Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Finale Recap “Old Scores”

Do not missCelebrity MyxersSummary ofSlow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 “Old scores.” Lamb and Katinsky compete. Ho finds himself on a train with a Russian assassin. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Friday, December 30, 2022 at 3am ET, 2am CT and 12pm PT on Apple TV.

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Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Finale Recap “Old Scores”

previously onSlow horses season 2 episode 5, Lamb orders his Slow Horses to go into traps. River thinks something worrying is headed for London.

Warning… spoilers below!

OnSlow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 Finalewe see Katinsky is on the phone with Lamb. The former is in Lamb’s office and wants to talk. Katinsky plans to kill Lamb after he murders one of his agents, Charles Partner.

Charles was a double agent working for MI5 selling British secrets to the Russians. Standish was the one who discovered him dead in the bathroom after Lamb shot him. Katinsky and Lamb arrange to meet while the credits roll.

Marcus and Louisa break out

Standish makes his way to the glass house to get Louisa and Marcus out. Webb has passed out from the bleeding while Marcus tries to break open the locked door.

As for Kyril, Louisa starts torturing him. She wants information. He tells her they tried to shut down the glass house so they could plant a virus on Nevsky’s computer and drain his accounts.

They cut off Nevsky’s thumb so they had his fingerprints for access and got his passwords. And in return they gave him a gun to kill himself with.

As for Standish, she’s slowly moving towards Louisa and Marcus down the stairs since the elevators are out of order. Marcus and Louisa eventually break out when they go to the 42nd floor to stop Pashkin and Piotr stealing Nevsky’s money.

Alex’s plane stops

Meanwhile, Alex is on the plane and on his way there. She continues to ignore an air traffic control warning as she approaches the glass house. She was surrounded by two military helicopters.

Shirley calls Roddy to tell him she lost Leo. However, Roddy followed him on the train, leaving Shirley shocked. The train is en route to Orpington, Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells.

Shirley tells him that she will meet him there when she steals a motorbike.Meanwhile, River is at the Air Club. He tells Kelly and Duncan that if they need assistance dealing with the news about Alex, help is offered.

Suddenly, River realizes that the bomb he thought was on the plane wasn’t taken. So he called a fake code September. Kelly tells River to come forward.

Otherwise Alex could be shot. River agrees, even though he knows it makes him look incompetent. River reaches Diana. He informs her that the bomb never landed on the plane, and stuff The helicopters have to shut down.

River suspects the cicadas were trying to trigger a Code September and Russian agents wanted the city shut down for some reason.

Diana makes it clear that if Alex continues to make no contact and pushes forward, she has no choice but to take out the plane. Then she hangs up.

Diana calls Paul Judd to confirm if she can crash the plane. He tells her it’s her decision, and he fully supports her, either way.

River calls Roddy and wants him to track the plane to see if it gets shot down. However, Roddy is unable to do so as he follows Leo, leaving River shocked.

At the last minute, Alex agrees to step down while she is escorted to an air force base, much to the relief of River, Duncan, and Kelly. River learns that Leo is on his way to Tunbridge Wells. He wants Kelly to fly him there, and she reluctantly agrees.

Leo almost kills Shirley and Roddy

Roddy pursues Leo in Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6

Roddy pursues Leo in Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6

Meanwhile, on the train, Roddy loses sight of Leo. He goes in search of him, but he blows his cover. Leo discovers Roddy following him. They take part in a chase. Roddy hits Leo with his laptop and manages to go to the bathroom to hide.

However, Leo opens the door wide enough to get his gun inside. With Roddy fearing the worst, Shirley arrives ahead of the train after getting on the motorbike.

She punches Leo just before he is about to shoot Roddy. Shirley and Leo get into a fight. Shirley knocks him to the ground and tells Roddy to open the door.

But in the process, Leo throws Shirley and Roddy in the toilet and locks them up. He shoots numerous bullets and walks away. Luckily the bullets missed.

Pashkin is killed

Marcus and Louisa arrive at the 42nd floor. Once inside, they see the money being transferred. However, Piotr is dead, suggesting that Pashkin got greedy and killed him. The vault full of diamonds was also stolen.

Marcus goes in search of Pashkin while Louisa seeks more information from Kyril. She tells Kyril that Pitor is dead and Pashin betrayed him.

Kyril tells Louisa that Pashkin will have called an ambulance. She leaves while Marcus finds Standish on his way down. Therefore, Pashkin did not escape that way and is inside the building.

