Speaq Review

Speaq Review

In fact, most video platforms already have pre-made video templates. You just need to fill out the text fields, price points, call-to-action, photo uploads, color correction and background music very well.

Then you cross your fingers and hope the best is nothing duplicated and the video actually looks like a template when you download it.

More often than not, this often ends in a poorly staged video. Well, what if you could create a seamless video by having a simple conversation? If there is no trouble try blindly matching the fields to a pattern. That’s why Brad Stephens and Oliver Goodwin have teamed up and developed Speaq, the world’s first AI bot to create great marketing videos for all social platforms in all socks. both. In today’s article, let’s explore what this groundbreaking software is all about?

What is Speaq?

Speaq Review

Speaq is a software that makes it easy to create videos from chats … and build, offer and receive payments automatically by sharing links. With it, you can easily increase traffic, leads and higher sales with stunning DFY marketing videos in minutes without samples. And custom marketing videos created for you just by chatting with built-in Zero AI bot skills or experience. All you need to do is share your special Speaq link with everyone and it will handle the rest. Create videos automatically, delivery, payment … Everything.

Powerful Features

Create videos from any link: Just needs to paste the URL of your Facebook page, an ecommerce product, social media post or any URL and Speaq will create a video automatically!

Proven to convert HD templates: Create world-class, great animated marketing videos using our templates!

Includes commercial licenses: Sell videos on autopilot to customers while Speaq does all the hard work!

Templates in all models: Local, eCom, Real Estate, Pets, Sports and more, much more.

Fully customizable: Customize your video the way YOU want it.

100% mobile friendly: Videos can be created from ANY mobile device.

Shareable link: Share your unique link with customers who open Speaq and ask them how they create their own videos THEY want from a conversation (no additional modification)!

Get paid in Speaq: Speaq allows you to receive payments from your customers IN the chat. When they end the conversation, they can pay you before downloading their video!

Videos in ALL formats: Speaq allows you to choose any video format like vertical, square, horizontal and more!

Create beautiful videos from conversations: Answer Speaq’s questions and have a marketing video ready for all platforms at the end of the conversation.

How Does Speaq Works?

This is a well-designed cloud product that works in a simple way. Let me tell you how you can profit from your video campaigns in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Copy your unique shareable link and share it to everyone and anywhere.

Step 2: Anyone who clicks on your link will have a private chat with Speaq. It will create a video based on their answer and send it to them.

Step 3: You receive payment directly in the final conversion.

You can also watch this video so it knows more about it:

Dowload Speaq Now

Benefits of Speaq?

Sell ​​videos on Autopilot: Let your AI Speaq bot do the hard work for you by chatting with your customers, designing and producing their videos and closing the sale.

Always available on mobile: A more convenient way to get videos made on the go for your customers! Speaq is always online.

Increase ROI instantly: No more design fees, outsourcing fees, animation fees, software monthly fees, modifications, waiting times and more. Save on ALL fronts with this all new CHEAPER video creation.

You do not need any videos to get paid: Your customers do not need any video marketing experience to get paid! They just need to share the Speaq link with their customers and Speaq will handle the payments AND make them!

Save time and money: Canceling your monthly subscription with outdated and expensive video platforms requires painful editing steps!

No technical skills needed: Speaq guides your customers and customers a PERFECT and personalized video for their business, no technical, editing or coding skills required.

100% cloud-based: No cumbersome downloads and updates!

Who is Speaq for?

Speaq has templates for all types of businesses. So I think it is for:

  • Ecommerce
  • Social media marketing
  • Local marketing
  • Video marketing
  • MMO
  • Fashion style
  • Health care & Medicare
  • Food and drink
  • Houseware
  • Building & Real Estate
  • Business & Finance
  • Travel
  • Holidays & celebrations
  • Pet
  • Sports

What will you get from Speaq?

