Solar flare expected to hit earth TOMORROW, altering power grid causing geomagnetic storm

SPACE weather experts are eyeing an expected mass ejection from the Sun.

The flare is heading our way and could cause geomagnetic solar storms on June 15th.

A solar flare could trigger a geomagnetic storm on Earth tomorrow


A solar flare could trigger a geomagnetic storm on Earth tomorrowPhoto credit: Getty

Space weather experts at stated: “A CME launched by yesterday’s slow-motion solar flare (described below) is expected to pass close to Earth 15th June.

“Geomagnetic storms are possible if the CME makes contact.

“NOAA forecasters say smaller G1 class storms are likely, with a chance for G2 class (moderate) storms and a low chance for G3 class (strong).

A CME is a type of solar flare called a coronal mass ejection, which is a huge ejection of plasma from the Sun’s outer layer, called the corona.

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This mass ejection of particles from the sun travels through space and the earth uses its magnetic field to protect us from it.

Each solar storm that hits Earth is ranked by magnitude

According to the experts, the possible storms on June 15 could range from mild to severe.

A small solar storm can have weak effects on the power grid and satellite communications.

Moderate storms can cause some damage to power systems, and strong storms can cause even more severe damage.

A G1 storm can also confuse migratory animals, which rely on the Earth’s magnetic field for their sense of direction.

One good thing about solar storms is that they can create very beautiful natural light displays like the Northern Lights.

These natural light displays are called auroras and are examples of how Earth’s magnetosphere is being bombarded by the solar wind, creating pretty green and blue displays.

Earth’s magnetic field helps protect us from the more extreme effects of solar flares, but it can’t stop all of them.

In 1989, a powerful solar flare shot down so many electrically charged particles that the Canadian province of Quebec was without electricity for nine hours.

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Not only do they cause problems for our technology on Earth, but they can also be fatal to an astronaut if they cause injury or interfere with mission control communications.

The sun has begun one of its 11-year solar cycles, during which flares and flares usually become more intense and extreme. Solar flare expected to hit earth TOMORROW, altering power grid causing geomagnetic storm

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