Snapped: The Missouri love triangle ends with a murder in 2010

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – The TV show ‘Snapped’ follows the murder of Randy Stone. That The Teresa Stone Case is Season 10 Episode Onewhich was released on January 27, 2013.

“A secret affair between a woman and the pastor of her church becomes public when they are suspected of murder,” reads the episode description.

Teresa and Randy

Teresa and Randy grew up together in Kansas City, Missouri. Both families were devout Christians. After Randy finished high school, he joined the Marine Corps.

Map Photography: Kansas City on a street map

Randy Stone returned home in 1990 and began dating Teresa. Randy asked Teresa out in March, and then they were married on October 13, 1990.

They attended a church called New Hope Baptist. A year after their marriage, Teresa gave birth to a son. Two years later they had a daughter.

Randy worked at his small insurance company that he owned. He worked while Teresa stayed at home with the children.

Randy’s insurance business thrived and he became popular in his small town.

Both were involved in the church. Teresa sang in the choir and did volunteer work at the church.

Randy took care of the finances. He was the Minister of Records. He monitored how the money came in and where it went.

David Love, new pastor


David Love was 38 years old when he became the new pastor of New Hope Church. Love was younger and had new ideas about how to lead the church. His door was always open for consultations.

The Snapped documentary featured a reporter named Bonyen Lee. She said Teresa would attend counseling sessions with Love two or three times a week.

In 2004, after 14 years of marriage, Teresa announced that her family was growing again. she was pregnant

By this time Randy had had a vasectomy. This is a procedure that would prevent him from having children.

Randy remained faithful to his wife and assumed it was his child. He did not attend the follow-up appointments after his operation.

Teresa had a miscarriage. The Snapped episode said that Teresa was saddened by the loss of her baby.

She turned to her Pastor Love. After the miscarriage, her counseling sessions became routine.

According to the documentary, Randy seemed so in love with Teresa. But Teresa seemed to pull away from Randy.

Randy seemed desperate. He then turned to his pastor who had helped Teresa in the past, Pastor Love. Randy and Love met every morning and talked about various topics.


In early 2010, Randy and Love’s relationship came to an abrupt end. Randy discovered a problem with Church finances. As a member of the Church Finance Committee, Randy reviewed the books of the Church.

He was good with finances as he ran his own business. Randy then discovered missing funds. He said the checks and balances procedure is not being followed. The money that was missing had Love’s signatures on the checks.

On March 17, 2010, Randy emailed Pastor Love. He said he disagreed with what the pastor was doing with the church’s finances.

Love admitted no wrongdoing. Randy did not take his allegations to church deacons or authorities.

Randy then resigned from his posts as Treasury Secretary and Sunday School teacher. He said he was taking his family out of the church.

Randy’s death

On March 31, 2010, Randy Stone was found dead in his insurance office. Teresa called 911 and said she found blood around her husband’s head.

Someone called David Love and he showed up at the scene.

Police investigators found no evidence of a struggle, and the cash on his desk was not stolen. Police ruled the case a homicide, not a robbery.

The shot was close range and there was a spent case from a .40 caliber case.

Police also found a torn note when going through Teresa’s trash in her office. It was a one-page letter, either a love letter or a birthday letter.

abc newssaid the letter contained phrases like, “Happy birthday, dear. I don’t have control over things yet, but when we’re fully together, your birthday will always be exciting.”

The letter was handwritten, police said. They compared it to Randy’s writing samples. They found no match.

Pastor Love was the one who delivered Randy’s eulogy, and detectives were in the audience.

Teresa under interrogation

On the day of the murder: Police officers put Teresa in a squad car, Pastor Love tried to get into the car.

Even after being ordered by the police not to intervene, he still tried to open the door.

Teresa provided the police with a watertight alibi. She provided records of where she went and who she saw.

Police suspect Randy was murdered with a gun he used to own.

Teresa was unable to provide a definitive answer as to who bought Randy’s missing gun.

An hour into the investigation, police brought up the note. When they went to get the note, they left the room with cameras rolling.

Teresa mumbled to herself, “Great, I forgot about that.”

She just tore it up and threw it away so Randy wouldn’t find it. She said it was a secret admiration note.

The police eventually let Teresa go due to lack of evidence. But it wouldn’t be long before she was taken back into custody.

After her husband’s murder, she asked about her husband’s life insurance. This information came from Randy’s colleague and friend in the insurance business.

Randy’s various policies totaled just over 800,000. Police also heard about the rumor at her church, where she and Pastor Love were having a not-so-secret affair.

Police felt they had a clear motive for the murder.

Teresa’s confession

During the second interrogation, the police asked questions about Pastor Love.

Teresa broke down and admitted that she had been having an affair with him for over 10 years. The baby she was pregnant with was Pastor Love’s.

Teresa said Pastor Love murdered her husband.

Police obtained a search warrant and found evidence on Love’s computer. They found pictures and emails Love sent to Teresa to start a life together.

In November 2011, Love finalized a deal for second-degree murder. He is currently serving a life sentence and is eligible for parole in 2036.

Teresa was charged with conspiracy to murder and struck a plea deal to reduce the charges. She was forced to acknowledge her role in the crime and serve an eight-year sentence. Snapped: The Missouri love triangle ends with a murder in 2010

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