Server scolds over 15 people for coming 20 minutes before closing

Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) is known for his viral tirades while working in the hospitality industry. Most of his rants are aimed at rude customers who make unreasonable or reckless demands, like a woman who asked the cafe where he worked for an iced coffee, even though they don’t serve such a drink in their establishment.

Redmond shared another story about a group of 15 who asked to be seated at the restaurant just before closing, which his manager agreed to.

Many restaurateurs and food industry workers have stated that it’s probably best if diners try to arrive at least 30 minutes before closing time. This gives them ample time to place orders, serve food and clean up and do all the preparations for the next day without having to stay too long beyond their originally scheduled shift time.

Redmond says this group, half of which were children, was a nightmare, forcing him and all of the restaurant staff to stay well past the closure.

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By the time the group is ready for their order, “it’s literally 4:30 and we closed at 4,” he says in the clip.

He adds that after he places drink orders for the table and brings them their drinks, three of the kids immediately knock over their cups. In response, one of the women at the table said that’s why they always get the children’s cups for children. However, Redmond says no one at the table requested them, noting that the children all looked old enough to be able to drink from a glass through a straw without knocking them over.

To add insult to injury, he says the table had no understanding of ordering decency and several people at the table rattled off questions at the same time, throwing him out of “full focus mode.”

That meant important questions about their meals went unanswered, such as what breakfast platter the party ordered, i.e. how they cooked their eggs and what type of meat they wanted on the platter.

Redmond had to go back to the table and get those details, he says, prompting more questions from the table and requests to see the menu again. Meanwhile, the clock ticked well past the restaurant’s closing time.

“It happens three times in a row to three of the different people sitting there,” enthuses Redmond. “I have to get the menus because they can’t make a decision right away.”

Adding to the rush of the situation, the TikToker says two of the diners who ordered breakfast items changed their minds to get chicken sandwiches instead, which confused him. He jokes that he doesn’t understand how someone could be craving breakfast and then suddenly decide they wanted a chicken sandwich instead.

Redmond adds that when he was finally able to get their food and bring it to the table, he received no help or communication from the table. After he asked who had the chicken sandwich, no one answered him, despite repeating himself several times. Finally, a woman sitting at the table said, “Look at the help.”

Redmond is shocked that someone would refer to him as “the help” but was even more shocked that the woman who ordered the chicken sandwich would shriek about being “poisoned” after finding a hair in her food.

After taking the sandwich back to the kitchen, the chefs explained that it wasn’t a hair but a chunk of flesh from the avocado used in their meal, Redmond says. The customer reportedly didn’t accept the response, countering, “I’ve made a million things of guacamole in my life and I’ve never seen that before.”

When he told her he didn’t think the kitchen was lying, the woman said she thought the restaurant staff were trying to “save her butt,” to which the waiter didn’t know what to say except with more apologies. The manager was brought into the situation and then the sandwich was eventually taken off the bill, says the waiter.

Redmond concludes his clip by saying that upon leaving the restaurant, the party left a review that he says was the “worst” he’s ever “witnessed” in his “entire life.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Redmond via TikTok comment for more information.

TikTokers who saw the post and said they work in hospitality noted that they know this type of customer all too well. Others said the problem started when the manager agreed to let them into the restaurant even though it was almost closing time.

“Yes, this manager would be your server,” said one commenter.

Another wrote: “I would have told the manager to take the table because they wanted it so bad and I would be out the door.”

There were others who said they left the table as soon as someone referred to them as “the help.”

“My anger issues could never literally quit my job as a waitress because a woman yelled at me about her desert when I wasn’t her waiter,” said @viklouisek.


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*Initial publication: January 22, 2023 2:47 pm CST

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Jack Alban Server scolds over 15 people for coming 20 minutes before closing

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