Concerned, Standish and Marcus run back upstairs as Louisa was left alone. Louisa makes her way to the rooftop airfield.

She sees the helicopter shortly before arrival. However, she confronts Pashkin, which prevents the landing. He tells her to get out of the way or he will kill her.

She wants to know why he killed Min. He tells her he saw him when he shouldn’t have. It was the wrong place, the wrong time. However, the helicopter flies off as Pashkin prepares to shoot Louisa.

Then Marcus shoots him out of nowhere. Pashkin’s diamonds fall to the ground as Standish arrives.

Lamm and Katinsky meet

Lamb and Katinsky arrive to meet armed. They put down their weapons and talk. The FSB wanted the glass house closed, so Katinsky sent Alex there. In exchange, Katinsky was given the name of the person (Lamb) who killed Charles Partner.

Partner was Katinsky’s boy, which is why he wants revenge on Lamb. However, Lamb also wants revenge on him for killing Bough. Lamb tells Katinsky he wanted to kill Partner as soon as he knew he was a traitor.

However, he was ordered not to do so, instead giving him false information. Therefore, the Russians considered Partner defected and Katinsky had to flee. In return, Katinsky gave Lamb a false narrative that he intended to blow up the glass house.

Katinsky wants to know the name of the person who told Lamb how and when Charles died. The name turned out to be River’s grandfather, David Cartwright.

Leo and Katinsky die

Leo arrives in Tunbridge Wells, as does River on the plane. Leo is on his way to kill River’s grandfather. It’s a race against time to see if River can make it first. Leo knocks on David’s door with a loaded gun.

As David opens the door, we hear a shot. River arrives after seeing blood everywhere. Leo was shot by David, who lives. Katinsky rings Leo’s phone.

River responds, leaving Katinsky disappointed. Lamb knew Katinsky was going after David, so he called the armed police, who arrived at David’s house.

Lamb has Katinsky at gunpoint. Lamb does not kill him. Instead, he takes Katinsky’s gun and fires all but one of the bullets before returning it. He then gives it to him and Katinsky kills herself as Lamb leaves.

Diana and Judd have a meeting. He wants to blame River for calling a wrong code September. However, Diana suggests that it is due to a radar error.

Otherwise, Judd would have to explain how the FSB was able to kill Nevsky and get into the glass house. As for Alex, she will avoid a lawsuit as things will be swept under the rug.

She suggests that Judd determine that the defense systems need improvement. However, the Prime Minister declined when he was Chancellor. This allows the prime minister to be blamed, aiding Judd’s aspirations to become prime minister.

Diana on Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6

Diana on Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6

Lamb arrives at Diana’s office. James is still alive while Min Harper’s funeral takes place. Louisa comes to his funeral. She bursts into tears and leaves a few minutes later.

The rest of the Slough House team, including Louisa, arrive at St Leonard’s Church. They walk in as Lamb puts up a plaque in memory of Min. After a little farewell to Min, they leave at the end of the episode.

Will there be a third season of Slow Horses?

The third and fourth seasons have already been confirmed. This final second season was entitled “Dead Lions”. The third season is “Real Tigers” and the fourth “Spook Street”.

What do you think of the Slow Horses Season 2 Episode 6 finale? Let’s talk slow horses in the comments below! Did you miss one of the episodes? Find out with our reviews!

Occupation for slow horses

  • Gary Oldmanas Jackson Lamb
  • Kristin Scott Thomasas Diana Taverner
  • Jack Lowdenas River Cartwright
  • Phil Davisas Dickie Bough
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwardsas Shirley Dander
  • Kadiff Kirwanas Marcus Longridge
  • Olivia Cookas Sidney “Sid” Baker
  • Saskia Revesas Catherine Standish
  • Dustin Demri Burnsas Min Harper
  • Rosalind Eleazaras Louisa Guy
  • Christopher Chungas Roddy Ho
  • Paul Higginsas Struan Loy
  • Freddy Foxas James “Spider” Webb
  • Chris Reillyas Nick Duffy
  • Paul Hiltonas Robert Hobden
  • Antonio Akeelas Hasan Ahmed
  • JonathanPriceas David Cartwright

guest role

  • Emily Bruni as Rebecca Mitchell
  • Tamsin Topolski as Kelly Tropper
  • Branko Djuric as Victor Krymov

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