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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 5 “Something for the weekend.” The girls take a trip to New York, where Shawna finally reunites with Cliff and Mia hooks up with a wealthy stranger. Here’s what you missed!

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previously on Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 4Shawna’s boyfriend Cliff criticizes the couple’s latest work while Chastity tries to convince a club to play her song.

Warning… spoilers below!

On Rap Sh!t Season 1 Episode 5, at a Spotify meeting, Jill shares an artist with her editor Crystal and gets shot down. She is shocked when another colleague plays Mia and Shawna’s song, and her editor loves it. Meanwhile, Mia and Shawna fly first class to New York and get drunk on champagne.


When they reach New York, Mia is excited to see her wealthy client, confident she probably won’t even touch him. Her mystery suitor M. Knight has a car waiting for her at the airport, and Mia flaunts the princess treatment on Instagram, sharing her weekend plans with her fans.

After preventing Cliff from seeing her story, Shawna decides to surprise him. She meets him knocking on the door and he is happy and excited to see her. They go back to his room for a closer exchange and Shawna apologizes for waiting so long to see him.

Cliff notices that Shawna has a new look, but gets distracted when she sucks him off while he’s supposed to be studying. At her hotel, Mia still lives the high life and shares it all with her followers, documenting the chocolate strawberries, massages and expensive meals M. Knight has taken her to.

catch up

At a nearby restaurant, Cliff and Shawna meet up over banana pudding, and Cliff tells her he can’t wait for her to move to town. When Shawna reveals that she was high with the girls last weekend, Cliff falls silent, but he still seems excited to spend the next day with her.

Mia and her M. Knight spend the night eating, drinking, and enjoying the luxuries of the city, and he tapes Mia touching herself for him in the car as they drive home. When they arrive at the hotel, he doesn’t come up with her and promises to take her shopping tomorrow.

At Cliff, he and Shawna get hot and fierce again and Shawna takes control. She tapes them together so Cliff has something to watch while he’s gone, and Cliff is shocked when she starts choking him while she’s upstairs. Mia wakes up alone in the hotel and takes a bath.

While taking a bath on Instagram Live, Mia tells her followers about all the places she’ll be shopping with M. Knight. When she hears a noise outside and then opens her hotel suite, Mia immediately turns off the power and investigates.


Later, Mia calls Shawna and asks if she can come over to her and Cliff’s place instead. Shawna is on her way to brunch and invites Mia to meet her there. Mia has to ride the subway alone and is obviously upset about something that happened in her hotel room.

At brunch, Shawna is listening to Cliff talk about his career when Fatima, the girl Cliff told her not to worry about, comes to brunch. She lowkey disses Shawna’s rap career, and when Mia arrives, Fatima makes things awkward by raising Shawna, who is moving to New York to be with Cliff.

At the table, Shawna gets a text from Jill inviting her to a Spotify party. As Mia gets ready, she overhears Cliff rebuking Shawna for wanting to go to the party on her last night in town. As soon as they arrive, Shawna asks Cliff to film her and Mia entering and the party around them.

Once they find Jill, Mia and Shawna get bracelets while Cliff gets a press pass. Jill takes her to her editor, Crystal, and mentions that she proposed her at a recent meeting. Crystal tells the girls their song will be featured on an official Spotify playlist, which is a big deal for them.

Cut off

As the night progresses, Cliff becomes more and more annoyed with Shawna for asking him to film and is furious when he doesn’t get to the VIP area and Shawna leaves without him. When she comes to check on him, they both meet Brent Faiyaz at the bar and Shawna is impressed with the stars.

Brent is obviously into Shawna and when she turns around after hugging him, Cliff is gone. In the VIP area, a girl crashes into Mia hard and Mia slaps her in the face. Shawna is appalled that Mia would make a scene at a work event while Mia is angry that Shawna did not support her.

Mia claims Shawna is selfish as fuck for not even asking her what went wrong that weekend and she storms out. Meanwhile, Cliff, who went home drunk, is live streaming Shawna coming home. Cliff begins tearing Shawna down live, claiming she has no plans to move.

Cliff takes on Shawna for riding Brent Faiyaz’s cock, calls her a pornstar for changing her makeup and hairdo, and ends up calling her music trash. Shawna tells him they should break up, and Cliff films her leaving after trying his best to humiliate and break her.

The next morning, Shawna finds Mia at the airport and brings her breakfast before apologizing. She starts crying and Mia comforts her.

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Air Date: August 11, 2022. Air Time: 9:00 PM ET, 8:00 PM CT and 6:00 PM PT.

Rap Sh!t cast

  • Aida Osman as Shawna
  • KaMillion as wed
  • Jonica Booth as chastity
  • Devon Terell as a cliff
  • Daniel Augustine as Moritz
  • RJ Cyler as Lamont
  • Ashlei Sharpe chestnut as Fatima
  • Nijah Brenea as Jazmin

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