Starting Out in OSRS’ Shattered Relics League

What to expect and what to prioritize

OSRS’ Shattered Relics League is here! Whether it’s your first OSRS league or you’re a veteran, a refresher never hurts anyone, and guides can help with planning out activities during the league. Here are a few tips on how to earn OSRS GP and other information about the league.

But first, an explanation on league mechanics.

OSRS League Mechanics

Leagues are seasonal activities taking place in new limited-time servers. Players will essentially create a new character on a new server and start out without skills, stats, or items. Leagues do not carry over progress from one league to another, though certain rewards and points may be carried over.

The main objective in a league is to complete tasks. There are 5 task difficulties, with harder ones rewarding more league points. The difficulties are Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. These tasks ask the play to reach leveling milestones, collect an item, or defeat a boss. Completing certain quests will also be included in those tasks.

League points are an important resource because they unlock a variety of features in the server. From new skills to areas and bosses, having no league points means you can’t progress in the league. Typically, players start out with a small handful of skills, and they have to unlock the rest with points. Players may have to unlock some bosses for tasks as well.

Relics are buffs specific to leagues. They’re unlockable with league points, but in the Shattered Relics League, they work a bit differently, to be explained later. Relics will help the player in various ways. Whether by boosting XP, increasing resource node availability, or other similar buffs, it gives important buffs to the player.

In the past leagues, relics have tiers and players can choose up to three of them for every tier they’ve unlocked. They can’t change it once they’ve chosen, so they have to make sure to pick the most beneficial ones. There were 5 tiers for the first league, and the second added a 6th, as well as passive relics that players automatically get.

To sum it all up, players create a new character and try to complete tasks. These tasks reward points, which can be used to unlock more areas, skills, tasks, and relics, as well as other rewards. They have to do all of that within the time limit of the server, as the league will not stick around forever.

There’s also a bit of competition in collecting ‘League Firsts’ and in the HiScores rankings. League Firsts are challenges separate from league tasks that a player or a group may complete. These range from being the first to 99 a skill or defeating certain bosses. Those who have achieved League First tasks have their names inscribed on the League Firsts Board in the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle.

Shattered Relics-Specific Mechanics

Aside from league points, Shattered Relics added the ‘Sage’s Renown’. They work much like league points, but with the added functionality of being used to auto-complete some quests. They’re the points used to unlock bosses and skills as well.

Judging from the name, relics also would have different functionality, especially since they’re shattered. They’re now called fragments, and they’ve been scattered across Gielinor. They’re generally weaker than relics from the past leagues, but they can be combined for powerful set effects.

Fragments may come from various sources, such as skilling or clue scrolls. While receiving one has a measure of randomness to it, the type of activity influences what kind you get. For example, if you want some combat-related pieces, you’ll have to do combat. Skilling will give relic fragments related to the skill being trained, and so on and so forth.

Gaining duplicates will increase the XP of a fragment, and they get removed from the potential pool once they reach the max level. Equipped ones get some XP every time the player gains experience for any skill. A maximum of 1 point per 4 ticks may be gained in this way.

Fragment levels are important as they boost the relic shard’s base effect. Each piece has a base effect and two set effects. The former doesn’t need any other requirement to trigger other than what’s written on its description. Set effects, however, would need other fragments of the same set to be equipped so their buffs would work.

Players can also save configurations of fragments for the set effects they need. That makes it easier for them to swap sets, as slots are limited and it depends on what activity they want to do.

Shattered Relics League OSRS GP Farming

Since players start with a blank slate in a league, they have to know how to get gold so they can get OSRS items for sale. Whether that’s new gear or supplies for skilling, gold making will still be an important activity during the league season.

So far, there are only two suggestions on how to make money in the Shattered Relics League. The first is to train Thieving until level 5 and move to Ardougne to steal cakes until they can steal silk. After waiting 30 minutes, they can sell back the silk for 60 gold each. It’s a way to hit two birds with one stone, at least at the start of the league. You train a skill and gain some OSRS GP at the same time.

The other method is to use the Golden Brick Road fragment so you can get gold every time a Mark of Grace appears. Depending on the level of the fragment, you can get 4,000/7,000/15,000 gold along with the mark.

More methods and opportunities to make OSRS gold will come.

Other Tips

A streamer polled his audience on how useful they think a skill would be in the league. They’ve decided on Ranged, Thieving, Prayer, and Magic as the most important ones. Secondary would be Attack, Strength, Fishing, and Hunting. These are only suggestions, and you can have your own reasons for prioritizing another skill other than these.

Plan ahead, especially if aiming for a League First. That way you won’t waste too much time and have the honor stolen. Just be ready, because planning ahead will only increase your chances of getting one, and doesn’t guarantee it.

This is the first league that features any kind of story or lore, and it introduces the Sage. What importance does he hold in the game mode? It’s up to you to discover.

The season starts on the 19th of January and will end on the 2nd of March. That’s only six weeks, shorter than previous leagues’ 2-month duration. With a tighter time limit, having a plan and being efficient with time is the best way to achieve all your objectives for the league.

Let’s look forward to this new league, and keep on enjoying OSRS!

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