Shockwave Torch Review – Pros and Cons

Shockwave Torch Review

When it involves this generation, almost nowhere is safe. this suggests that you simply are often too safe. So it’s always better to hold a self- defense joyride . Also this tool should be within the principles and regulations and will be powerful enough to save lots of you.

What is Shockwave Torch?

Shockwave Torch Review

Shockwave Torch is a standard high-quality, durable and lightweight torch. one among the items that creates this sort of torch popular is how powerful and special the torch is. The Shockwave Torch is a product that’s also recommended by the navy seals thanks to its performance. I assume you’re thinking tons about how the merchandise is.

It is created for the entire purpose of manufacturing enough light at any conditions to daunt any intruders or attackers at your homestead. what’s even better for this product is that it’s made for multipurpose use. it’s not some scam products that you simply will buy and begin regretting what you made that call .

In this review we’ll be watching very many things including its features, what are the benefits of shopping for the Shockwave Torch among other things. So, if you’re uninterested in other reviews that don’t offer you anything meaningful stick around as we attempt to explore this product the maximum amount as possible.

Features of The Shockwave Torch?

The Shockwave Torch is a very unique torch that has been used and recommended by many of us due to its unique features. There are different people that have used the torch and on different occasions hence it’s received very high ratings.

The torch has been tested on camping and hiking expeditions whereby the conditions are really tough. i’m pertaining to forest and wilderness night camping. consistent with the info collected, it had been found to be the simplest torch to use in such conditions thanks to its brightness and its strong body which allowed it to survive with none breakages.

At an equivalent time the torch is formed of a really ergonomic design that’s not only beautiful to seem at but also easy to handle. the entire design of the body is straightforward but strong and sturdy . it’s well-contoured to enable you to carry it even for an extended time with none discomforts in your hands.

Another thing is that the Shockwave Torch was tested on homes where it’s raining and really dark and brought excellent results. It performed alright leaving it to be the simplest and most preferred torch to be used on both home and camping occasions.

The Video: condensed and time saving

The video is followed by transcription . of these text aim at conveying the benefits of getting a shockwave torch in your possession. In short, the entire is devoted to praise the torch and also persuade the purchasers into buying the merchandise . If you’re a customer who doesn’t have much time to spare, then the video itself would be quite enough to know all about the torch. So you would like not read all the remaining torch details. you’ll skip to the part where the worth of the torch is discussed.

As a Tool For Self Defense

The seller makes sure that the location starts by making customers concerned for themselves. this is often achieved by saying that the probabilities for an attack aren’t slim. So so as to make sure that you simply are safe, you’d need to carry a self defense weapon in the least times.

The first choice would definitely be a gun. But the vendor solves this problem by saying that the amount of places where guns aren’t allowed are increasing day by day. Also the probabilities for relaxations on the laws that regulate the utilization of guns are very on the brink of none. Hence you’d in the least |in no way”> never be ready to carry a gun at all times. Also in the least other times, a gun is useless. therefore the sellers urges the customer to pick a tool instead of a weapon. This tool must serve the aim of a weapon when the time comes.

A knife would even be within the minds of consumers . But knifes are dangerous to handle and should find yourself causes harm to the one that is carrying it rather the attacker. Here again the customer would be more happy with a tool.

This is where the shockwave torch comes in. this product are often considered as a tool and also at the time of danger, the customer would be ready to use the tool as a weapon for self defense.

In fact, the vendor goes to the acute of claiming that each one the various reputed military people use the merchandise or recommend the merchandise . Navy seals, marines etc. all use tactical torches for defense and therefore the seller portrays the shockwave torch as a tactical torch or tool.

What To Expect From The Torch?

The product is essentially a torch and hence it must serve the aim of 1. And it’s safe to mention that the shockwave torch is extremely good in doing so.


The brightness of the sunshine beam that the torch produces is immense. This beam is so bright that you simply can use the torch to ascertain long distance albeit the environment are coal black .

