Recruiter accidentally sends mean comments to Job Hunter

A TikToker took to the platform to share a dilemma: she received a job description from a recruiter, but it reportedly included notes on previous interviewees for the position, which she claims were “overly judgmental and irrelevant to the role.” .

The video is from creator Melchantl and has garnered 2.1 million views as of Sunday. It’s just a seven-second video, conveying most of its message through an on-screen caption — though a subsequent storytime video provides more context for what’s happening.

The attention-grabbing video shows the creator contemplating the situation she portrays in a lengthy on-screen caption. It said: “I was just sent a JD from a recruiter and they accidentally left the notes of calls with other candidates there. There are six people and some of the notes are very judgmental and irrelevant to the role.”

@melchantl At least data breach. What would you do? Help 😭 #corporate #events #business #corporateevents #marketing #digitalmarketing #fyp #9to5 #business #branding #digitalmarketing #marketingdigital #socialmedia ♬ Original sound – Melchantl

It continues: “I found everyone on LinkedIn; Do I text them and tell them or stay out of it.”

An accompanying caption reads: “Privacy breach at the very least. What would you do? Help.”

A subsequent video explains a little more of the situation, including the creator’s note that she made a green screen version that revealed more detail, but that TikTok deleted it because, in her words, it was “violating community guidelines.” violated”. In doing so, she also realized that she actually knew one of the candidates being assessed – and had actually worked with this person at one point.

@melchantl The moment I realized I knew one of those guys there 🤦🏻‍♀️ #corporate #events #business #corporateevents #marketing #digitalmarketing #fyp #9to5 #business #branding #digitalmarketing #marketingdigital #socialmedia ♬ O -Ton – Melchantl

She pointed out that “some of the comments were just mean,” and while she initially said she wouldn’t reveal them, she revealed there was “a lack of energy.” Another contestant was called “pretty boring and lacking in energy,” and in a comment the creator hated, called her “very Made in Chelsea” and “repetitive.”

(According to Wikipedia, Made in Chelsea is a reality show that “chronicles the lives of wealthy young people in London.”)

“Why are you writing this?” she asks.

Commentators have commented on both videos.

On the original video, one remarked, “As I’m a recruiter myself, that’s SOOO lazy of them and they deserve whatever comes back to them due to their negligence.”

Another said: “The recruiter was probably too busy posting on LinkedIn how important he is and how much value he brings.”

One commenter advised: “I believe in always showing people who they’re dealing with. Humans are so good at hiding their true nature [I] feels like it’s our job to reveal it.”

But another viewer countered, “I wouldn’t because what value does it add to your life to tell you?”

In the follow-up video, thanks to the commenters, the creator has even more advice to think about.

“HR Manager here,” announced one commenter. “These kinds of comments come up all the time after interviews. Monotony and lack of energy can definitely be work-related.”

Another said: “I thought there would be comments about her looks or something. Their energy and tone can be applicable depending on their position.”

At least one found a revelation too intrusive towards the candidates, advising: “I know you might be coming from a good place, but I’d drop it at this point. If anything, let the recruiter know they accidentally messaged you.”

The creator ultimately seemed to agree, commenting, “Ok, alright. I totally see it now and fully understand that it’s just not worth it. It really blew my mind but learned the lesson.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via a TikTok comment.


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*Initial publication: March 12, 2023 at 2:40 p.m. CDT

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Phil West Recruiter accidentally sends mean comments to Job Hunter

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