Snapchat not working? Here are some ways you can try to fix Snapchat

Update: September 30, 2022 (2:37 PM ET): Snapchat users are reporting that the platform is currently having problems. It seems that many are unable to send messages and upload snaps to the platform. DownDetector also shows an increase in the number of complaints. Snap has not yet confirmed the issue. You can try some of the fixes below to see if they help.

Original article: Snapchat is a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. If it doesn’t work, you could be locked out of the loop. For the unfortunate instances of Snapchat not working, we’ve compiled a list of ways to fix it. Follow the troubleshooting guide below and you can fix any Snapchat issues you may be having.

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Editor’s note: Some of the instructions in this post were compiled using a Google Pixel 4a with 5G running Android 12 and the Snapchat Android app version With that in mind, some of the steps below may differ slightly depending on the device and Snapchat version you are using.

Check if Snapchat is shut down

If Snapchat isn’t working for you, the first thing to consider is that it might not work for anyone. There are two places you can check if Snapchat is not available. Down Detector is a website that tracks all types of services and whether they are down or not. Go to Down Detector Snapchat page and you will know if Snapchat is having problems or not. You can also check the live outage map to see if the issue is isolated to specific regions.

The second option is Snapchat’s official Twitter support account. It always has the latest news about Snapchat outages and how long it might take to get back up and running. So follow him if you want to stay up to date.

Close and reopen Snapchat

If Snapchat is active but still not working, close and reopen the app. If the problems persist, try signing out of your account and signing back in. This will sync your local snapshots back to the server and may resolve the issue. Also, sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the app also works. And if you want to take this method a little further, you can also try logging out of Snapchat and back in.

Check for updates

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Running an old version of an app is usually fine, but it can also cause problems in some cases, especially when making significant changes to apps. It may be worth checking for updates. Open the Google Play Store or App Store and check for available updates. When you log back into Snapchat, all the missed snaps will be waiting for you.

To check for app updates on Android:

  1. open that Google play store.
  2. Search for Snapchat.
  3. Tap the Snapchat apartment
  4. You should see one To update Option when an update is available. Tap on it.

While you’re at it, it can also help to keep your phone’s software up to date with the latest update available.

How to update your Android phone:

  1. open that settings apartment
  2. Go in system.
  3. Choose system update.
  4. blow Check for updates.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the update.

Reboot your phone

As with many technical issues, the simplest solution is to restart the device. If Snapchat isn’t working, the same logic applies. Reset your device and it can solve your Snapchat problems instantly. Just hold down power button and type Start anew. If that doesn’t help, move on to the next fix.

How to restart an Android phone:

  1. Hold down perfomance Button.
  2. Choose Start anew.

Check your internet connection

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The problem can be your internet connection if Snapchat or certain Snaps are not loading. A quick way to check if this is the case is to test another app that uses the web, or open your browser and try to open If nothing else works, your internet connection is probably the problem.

If you’re using data, try switching to Wi-Fi and vice versa. You can also try moving closer to your router. Resetting the router can also solve the problem even if your internet works on other devices. For those using a VPN, you may need to turn it off while using Snapchat. Snapchat often stops working when it detects third-party apps, including VPNs.

Also, if you are using Wi-Fi, there is a chance that the network administrator is blocking certain services like Snapchat. This is common in schools, libraries, and other places where they’d rather not let people use Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes. The only solution would be to ask the admin to let you use these apps or just use data.

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Another common problem is that we often accidentally turn off mobile data. Make sure you have access to mobile data in settings.

How to turn on mobile data on Android:

  1. open that settings apartment
  2. Go in Network & Internet.
  3. Choose SIMs.
  4. Switch mobile data on.

Check the app’s network permissions

If your internet connection is strong and working in other apps, Snapchat might not have the right permissions to work. This is often the case, for example, when you get a black screen instead of the camera view. Required permissions can include phone, location, storage, and others. There is an easy way to check Snapchat’s permissions within the app.

How to edit permissions in Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap yours avatar icon to open your profile.
  3. Beat those settings Gear icon in the top right corner.
  4. Beat Permissions. It’s under the privacy Section.
  5. Missing permissions will say Tap to activate. This will open the system settings to adjust all permissions for the app.
  6. Go in Permissions and give Snapchat permission to use whatever it takes.

Clear Snapchat app cache

Most apps download media and other types of data onto your phone, and when these files become corrupted, it can cause Snapchat to stop working. You won’t lose any data or snapshots by deleting these files, so don’t worry.

How to clear Snapchat cache:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap yours avatar icon to open your profile.
  3. Beat those settings Gear icon in the top right corner.
  4. Choose clear cache. It’s under Account Actions.
  5. blow Continue.

What to do if Snaps aren’t sending?

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If you can’t send snaps to your friends even though your network is fine, you’re left with a few options. First, try restarting your phone as above. If that doesn’t work, try ending the conversation. This will remove all sent and received snaps, so all unopened snaps will be lost.

To delete a conversation on Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap yours avatar icon to open your profile.
  3. Beat those settings Gear icon in the top right corner.
  4. Scroll down and tap Clear entertainment. It’s under Account Actions.
  5. Select the conversation to delete and confirm by pressing Clear.

If you deleted the conversation and the snapshots still don’t work, your best bet is to remove your friends and then add them again. This will also delete all snaps sent and received with that friend, but it may fix the issue.

How to remove a friend on Snapchat:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap yours avatar icon to open your profile.
  3. Beat My friends.
  4. Choose manage friendship.
  5. Tap on remove friend.
  6. blow Remove.

That’s it for our guide on what to do when Snapchat isn’t working. If none of these solutions fix the problem, all hope is not lost. You can contact Snapchat directly by clicking the link below. Snapchat not working? Here are some ways you can try to fix Snapchat

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