Sister trio Haim records new album

But the band isn’t sentimental about the upcoming 10-year anniversary. They don’t think they’ve changed much in that time, although their confidence has increased. “I think we’re more fearless than ever,” says Este after a pause. “We’re open to any opportunities that come our way — we’re not afraid to say yes.”

“I feel like we never cared,” Alana says of caring about what other people think of her. “But I think that was the greatest thing we had: we had each other. So if an obstacle appears in front of us, we’re lucky that all three of us are there. We always knew how we sounded and who we wanted to be as a band. We just want to play our music and have a good time.”

Alana, Este and Danielle Haim in Australia in 2014.

Alana, Este and Danielle Haim in Australia in 2014.Credit:Harrison Saragossi

And they always seem to have a good time. Talking to Haim means bursting out laughing — whether at the stories they tell or how they fall over each other as they speak, finishing each other’s sentences. Alana and Este are by far the most talkative – Danielle, the band’s lead singer, is much more reserved, mostly leaving the interview to her sisters.

It’s the kind of natural charisma most bands can only dream of, and it’s an integral part of what makes the band such a compelling live presence. Come for the brilliant musicianship and flawless pop hooks, stay for the sisters who spoil the mood for themselves and each other.

It’s also an exposure that goes far beyond their live shows or interviews. In 2021, Alana made her feature film debut in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Liquorice Pizza, an offbeat coming-of-age love story set in early ’70s Los Angeles. Lead actress Alana Kane’s expressive and warm performance brightened the entire film – and earned her deservedly rave reviews from critics.

“I’d love to do it again,” says Alana. In classic bustling Haim form, it rolled straight from the frantic promotional tour for the film into the band’s tour for Women in Music Part III, and there was hardly a moment to think. “I’m still on that ride and I would 100 percent do it again if someone had me.”

Cooper Hoffman, left, and Alana Haim in a scene from Licorice Pizza.

Cooper Hoffman, left, and Alana Haim in a scene from Licorice Pizza.Credit:AP

She’s not the only Haim sister to have found herself on a recent shoot. Late last year, observant fans spotted Este and her friend, pop singer Kesha, at a party with the cast of HBO The White Lotus On Sicily. It wasn’t just a chance meeting: she had been invited to the island by her friend, white lotus Executive Producer Dave Bernad, for a much-needed post-breakup distraction. It wasn’t long before she was DJing and singing karaoke with the cast every night and working on song arrangements with the musicians on set during the day.

“At the end the producers were like, ‘Well, we should probably give you a job title and pay you,'” she says, laughing. Her unofficial title on set was “Vibe Conductor”, her official title at the end was Music Consultant.

They may not take themselves seriously, but their music is another matter. Women in Music Part III was one of the best records of 2021 – unexpectedly personal and intimate, incisive and full of personality and curiosity. tracks like summer girl and los Angeles Capture the warmth and contradictions of her famous hometown; I know alone wrestles with the complicated dynamics of touring and solitude; Man from the magazine addresses the inappropriate questions the trio have endured in interviews over the years.


The Laneway shows will be the first time Australian audiences will be able to experience this album live – as the sisters explain it is meant to be experienced.

“We started in 2018 and finished in 2019 and we really simplified things because we really wanted it to be a raw album production-wise,” says Este. “When we couldn’t tour because of the pandemic, we felt like there was a piece missing.”

It’s been a tough 12 months for Australian festivals. Can these seasoned festival-goers give us tips on how best to get through? “Wellies!” they yell in unison before Alana adds, “Just wear clothes that are easy to pee in.”

After all these years, Haim just wants comfort.

“When I was younger, I used to go to festivals and wear all these crazy outfits that were so uncomfortable,” says Alana. “Now, at 31, you’ll find me in my pajamas at the festival.”

Laneway is touring Australia from February 4th to 12th – including Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

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