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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Queens Part 1 Episode 7 “Who shot Ya.” Jill became clean with the women after being invited to team up on a race track with Wyclef Jean. In addition, Valeria suffered a heartbreaking betrayal, and Eric promised Jadakiss that he might not be able to keep it. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Queens Part 1 Episode 6As the ladies prepare to shoot their first music video in nearly two decades, Brianna has trouble maintaining a work-life balance. Meanwhile, Lil Muffin worked to reset her career, and Jill continued to manage her public image.

Warning… Vandals below!

Above Queens Part 1 Episode 7, in the scene we’ve been waiting for, the shooter runs to Eric, the Queen’s, and Lil Muffin. Eric told them they didn’t want to do this before they shot him in the shoulder!

Two hours earlier, the girls had killed someone during a photo shoot while Eric’s phone exploded. During her make-up break, Jill asked Lil Muffin how she was and she shared about staying with Eric and how he cleared her debt from the agency. Brianna talks to Valeria about needing to confront her mother about taking pictures of her credit card.

Brianna, Jill and Naomi talk to Eric on Queens Season 1 Episode 7

Brianna, Jill and Naomi talk to Eric on Queens Season 1 Episode 7

When Naomi is caught smiling with her phone, she admits that she is dating Rodrigo, the attractive beauty from the music video shoot. She has agreed to date him and this is her first time dating. Nine hours before the billboard, Jojo teases Eric about being jealous that Naomi is going on a date without realizing them. being tracked by someone with a gun in a car.

Valeria asked her mother about taking pictures of her credit card but her mother promised that she only took the pictures because she was proud that her daughter had an Amex black card because she “didn’t even know they were real”. Valeria asks Eric to run the card to make sure she doesn’t sell it to anyone or use it.

Jill recorded a song about fire in the studio with Wyclef Jean, and agreed to also feature on the song with him.

The group is here to stay in Queens Season 1 Episode 7

The group is here to stay in Queens Season 1 Episode 7

At the announcement of the Queen’s tour, all the women were asked about their ranks in the group, and metal reporters Jill on being the new leader. Brianna stepped up and told the press that the group was here to stay, and they weren’t the girls at the time.

Five hours before the billboard, Lil Muffin (who is now bankrupt) ate dry ramen with spices before Eric’s doorbell rang. Eric to Jadakiss and three other men, who demand that he pay back the $750,000 he owes them for the Muffins debt and more. Jadakiss tells Eric by tonight he has to pay first $100k or he will come back. Worried about Eric, Muffin agrees to do a private concert for billionaire Walter Westcott.

Eric tells Valeria that his men have discovered her “mother” is not her mother at all, she is a criminal named Valentina with a long rap and scammed her. Valeria is angry and believes that Valentina knows who her biological mother is. Eric tells her that he will ask his people to kick Valentina out of her life, and not confront her without him.

After announcing the tour, Tina supports Jill in the parking lot and tell her that she is a spoiled slut who uses her past to justify her actions, that she is evil and that she will get what is coming. come to me.

During her date with Rodrigo, Naomi tries to seduce him and he tells her that anything rewarding is hard, not easy. Annoyed by liking him, Naomi calls Brianna and she tells her to go find him. When Rodrigo invites her to another bar, Naomi realizes Brianna needs her and walks over to her.

Muffin and Eric arrive at Walter Westcott’s house, and it turns out he’s a college-age geek throwing a party to launch his app. Eric wanted to pay this money up front, but Walter claimed to be a billionaire and refused. He hits Muffin and demands that she hit him, saying she needs to give him the full experience or nothing. Eric said they were out, and Walter kicked them out the door.

Two hours before the billboard, Valeria arrived home, and she fake mother Valentina is smiling on TV. Valeria confronts her and asks her to leave. Valentina says she will pack, but Valeria threatens to call the police. Valentina tells her that she will not go to the police because otherwise she will come back for her and because she is the only one who knows who Valeria’s real mother is. She said her mother’s real name is Roslund Marquez.

Wyclef Jean Working With Jill on Queens Season 1 Episode 7

Wyclef Jean Working With Jill on Queens Season 1 Episode 7

Try a few minutes before the billboard moment, Wyclef told Jill that the song they recorded together was a hit and that he wanted to produce and record her solo album after the Queens tour but she said told him that she was going to record the next Queens album.

Realizing she was abusing her newfound fame, Jill went to see Briannas. Valentina sat in her car outside Valeria’s and watched her walk towards her car. On her passenger seat was a black pistol, and it looks like she’s definitely the shooter.

At Briana’s, Naomi comforts her about losing Jeff. Jill and Valeria arrive and Jill apologizes to her girls and promises to be a better friend. Briana found a letter from Jeff before he died, and it contained a link to his goodbye video. The women watched together before receiving the words that their first billboard had been erected.

Jadakiss pulls Eric up with a gun and demands money from him. He tells Eric he wants 10% of the total profit the Queens make, but Eric tells him no, and runs from him to the billboard.

The shooter appeared and shot Eric role play before handling him, and another bullet hit Brianna. The women tried to keep her awake while Muffin called 911…

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Air date: December 7, 2021

Queens Cast

  • night as Brianna ‘Professor of Sex’
  • Naturi Naughton as Jill ‘Da Thrill’
  • Norwood Spirits as Naomi ‘Xplicit Lyrics’
  • Nadine Velazquez as Valeria ‘Butter Pecan’ Mendez
  • Taylor Selé as Eric ‘E-Roc’ Jones
  • Pepi Sonuga as Lauren ‘Lil Muffin’ Rice
  • Elaine del Valle like Rosie
  • Rana Roy like Alicia
  • Felisha Terrell like Tina
  • Jose Moreno Brooks like Rodrigo
  • Bamboo Stokes as James (as Tre’ Stokes)
  • Gianni sauce like Langston
  • Carlo sauce like Arthur

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Season Episode Title Broadcast date
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first first “1999” October 19, 2021

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