Since the brightness is just too high, the vendor recommends that the purchasers don’t shine the torch to any person’s eyes directly. Are often “> this is often because a short lived blindness would be caused and in some cases severe problems can be caused if the person has some kind of eye problems. In fact, this feature are often wont to temporarily blind the attacker when he or she involves harm you, just by shining the torch on to his or her eyes.


Another feature is that the torch has super sharp bezel teeth on the front side. that’s the duvet of the bulb end has sharp bezels. In extreme cases, this end of the torch are often wont to bring pain to someone. This someone are often the attacker within the case of a mugging. the vendor also says that this is often just another feature of the torch and will never be utilized in the incorrect manner. The words self defense is employed tons of times within the whole site. this is often to form sure that the torch isn’t used as a weapon in the other manner.

The Stun Baton is Pretty Good

Just like the name suggests, the Shockwave Torch is capable of delivering a really powerful current to an individual. The vendor claims that the torch would be ready to deliver about 2 amperes of current at a whooping potential of 4.5 million volts. Now this is able to be a significant jolt. This is often quite enough to paralyze a totally grown adult and hence the customer would ready to use the torch to flee from the clutches of an attacker.

Benefits of Shockwave Torch

Shockwave Torch Review 1

Shockwave Torch Review 1

  • The first one is that it’s pretty bright. Also the bulb would definitely last for a life time because it’s a life for about 10000 hours. The claim is that the shockwave torch would produce a brightness that’s a minimum of 10 times that of other torches within the same category.
  • Another advantage is that the build quality. In fact, the torch is made sort of a tank. this suggests that albeit you employ it during a very rough and hard manner, the torch wouldn’t be damaged in any way. The body is build using combat grade aluminum and hence the body would last long.
  • The ease of usage is another advantage. The body is formed of aluminum and since aluminum is a light weight material, the load of the torch is extremely low. In fact, a person above the age of 18 would be ready to easily use the torch with none complication. the dimensions of the torch is 6.5 x 1.5 inches. and therefore the weight is about ounces and every one these dimensions make sure that the torch would fit perfectly during a purse or a bag.
  • Also there’s a security turn on the torch and this is often to make sure that you simply don’t accidently use the shock delivering capability of the merchandise .

Shockwave Torch Cost

It is true that tactical weapons cost quite fortune. this is often an equivalent point that the vendor tries to form . He says that each one tactical torches within the market would cost a minimum of 200 dollars. But within the case of shockwave torch, the value is simply $29.97. this is often not in the least a really great deal when it involves a torch that has numerous capabilities.

If you check out it as just another ordinary torch, then the worth is above the traditional . But to be fair, you ought to weigh all the additional features of shockwave torch. The customer can easily click on the buy option and obtain redirected to the payment portal. The payment process is additionally quite simple and hence you’ll line up of the torch without much fuss.

The Money Back

Shockwave Torch Money Back

The seller also provides another added choice to the purchasers who buy the merchandise . this is often nothing but a 60 day a refund policy. the vendor ensures that if the customer isn’t satisfied with the merchandise and he or she decides to send the merchandise back within 60 days, the entire amount of the merchandise would be refunded without asking any questions. But this will only be confirmed by someone who has actually bought the merchandise and sent it back.

Shockwave Torch PROS:

√    Security is a vital concern to each person and hence a weapon for self defense is a vital thing. and therefore the product is one in every sense.

√    Another key pro is that the value isn’t very high in comparison with other tactical torches.

√    The repurchase policy is additionally quite attractive.

Shockwave Torch CONS:

Χ   The con is that the transcription seems to be a touch exaggerated.


Shockwave Torch is a product that needless to say won’t disappoint you. By buying this torch you’ll be getting yourself a torch which will serve you for an extended time and you’ll not regret for purchasing it in the least . i’m scripting this review after testing the merchandise myself and finding how good this product is.

All i’m saying is that it’s the simplest product that you simply can ever find within the market. you’ll be getting a really durable product at a really affordable price and it’ll serve you for an extended time. Getting a torch that’s above the tactical torch standard is quite being lucky. What this easy means is that you simply shouldn’t let this chance go.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Shockwave Torch review today. Hope it will help you make your decision. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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