  • Get UNIQUE videos each time based on your answers.
  • Create videos ON GO because Speaq can chat and create videos on all mobile devices.
  • Increase video leads, sales, and profits two ways (create your OWN videos or send your links to customers)!
  • Automate your customer campaigns and get paid each time without lifting your finger.
  • Automatically create, distribute and pay for videos by sharing ONE simple link (anywhere).
  • Increasing ROI instantly eliminates design fees, outsourcing fees, animation fees, software monthly fees, modifications, waiting times and more.
  • Get paid without video! Just share the Speaq link with customers and customers and Speaq will handle the payments AND made for you!

Speaq OTO

Front End

The front will provide both personal and commercial licenses (commerce is a no-brainer). It gives you the opportunity to create videos for yourself and your customers.

On the front, you can create videos using our intuitive guided chats with the Speaq bot. Not only does it make great videos, it is also funny and entertaining at the same time.

The Speaq Bot also has a chat feature, which can ask your customers to paste into any links such as eCom product pages, Facebook pages, etc. and it will create a simple video. like that.

The great opportunity comes with shareable links, allowing you to share the link with your customers. This link will allow your customers to have a private chat with the Speaq bot and have a video ready to download at the end of the conversation. You can even collect payments inside the Speaq bot before the video is delivered to customers! Full automation on the front!

Personal License – $37

  • Create Videos From Conversations
  • Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link
  • 100 Renders Per Month
  • 60+ Video Designs Included
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape)
  • Full Video Customization
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices)

Commercial License – $47

  • FULL Client/Agency Rights – Sell Videos on Autopilot
  • Shareable Bot Link (250 Shares)
  • Create Videos From Conversations
  • Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link
  • 1,000 Renders Per Month
  • Get Paid Inside Conversation (Collect Payments)
  • 60+ Video Designs Included
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape)
  • Full Video Customization
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices)

OTO 1 Pro License $ 67

The first upgrade is a pro license. Here, you can upgrade to unlimited videos, archives, renders, agency permissions and more. You can also upgrade to be able to share your bot link unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB, Groups, YouTube, etc.).

In addition, you also get your own customer management dashboard, pre-queue rendering (faster rendering than VIP) as well as training and patterns to find, throw, and close customers!

Main Feature:

  • Unlimited Videos & Hosting
  • Unlimited Renders
  • Share Your Bot Link Unlimited Times (Paste Anywhere!)
  • Unlimited Agency / Client Rights (Unlimited Video Selling)
  • Shareable Links Work Inside Messenger, FB Pages, Groups, YouTube and more (Traffic Expansion Pack)
  • Sub-User / Client Management Dashboard
  • Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)
  • Training on How to Find & Sell Speaq to Clients
  • Email Templates for Selling Speaq to Clients

OTO 2 – sample expansion pack – $ 67

The second upgrade is a sample expansion pack. It will provide you with additional templates, longer video templates, additional video formats, and whenever a new template is released, you will have them automatically added to their account.

Main Feature:

  • Additional samples (25)
  • Added longer video samples (Up to 1 minute)
  • Additional video formats (FB cover design)
  • New templates are automatically added to your account at release

OTO3 Resellers Package

The third upgrade is the dealer pack. Not only will you be able to create Speaq videos yourself and sell videos directly to customers – with this upgrade, you’ll be able to sell actual Speaq software.

The development team has included a customer management console to manage your users. In addition, it also includes the entire sales HTML page as well as the ability to integrate your own payment processor so you have control of your sales.

Resellers Package – $ 147

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 50 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

Resellers Package – $ 297

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 250 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

Resellers Package – $ 497

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos
  • 500 Licenses
  • Customer Management Dashboard
  • Sales Page Included
  • Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

OTO4 – 3 best selling video apps (White label package)

This special upgrade contains the 3 best selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps has sold over $ 150,000 individually (and along with over $ 800,000), and now the development team will open them for you to sell under your brand.

This was a business opportunity in one box, so they included all sales and video pages for all 3 software. This will make it easier for you to start selling the next day if you want.

White Label Bundle – Business in a Box – $ 497

  • Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • All 3 Sales Pages Included
  • All 3 Sales Videos Included
  • Sell ​​All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand


Video marketing has only become an all-in-one system for the first time in history. With Speaq, you can easily unlock video profits and double your video marketing power by creating videos from simple chats and by sharing a link. So don’t waste your time. Get Speaq today before the price goes up.

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