Rumors spread about nationwide school shootings prompting ‘mass panic’

In recent days, parents around the country have been warned about school shootings that could be planned for Friday, December 17. The warnings, however terrifying, are. , but now it seems to be bogus. A lot of the source reports that spreading rumors about a wave of school shootings have started on TikTok.

As rumors spread on social media, local news bulletins, school districts, and police all issued warnings about the possibility. School shootings. Some have warned that there is a chance that schools will be bombed or targeted in other violence.

Although many stories noted that the threats emanated from outside the district or even the state, in an understandable prudence, some schools canceled classes. Parents keep children at home. The police force was on high alert.

The rumor that provoked what TikToker @bloodbathandbeyond mocked summon a “mass panic attack.” It also leads to a weird memes for circulation, in which people swear to use various profile pictures depending on the outcome, @bloodbathandbeyond reported.

Some people note that rumors of mass violence at schools are unfounded. But that hasn’t stopped the warnings from continuing to spread across the internet.

Some point to social media in general or TikTok in particular to facilitate rumors to take hold.

“I don’t blame #TikTok, but it is certainly a catalyst for the dissemination of malicious behavior and behavior,” tweeted @lesleyabravanel.

TikTik denies that threats about school shootings are circulated on its platform, Washington Post report. However, there have been videos warning people of planned violence at schools. The Post notes that warnings about school shootings planned for Friday were also found on Snapchat and Facebook.

While the spreading rumor may seem untrue, there is some concern that its highly contagious nature will inspire real violence.

A director in Michigan posted letter to parents on Facebook said, “The initial threat allegedly started as a way for students to skip or be excused from school and has turned into something more disturbing.” The letter did not specifically detail what was worrisome.

Many people expressed outrage that anyone would spread false information about the school shooting plan.

“There have been 21 school shootings in the US since August. Joking on TikTok about bringing a gun to school or shooting at school is no fun. Knock it off! ” tweeted one.

The rumor has put schools in a difficult position of deciding whether to address something that is perhaps untrue – but if it happens, has deadly consequences.

However, some feel that the response has been overdone.

“So now every local cable station is posting sensational headlines about scary threats to schools based on rumors circulating on TikTok and the schools themselves amplifying these rumors by sending email, but the discourse is ‘Internet is bad for children’. ” tweeted Fight for the Evan Greer of the Future.

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* First published: December 17, 2021, 10:53 a.m. CST

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