Season 6, Episode 3, Temperance

Richard Rankin plays Roger in Episode 3 of Starz' Outlander Season 6
Richard Rankin plays Roger in Episode 3 of Outlander Season 6. Photo credit: Starz

Episode 3 of Outlander begins with a very dramatic rescue as things heat up on Fraser’s Ridge.

Plus, Marsali (Lauren Lyle) and Fergus (Cesar Domboy) continue to experience drama, and the Christies continue to adjust to their new lives.

So let’s take a closer look at what transpired on Sunday night.

Roger saves the day

Episode 3 begins quite dramatically. Wee Henri-Christian who was only born in last week’s episode of OutlanderShe is seen swimming down the river while a bevy of little sluts trail behind to see if the devil’s spawn sink or swim.

That’s right, welcome to the 1770’s where dwarves are thought to be Satan’s work and all sorts of weird beliefs abound.

Luckily, Roger (Richard Rankin) is there to save the day and rescue Henri-Christian before his woven basket reaches the waterfall. He also baptizes the boy and addresses the boys sternly – especially to Henri-Christian’s older brother Germain (Robin Scott).

Although Germain says he only joined the children’s conspiracy to show them that his brother wasn’t evil.

In the end, Jamie (Sam Heughan) punishes all the kids by giving them a choice – touch the red-hot poker or touch Henri-Christian.

The kids are scared at first because of the superstition that dwarf babies burn when touched, but eventually one kid touches him and the others quickly follow when he doesn’t get burns.

The sheer obnoxious behavior doesn’t stop when it comes to Henri-Christian, however, and one of Tom Christie’s (Mark Lewis Jones) followers accuses the baby of being grotesque, then wonders why she and her husband are being beaten by Fergus.

Fergus and Marsali continue to suffer

It was a tough season for Fergus and Marsali. Mostly it’s because Fergus thinks he’s useless after failing to help Marsali when Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehey) was attacking.

There was a brief reprieve on last week’s episode of Outlander in which he was seen Helping Marsali get her sluggish contractions going.

However, seeing his son born as a midget quickly rocked things again.

Fergus continues to drink heavily and Marsali ends up showing him the door because no matter what she says – not even if she admits to killing Lionel – Fergus sees it as her attempt to save him, even though he believes he is the one should be who does that save. You have to love the sexism of the time.

However, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) manages to strike up a conversation with Fergus, and viewers discover that Fergus is afraid of what will happen to his son when he grows up.

He knows from personal experience (no pun intended) what it’s like to live with a disability. Not that being a midget was a handicap, but that was common belief at the time.

In addition, he knew dwarfs who worked in brothels and feared this lifestyle for Henri-Christian.

Claire addresses him well and explains to him that Henri-Christian will be fine and that midgets are not caused because women are beaten during pregnancy. Even that still doesn’t fix things.

Eventually, Fergus decides it’s all too much, and just the fact that Jamie sees him go away that Fergus lives to see another day.

Jamie tells him some hard truths, and eventually Fergus realizes he’s worth something and is patched up by Claire and sent back home to Marsali, where she welcomes him with open arms.

Tom Christie continues to be stubborn

Tom Christie arrived as a character in Season 6 of Outlander Memory of Jamie’s past and as someone who is deeply religious – probably to the point of guilt.

This week, he finally agrees to have his hand surgery, and Claire joins in — though he turns down ether.

Luckily, Jamie is there to hold Tom, who starts squealing like a stuck pig, which he literally is once Claire starts the surgery.

Afterward, Tom stays in the big house for Claire to tend to him, and she soon discovers that the downside of being a patient is that she no longer gets her nightly ether boost.

However, the two have a good chat and things seem to be sorting themselves out there until Claire lends him a book that’s way too racy for him.

Even if you were beginning to think that Tom’s story arc was gradually softening, think again. Now that his hand is working, he can finally hit his daughter Malva (Jessica Reynolds) again.

Her brother Allan (Alexander Vlahos) seems heartbroken as he listens to her punishment.

Is romance on the horizon for Malva and Young Ian?

Speaking of young Malva, who is determined to be everything her father wants her to be, she seems to have a crush on Young Ian (John Bell).

The favor also appears to be returned, and the pair begin to court. He takes her home and they talk while they work.

During this time, she admits that her mother was hanged as a witch. Well, that would explain why Tom keeps talking about her burning in hell.

In this episode, after a little snooping by Jamie, it is also hinted that Malva may not even be Tom’s daughter. The plot thickens with this family, and that’s not even the best part, according to the book stories for that family.

Major MacDonald comes through with the guns

The final big story addressed in Episode 3 of Outlander is the arrival of Major MacDonald (Robin Laing) back to Fraser Ridge.

After spending a lot of time in the last episode deciding whether or not the Native Americans should be granted their request for guns before the American Revolutionary War, Jamie finally decided that they should have them and asked Major MacDonald to grant them send.

The guns have now arrived, and with them the news of the Boston Tea Party event that pretty much ignites the war.

How quickly that will happen remains to be seen, and viewers will need to tune in next week for more.

Outlander airs Sundays at 9/8c on Starz. Season 6, Episode 3, Temperance

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