‘Snowfall’ Season 6 Episode 4 Synopsis: The Biggest Takeaways

WARNING: Spoilers for this week’s episode of snowfall see below.

In season six of snowfall, the best chance of peace returning to Los Angeles seemed to be in Leon’s hands, thanks to his close ties to Franklin, Jerome and Louie. Unfortunately, his return from Ghana has shown that not only is he unable to mend things between the trio, but he has also proven he has his own struggles to beat. Episode three ended with Franklin warning Leon to either choose sides or stay out of the mess. On this week’s page, we see Leon make his decision.

In episode four “Projects Boy” this season, the focus remains mostly on Leon. His interactions aren’t with Franklin, Jerome, or Louie, but with Deon, who was put in charge of the projects after Leon’s exit. Leon is not a fan of how Deon runs things and despite several recommendations from him to do things right, Deon chooses to ignore him and do as he pleases. He also mocks Leon for marrying Wanda, who doesn’t have the best history in the projects as she is known to residents of the area as a former crack addict. All of this leads to a huge fight between Leon and Deon, and while the former won the fight, it remains to be seen who will win the war. Elsewhere in the episode, Franklin urges Veronique and her mother to find out who stole his $73 million while he gets in touch with Kane to find out why the product is being made slower than expected. Oh, and you’re wrong if you thought we were taking a break from the Franklin vs. Jerome & Wanda war this week.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways we have after Season 6 Episode 4, Projects Boy.

Leon really wants to do good

Leon returned home from Ghana a changed man. Yes, he was married to his longtime lover, Wanda, but he also returned home with the goal of bringing some change to his community. In “Projects Boy” it becomes clear that this change will be much more difficult for Leon to achieve than expected. When he gets home, he sees that things have only gotten worse with Deon at the helm. Through peaceful conversations, Leon is trying to bring some normality back to the projects, but Deon is determined to do things his own way. Leon, more frustrated than ever, sits several feet across from Deon, seething with anger and frustration at how much things have gotten worse and how few people strive to make things better. So if Leon gets into a fight with Deon, we should remember who that is much taller than him, this is not done in a moment of recklessness, but to further his agenda of restoring order. Maybe it’s rooted in guilt for his past actions, but Leon just wants to be fair to his people and community, and while he wants it to be an easy process, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Franklin doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty

Desperate times call for the most desperate measures, and in Franklin’s world, that couldn’t be more true. In his world, everything has to go as planned without errors and without delay. Because of this, Franklin loses the shit and lashes out at Veronique’s mom, Cassandra, when she returns with a lot less information than he expected regarding his missing $73 million. So he demands that Kane allow him to go to one of the cookhouses to see the process there and understand why fewer products than expected are being pushed out there. So he kicks everyone out of the cookhouse, burns a chef’s face, and rolls up his sleeves to get to work. As Franklin Kane said, he’s built an empire and in a perfect world he’d sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor, but things are far from perfect now. So if it requires him to get his hands a little dirty, so be it. But one thing he won’t do is let his empire go under.

'Snowfall' S6 E4 Jerome & Louie
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Jerome and Louie are going nowhere

In “Projects Boy” one almost forgets that the war between Franklin, Jerome and Louie is still ongoing. Much of the episode focuses on Franklin’s efforts to track down his lost money with the help of Veronique and Cassandra, as well as Leon’s efforts to bring about change in his community. However, in the episode’s closing moments, we are reminded that Jerome and Louie are not to be forgotten, as they appear to be employing the aforementioned chef, whose face burned Franklin to guide them to his whereabouts. The result is a car shootout and ambush that Franklin and Kane narrowly escape while successfully killing the treacherous cook. Jerome and Louie can certainly focus more on taking down Franklin as they are a duo who have a more established drug supply. With that being said, it’s imperative that Franklin stays on his toes about the shooting when Kane could have ended a lot worse than it did.

Wanda cannot grow where she was not rooted

When Leon spoke openly about wanting to return home to fix some of the damage he was responsible for, it was clear that Wanda wasn’t so open to the idea of ​​returning to Los Angeles. Wanda was a victim of all that was happening in Los Angeles when she developed a deep crack addiction. Though she’s managed to break free from the drug, addiction is a lifelong struggle, and being away from LA helped her get over it. Upon returning to town, Wanda’s fear of falling off the wagon couldn’t be more apparent. Life is a lot better than it used to be for her: she’s married now, she’s in a much better position to hold and keep a job, and she has a better view of the world. The truth is, Wanda will probably do better somewhere that isn’t her old home. Wanda cannot grow where she is not rooted. LA and those very projects that she and Leon stay in are associated with some of the lowest years of their lives. Her battle with addiction becomes incredibly tough when the very drug she struggles to overcome every day is being sold in her backyard and on the pathways leading to and from her current home. Leon may want to save the community, but Wanda may have to leave to save herself.

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