temperatures and are crush resistant. Every effort counts, and if you can make a change to stop consuming plastic straws while at home or out, you’re one step closer to making the change.

Price: $8.49

10) This eco-friendly gift makes reuse fun: Porter . Reusable movable lidded bowl

White Porter reusable bowl with lid


Reuse in style with this large BPA-free bowl from W&P Design. It’s the perfect size to take your salads, soups or leftovers anywhere. With a secure silicone finish and sturdy lid, you won’t have to worry about spills or messes, and its aesthetic design will help you brag to all who can hear it.

Price: $20

11) Repair your bed sheets with this eco-friendly gift: Hyperlite Sheet Set

Gray hyperlite sheet set for the best eco-friendly gifts


That’s right, in this day and age, even your sheets can be sustainable. These sheets are made from natural fibers derived from soluble pulp and sustainably sourced plants, require less water in the manufacturing process and can be washed less frequently. Switch from unbleached cotton to 100% Tencel® lyocell with these hyperlite sheets from Casper.

Price: $109-169

12) Keep the style cozy and sustainable: Simoneloa Quilted shirt jacket

Brown quilted shirt jacket


Update your wardrobe with this chic quilted shirt jacket from Vero Moda and raise the glasses for sustainable wear while you’re wearing it. Made from 50% sustainably sourced materials, including recycled fibres, this jacket will be your dream essential.

Price: $75

13) Create and create an ecosystem with this eco-friendly gift: Closed Garden Canopy

Glass canopy and cork


Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful and sustainable canopy enclosed garden. Don’t move your terrariums into plastic living spaces. Showcase your prized succulents with this top-of-the-line recycled glass and cork container and never look back at plastic again!

Price: $110

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