Star Trek: Discovery Review: Tyler Gets Transported

It might have taken us till Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Episode 11, however the collection lastly managed to make me cheer out loud.

We will lastly cease pretending to love Tyler and Sarek with a goatee and … oh my god… EMPEROR GEORGIOU?!?

It might be as a result of I by no means watched the Star Trek Enterprise Mirror Universe arc, however I freakin’ LOVE studying in regards to the Terran Empire.

There’s one thing so… simple a couple of tradition so fully, unblinkingly, unapologetically, TERR-ible. 🙂

Executions for thought-crimes. Enslaving complete species just like the Kelpians to the aim of non-public groomers?

Agony chambers for prisoners. Promotions by way of homicide. It is the handbook on the right way to run an environment friendly empire on the gas of worry, hate, and ambition.

An oppressive regime is, by nature, a fearful regime.


The one factor the Terrans could be applauded (?) for is that their command construction appears to have achieved some gender equality. It in all probability helps that the Emperor is a lady.

And it is such an amazing system to make use of to convey again the actors we loved in Chapter One whose characters acquired killed. Alas, poor Connor wasn’t lengthy for the world in both universe. 

Unquestionably, the singular spotlight of this journey was placing the Voq-ler storyline out of its distress. As soon as they’d confirmed what the Web had whispered from the start, I used to be performed performed DONE with Mr. “I am going to All the time Shield You” and his pie-in-the-sky pleased endings.

There’s some irony in the truth that L’Rell was unable to interrupt Burnham’s “tether” on his humanity, however when confronted (!) along with his Mirror-self main the insurgent Coalition of Hope and sharing a desk with Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites… effectively that was a bridge too far. Hate overriding … affection, I suppose.

Cleverly, the emergence of the Voq id actually answered Burnham’s questions firstly about how deep you may disguise your true self earlier than you give in to the charade.

Are you able to conceal your coronary heart? Are you able to bury your decency? Are you able to proceed to faux to be one in every of them? Whilst, little by little, it kills the particular person you actually are.


And utilizing his execution to smuggle the intel on the united statesS. Defiant to Saru? It was very handy and harking back to Georgiou’s tactic on the Battle of the Binary Stars to seed the Klingon our bodies with warheads. A struggle crime that Mirror-Voq appeared to attribute to Mirror-Burnham’s CV of unhealthy acts. Butcher of the Binary Stars, certainly.

If something on this season of Discovery will make me cry, I am certain it will be one thing to do with Stamets. I discovered myself in complete emotional denial when he flat-lined. Thank goodness that paid off for me. And I’ve a sense that Mirror-Stamets could be as superior as Kaptain Killy.

Talking of which, it is so gosh-darned good that Cadet Tilly is getting an opportunity to point out her chops within the mycelial enviornment (and hopefully earn that all-important suggestion to the Command Program). Nonetheless, I actually get pleasure from her extra when she’s cussing and threatening folks.

Admittedly, having Saru mentor her whereas she has to masquerade because the captain is a sublime method to convey the 2 collectively when their respective roles sometimes would not intersect.

It additionally appears that she will be able to higher assert herself to Saru than to another commanding officer she’s handled to date.

Yay for private progress.

Burnham’s parley with the rebellions’ leaders illustrated how the writers may juggle a number of targets in a single scene. Apart from triggering Tyler’s assault on Mirror-Voq, it revealed loads about how the Terran Empire has turn into a unifying agent for the rebels.

It additionally demonstrated how Mirror-selves aren’t essentially a easy good-evil flip. Mirror-Voq has the identical motivations however extra self-control and company than Prime Voq-turned-Tyler-because-L’Rell-told-me-to.

Since Sarek is assiduously impartial within the Prime Universe, his inverse remains to be impartial (even with the goatee) within the Mirror Universe. Plainly logic is the proper zero of morality. And but, Mirror-Sarek’s account of what he present in Burnham’s thoughts is kind of poetic too, which belies pure logic.

I see a world bursting with potential… a toddler molded by knowledge and a seemingly inconceivable depth of human compassion.


Ever for the reason that Voq-ler Concept was confirmed, the Web has moved on, and plot speculations are actually Lorca-centered. I am going to admit that I might choose that he be precisely who we predict he’s. It could be a little bit of an eye-roller if there have been ANOTHER wacky reveal earlier than the season wraps up.

His time within the agony chambers clearly impacts him and his capability to strategize successfully. Whereas he is by no means been the gold commonplace when it comes to protocols, his recommendation to present the command to destroy the insurgent base planet was startlingly pragmatic.

We’re all human right here. All of us begin out with the identical drives, the identical wants. Perhaps none of us, it doesn’t matter what world we’re from, actually know what darkness is ready inside.


My solely quibble with this episode was Saru’s query to Burnham about Kelpians. Contemplating how xenophobic the Terran Empire is, why would he even ask if a non-human was aboard the Shenzhou?

It appeared a really contrived method to get Burnham to interrupt the oath she made to him on the finish of Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 5, all the time to inform him the reality.

I am unable to advocate sufficient to watch Star Trek: Discovery online since there are such a lot of nuanced particulars and wonderful little moments all through.

Sure, they basically ran with 4 DIFFERENT plot-lines, however they OWNED them. I used to be by no means unclear as to what was happening.

The massive query is: What occurs subsequent?

How do you suppose the L’Rell-Voq reunion goes to go within the brig? 

Who do you suppose managed to flee Harlak earlier than the Emperor’s ship blew it up? How does that have an effect on Burnham’s avenue cred?

What’s subsequent for Stamets? I REALLY wish to hear your theories on this one!

I believe Mirror-Saru may show (much more) vital shifting ahead. Ideas?

Did anybody else discover it attention-grabbing that Mirror-Detmer has had extra strains in Chapter Two than in ALL of the primary half of the season?

Diana Keng is a workers author for TV Fanatic. Comply with her on Twitter.

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