Spice Up Your Relationship: The Best Adult Toys for Couples, Ranked

If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to spice up your sex life, you can’t go wrong investing in some fun, adult toys to experiment with in the bedroom. Adult toys are great for introducing heightened sensations and adding an exciting, psychological aspect into your intimacy.

No matter what your experience level is when it comes to couples toys, you can use them to inject some fun and spice into your relationship: from beginner-friendly vibrators to advanced bondage swings, there’s a perfect sex toy out there for you and your partner!

Best Adult Toys for Couples: Beginners

If you’re a sex toy newbie, you might want to start out with something beginner-friendly and not too complicated to use. Be mindful of what your partner enjoys too – if possible, make the decision together on what couples toy to buy. The best sex toys for couples will benefit you both, and enhance the experience for both partners.

Sex wedge

If you’re looking for the easiest-to-use couples toy, a sex wedge is the best option. Sex wedges, also known as sex position enhancers, help you and your partner enhance your current favourite positions, and discover new ones! For optimal use, the sex wedge is usually placed under the lower back of the partner receiving penetration. The sex wedge can help with enhanced physical intimacy, as well as deeper and fuller penetraton. Try using a sex wedge in doggy style for out-of-this world views!

Bullet Vibrators

Beginner-friendly as a solo toy and as a couples toy, bullet vibrators are great for incorporating intense, heightened sensations to the external body. Either use the bullet vibrator over the externa erogenous zones, or use it to upgrade your oral game! Run the bullet vibrator over the external vagina (or penis and balls) during oral sex to induce waves of powerful, buzzy pleasure.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings make for a great couples toy already, but add to the sensations by opting for one with a vibrating function! Cock rings are one of the best couples toys on our list, as the vibrating function stimulates both partners when used during penetration – not the mention that cock rings help the penis stay harder for longer. A cock ring can also be worn during oral for an upgraded experience.

Clitoral Vibrators

It’s no secret that many women need added clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm during sex. The best way to add some fuss-free clitoral stimulation during sex is to incorporate a clitoral vibrator into your sex life, and for the most beginner-friendly experience, opt for a hands-free one. Hands-free vibrators are easy to place, and make the process of orgasm a lot easier. It’s also great for simply enhancing the sensations of penetrative sex: the vibrations around your clitoris will spread into the surrounding areas, providing waves of intense pleasure.

Best Adult Toys for Couples: Intermediate

So, you’ve been around the Lovehoney block a number of times and you’re probably familiar with plenty of sex toys – but are you familiar with the best couples toys?

Butt plugs

Anal play is massively underrated when it comes to couples toys. Not only is it fun to add a double-penetration dimension to your intimacy, but certain anal sex toys also even enhance the sensations of traditional penetration! When butt plugs are used during conventional sex, the vagina often reacts by constricting the vaginal canal: this makes for enhanced pleasure sensations for both partners! Add a fun butt plug into your sex life and reap the pleasurable rewards.

Prostate Massager

Staying on the theme of anal play, prostate massagers are a great couples toys to use during sex. Ideal both for heterosexual couples as well as gay couples, prostate massagers can be inserted into the anus during foreplay or during sex, providing intense stimulation for the P-spot. Whilst prostate massagers are often used solo, they also make for one of the best adult toys for couples: the enhanced sensations might stimulate just one partner, but the overall increase in sensation and pleasure will lead to an overall more satisfying experience.

Spreader Bars

If you’re familiar with certain BDSM toys but not exactly an experienced user, a great intermediate couples toy is the classic leg spreader bar! The spreader bar works by attaching the submissive partner’s ankles and keeping their legs open, ideal for engaging in some fun power-play. This toy can be used on its own to simply restrain the submissive partner, although once you’ve experimented enough you should feel free to add some handcuffs or blindfolds to enhance the experience further!

Ball Gags

Another BDSM classic and ideal for intermediate users of couples toys, ball gags help to add a dimension of submission and domination to your intimacy. Use the ball gag to restrain the submissive partner (or yourself) and enjoy the thrill of domination (or submission!) A ball gag is one of the best adult toys for couples engaging in intermediate-level power play.

Best Adult Toys for Couples: Advanced

If you’re a vibrator veteran and you know your way around your local sex toy store, you might have already tried various couples toys. Take a look at our suggestions below for taking your couples toy game to the next level:

Sex swings and Sex slings

You’re not a sex toy veteran until you’ve at least tried one or two sex slings! Sex slings and swings are great for adding some power-play into your intimacy, and also great for exploring new positions that wouldn’t be possible without the help of a swing or sling! Get the BDSM look and experiment with suspended sex!

Restraint Kits

Whilst certain items such as blindfolds and ball gags might be more intermediate level couples toys, restraint kits take your play to a whole new level. Usually equipped with blindfolds, handcuffs, bed ties, rope and various other items intended for BDSM play, restraint kits are not for beginners, nor for new partners! The best time to use a BDSM kit is when both partners feel comfortable expressing their fantasies, and when there is a sufficient amount of trust in the relationship to explore power play. Whether you’re in control or you’re being dominated, take the thrill of power play to a new level with a restraint kit!

Chastity Devices

Chastity Devices are like the final boss of couples toys: if you can trust one another to use these toys responsibly, there’s not much you wouldn’t trust each other with! Chastity devices can add an intense dimension to your sex life: the partner wearing the device can be titilated and tantalised at the mercy of the dominant, and the dominant partner can enjoy the sensation of complete erotic control. If you want to up the stakes of your BDSM adventures, opt for a chastity device. Chastity devices are one of the best adult toys for couples who have experimented with almost every other adult toy!


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