‘She-Hulk’ handles a wedding and a divorce

Warning: This summary contains spoilers for She Hulk Episode 6, “Only Jen.

Two thirds of the way through She Hulk‘s first season progresses steadily through the sitcom gambit. We’ve seen how it takes on the workplace, the superhero storefronts, the craziness of the courtroom when you bring in people with powers, and how a superhero in a modern world can handle dating when you’re both a woman and someone whose love interest was not imposed on them in a Marvel film. but She Hulk has managed to cross another sitcom staple off its roster as it begins to turn its attention to a larger threat.

Is there really a good time for a wedding (and therefore a wedding sequence)? If it’s a show that can dictate the number of episodes in a season, content and length of an episode, sure. But Jen Walters (Tatiana Maslany) says no, so we probably have to think that too. And in the world of She Hulkit’s also a really uncomfortable wedding — it’s on one Thursday.

Jen lost touch with her old high school friend Lulu (Patti Harrison) ages ago, but for some reason – Jen suspects an obligation – Lulu asked Jen to be a bridesmaid and didn’t give her a space to say no. The package telling Jen she’s a bridesmaid looks like Party City threw up in Jen’s apartment, and the wedding itself isn’t much better. Lulu’s Bridezilla tendencies are immediately chilling: her pointed comments about Jen being only a few years old seem like they hurt people you’ve known for ages; As soon as the staff stops, she orders Jen to clean up her messes and iron shirts. and the best man she’s paired with is a literal dog. (In some cases, a groomer might even be preferable to a human, but it’s meant to be downright offensive to Jen.)

And unlike Jen’s bosses, her dates, and the rest of the world, Lulu doesn’t really want She-Hulk at her wedding because She-Hulk will outdo the bride. Which then becomes a problem when Titania (Jameela Jamil) arrives as the plus one of the human groomsmen, still angry about her defeat in court. With only a bar of money and all the horrible wedding clichés you can imagine, Jen gets drunk fast and is no match for Titania. But fighting Jen, who can’t match Titania’s strength until she can finally transform into She-Hulk, is boring, so she waits for Jen to focus long enough to get it.

While Jen gets plastered, Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) and Mallory (Renée Elise Goldsberry) stay behind with the case of the week. It’s a divorce case, but things get complicated in Mr. Immortal (David Pasquesi), a superpowered being who can’t die. Whenever he wants to end the marriage with a spouse, he kills himself. Mr. Immortal can’t die, so if he falls he can put himself back together, but legally he’s dead enough to dissolve the marriage.

“Let me get this straight. Are you saying that instead of talking to your wife, you kill yourself to get out of the relationship?” Mallory deadpans.

Unfortunately for Mr. Immortal, one of his ex-spouses found a video of his “death” on Intelligencia — a Reddit-like site Mallory calls “the one for hateful manbabies” — and found all of his other spouses wanting revenge, at least a monetary one . And they get it, but not without some skillful negotiation on Nikki’s part; Sometimes victory comes with just not getting arrested.

But introducing Intelligencia to the show gives Nikki and Mallory an idea to see what people on the site have been saying about She-Hulk. If you’ve seen the online backlash She Hulkit’s somewhat similar, except maybe with more death threats. Mallory doesn’t think it’s a good idea to tell Jen about it, but Nikki immediately goes back on her promise and voicemails Jen, who apparently hooks up with Josh, a guy who likes both Jen and She-Hulk.

But is he real or is he part of something bigger? As they talk, a lab spies on them while scientists prepare and pack a needle and vial, as the curved one used on She-Hulk a few weeks ago can be seen in the background. This time the new needle looks like it’s going to pierce a Hulk.

*Initial publication: September 22, 2022 at 5:45 p.m. CDT

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