Should You Wear Eyeliner On Your Bottom Lid? A MUA Explains

I despatched my query over to a trusted supply, and seems: Couldn’t have been extra incorrect! Performed appropriately, liner in your backside lashes can create the phantasm of bigger eyes. Oh, do inform. 

“Somewhat liner beneath the eyes can immediately make them seem greater. My most popular method is to start out with a taupe pencil line, frivolously smudged beneath the eyes with a rounded eyeliner brush,” says celeb make-up artist Jenny Patinkin

Let’s break this tip down. First up, the colour is essential: “The rationale I recommend taupe is that it is a mixture of brown and gray, which mimics the look of a shadow. By making a delicate, horizontal shadow beneath the eyes, it creates the phantasm that the underside lash line is decrease, which in flip makes the eyes look greater and taller,” she says. 

Now onto utilizing a brush, versus simply etching in with a pencil or liquid liner. Skinny liner brushes which have a pointed, tapered form, like Patinkin’s Luxury Vegan Pin Point Liner Brush or Lily Lilo Socket Line Brush, will assist get the fitting texture and aesthetic. The imaginary shadow you might be crafting ought to really feel virtually soft-focus and blurred, somewhat than outlined. (Image a shadow on a foggy day, somewhat than one at excessive midday and a cloudless solar, as your inspiration.) Mainly: You’re utilizing the product in a approach that shouldn’t, in the long run, seem like liner in any respect. 

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