Server says tipping under 20% is bad etiquette and sparked debate

A server is blowing up “bad tips” for tipping less than 20 percent in a now-viral TikTok, sparking debate in the comments.

In the video posted by TikToker Ben Raanan (@blazikenben) on June 26, he calls out customers who leave five to ten dollars for their server and says it’s “not the 1950s” nor “the 2000s.”

“Inflation means ten dollars isn’t worth that much anymore. You can’t just leave a little sweet five, a little sweet ten for your server and think that’s fun and cute. It’s not funny and cute,” Raanan says in the clip.

He continues, “If your bill is like $50, you can leave 10, that’s 20 percent. If your bill was $200 and you leave me $10, that’s five percent. That’s fucked up. That’s a fucking insult.”

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Raanan then encourages other waiters to “say something” when customers return after tipping less than 10 percent.

“I’ll say, ‘Was there a problem with your service last time? Because you tip ten percent, five percent, and that’s not a good tip at all,'” says Raanan, “I’m going to embarrass you. Server, we honestly need to start with this. Because that sucks, people shouldn’t do that.”

The video has amassed over 137,000 views, with some commenters angry at Raanan’s call, saying he’s not entitled to a specific percentage tip.

“I tip when the food is good and the service is great. You are not entitled to a 20% tip, if you don’t like it find another job,” said one commenter.

“Who even invented the 20% rule lol we always tip 20 but this video rubbed me in the wrong direction. It’s what I want, don’t have to give,” wrote another.

“Tipping is out of control, people are so greedy and ungrateful, yes I’ve been a server before and I’ve never been ungrateful,” said a third user.

However, other viewers agree with Raanan, saying that “broke” customers shouldn’t eat out at all.

“If you can’t afford to tip 18-20%, you can’t afford to eat out,” added one user.

“If you can afford to put up a $200 bill, you can afford to tip handsomely,” said another.

“Eating out is a luxury and service, just like nails done, hair done, etc. If you can’t afford to tip for a SERVICE, go for takeout and stay home,” shared a third.

In response to a comment supporting his call, Raanan writes, “Like literally why does your brokenness have to come from my tip??”

The Daily Dot reached out to Raanan via TikTok comment.

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*Initial publication: July 6, 2022 at 4:40 p.m. CDT

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