Starbucks Secrets employees don’t want you to know why you want to avoid the baked goods

STARBUCKS is known for its creamy frappuccinos, delicious scones and strong cold brew.

Though regulars may remember the menu, there are a few secrets the cafe chain is reluctant to share with customers.

There are a few little-known secrets about Starbucks that you might want to know


There are a few little-known secrets about Starbucks that you might want to knowPhoto credit: Getty

In a YouTube clip, social news site BabbleTop revealed ten little-known tidbits about Starbucks.


While Starbucks has always had a secret menu whispered about, it doesn’t seem to exist.

“Contrary to popular belief, according to staff, there’s no such thing as a magic list of dozens of secret recipes,” BabbleTop said.

It’s a common misconception that you can order extravagant drinks from a hidden menu.

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However, you can share the ingredients and measurements with your Starbucks barista if you want to try a specific combination.


Number two on BabbleTop’s list: Starbucks fails many taste tests.

“If there’s one thing Starbucks doesn’t want you or anyone to know, it’s how poorly it has performed in numerous blind tasting tests.

“It goes back to 2007 when Starbucks lost numerous blind tests to none other than McDonald’s and Folgers. Fast forward to 2015 and Starbucks lost the same fight again.”


We all love those caramel and vanilla syrups that baristas add to our coffee. But did you know you can easily buy these in bulk and make them yourself?

It can cost a fortune to get Starbucks every day, especially if you’re adding syrup pumps to your drink, so you might be better off recreating the drink at home.

They sell the syrups online and in stores.


Coffee lovers everywhere are excited when the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back on the menu.

Launched by the chain in 2003, PSL is a fan favourite.

But for the first 12 years of its life, the drink didn’t appear to contain a real pumpkin ingredient — it was artificial.

Luckily, Starbucks HQ announced in 2015 that it would use real pumpkin to create the famous drink.


Starbucks croissants, scones and egg sandwiches are not only delicious, they taste so fresh.

The truth is, however, that all of this food is shipped to the store frozen — so not as fresh as you think.


Another little-known fact about the chain is that it will give you a freebie on your birthday.

All you have to do is download the mobile app – at least seven days before your birthday – and the barista will prepare you a free drink to celebrate.

Make sure you have made a Star Earning transaction prior to the big day to take advantage of this reward.


If you’re looking for ways to reduce your Starbucks expenses, you might want to become an employee there – because the perks are worth it.

Not only do Starbucks employees receive one free grocery item and multiple free drinks per shift, they also receive a 30% discount on all food and beverages at all times, even when they’re not working.

They also get discounts on some Apple products due to the partnership between the two companies.


If you are looking for a diet friendly store, Starbucks is not the place for you.

Most drinks that are topped with whipped cream or filled with sweeteners are not that low in calories.

“For example, if you get a Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino, you’re getting about 86 grams of sugar. And that’s not counting the 510 calories.”


Until recently, Starbucks cups apparently weren’t recyclable.

In 2008, an environmental group apparently called on Starbucks to waste.

BabbleTop said that while the cups could have been recycled and actually had the symbol stamped on them because they were infused with polyethylene – which involves a lengthy recycling process that requires special machinery – this was never the case.

In 2016, the chain introduced recyclable cups.


According to Babble Top, Starbucks and Oxfam had a difficult relationship.

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“The problem began when international charity Oxfam claimed that Starbucks’ opposition to Ethiopia’s attempts to brand three of its coffees disrupted important developments for the country and coffee farmers in 2006,” reads the clip.

“Starbucks responded by saying that its opposition was solely because of the damage the new legislation would cause.”

The US Sun has reached out to Starbucks for comment.

Many of the drinks aren't as low in calories as you might have hoped


Many of the drinks aren’t as low in calories as you might have hopedPhoto credit: Getty

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