Server fired for suggesting restaurant rent dishwasher

We’ve all seen it where a boss has accused us of not being a “team player” for setting boundaries with our work duties, but former server Caelyn ( went viral in response to TikTok after her boss being called out for not setting a dishwasher decided to fire her on New Year’s Day.

“So I worked at a sports bar and a grill pizza, and they only have dishwashers for the evening shifts. I’ve never had problems with managers,” she explained in the video, which has been viewed 2.1 million times as of Saturday. “Never had beef with anyone, always showed up on time, all round pretty good until New Year’s Day.”

She said things started to go wrong when she discovered the dishwasher from the night before hadn’t polished all the silverware it should have cleaned. When Caelyn informed the manager about this, he told her he would show her how to do it. Happy New Year to me!! #waitress #waitressproblems #server #fired #newyear #newyearsday #2023 #managersbelike #waitresslife #story #storytime #waitressing #serverproblems ♬ Original sound – Caelyn

“I said I can’t now, I have to take care of my tables,” she recalls. “He was quite upset about that.

She continued: “We were at the food window and I told him maybe we could rent a dishwasher in the morning and he didn’t like that and he yelled at me like that I could hire a dishwasher in the morning which is not my job. I’m a server, it’s not my job to hire people.”

Caelyn said the manager then prematurely stopped her from taking any more tables, even though “we only had four waiters total, including me, and the whole restaurant was full.”

The TikToker admitted she was upset but said nothing. She shared how she kept her composure and locked her tables before going to the manager’s office to check out.

“He told me he called me early about my attitude,” Caelyn said. “I said, ‘I’m sorry if it came off as an attitude. I did not want.’ And then he said if I don’t become a team player, he doesn’t want me here anymore. And I told them I’m not getting paid $16 an hour to do the dishwasher work and I’m not trained to do it. And if those things change, I would love to do the dishes.”

In a follow-up TikTok, Caelyn added that the manager’s response was to point to the door and tell her to go out, and when she tried to speak to the other manager, he wouldn’t let her and yelled at her supposedly on. She said after getting the second manager’s phone number, they ended up having a phone conversation where the second manager “already decided” whose side he was on. part 2! #waitress #waitressproblems #server #fired #newyear #newyearsday #2023 #managersbelike #waitresslife #story #storytime #waitressing #serverproblems ♬ Original sound – Caelyn

She was then told on the phone that nothing could be done.

“They said, quote, unquoted, they ‘hate’ firing people, even though since I’ve worked there for two months, they’ve hired at least eight new waitresses and fired several more,” she recalls.

The user then advised viewers near her to avoid a server job at the restaurant, which she said is The OP (Other Place) in the Ankeny, Iowa area, because “they don’t want the application of the three strike rule.” neglect,” adding that “several of the comments I received from this manager were very unprofessional.”

She added that the manager also “doesn’t have the ability to control his emotions and be a team leader in the workplace” and that “it was very irresponsible of him to cut me early during a big rush and give them three servers left.”

In the comments, users expressed their shock at the manager’s behavior. One suggested Caelyn research the labor laws in her area, while several others noted that if the manager was such a “team player,” he would have washed the silverware himself.

Other users sided with the manager, saying that learning other jobs that weren’t necessarily in their job description was part of the craft.

In response to a commenter who said the TikToker needed to “show management [she] Care[s]Caelyn replied, “If I don’t do my server job well, I don’t get a tip.” She added that she would have gladly helped if she “hadn’t been busy with work.” [she] was hired to do this.”

In an email statement to the Daily Dot, Caelyn said: “Thank you everyone for the positive comments. I know there are many people out there who have experienced bad managers. Life’s too short not to say what’s on your mind or let others run you down.”


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*Initial publication: January 7, 2023 8:08 am CST

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Charlotte Columbus Server fired for suggesting restaurant rent dishwasher

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