Pulitzer and Clements Feud Rocks QAnon World

In the new year, online conspiracy theorists are in turmoil, as experts shape the battle between them. There’s doxing, threats, voicemail, and more as the two factions crack down on each other’s conspiracy claims.

For months there have been rifts among internet conspiracy theorists, including QAnon Followers believe that the world is secretly controlled by a satanic gang of cannibals.

The movie has recently come to an end. It started when presenters and attendees fell ill after the QAnon-friendly ReAwaken America Tour. Instead of blaming the obvious cause, COVID-19, they convinced themselves that it was a anthrax attack.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was among the sick who spread rumors of anthrax. Pulitzer is also deliberate a key figure behind PowerPoint that former President Donald Trump’s team consulted with as it strated up on how to overturn the 2020 election. He’s moving on. the source belong to election conspiracy.

Clay Clark, the organizer of the ReAwaken America Tour, called the anthrax claim nonsense. Clark also reiterated that he is not a member of the “Illuminati,” a term used interchangeably with “cabal.”

This is not the only rift that Pulitzer is involved in. Pulitzer is currently at war with David Clements, a former anti-vaccine professor who became one source election conspiracy theory.

The two had a good relationship until very recently. On Tuesday, Clements posted “Prayer of Protection” for Pulitzer and others who fell ill at the ReAwaken America Tour. Apparently Clements claimed that there was an attack of some sort. It’s not clear why this created bad blood, but the two have since exchanged messages on social media.

Since then, they have embarrass each other, debunk each other’s conspiracy theories and even deceive each other’s supporters who come in contact with them. 200,000 combinations of them Telegram subscribers are lining up behind them, so are everyone else.

Twitter user @get_innocuous, disinformation researcher and conspiracy theorist, flagged the feud for the first time.

“The infighting among the stealing mob was halted thanks to the anthrax portal, but now everyone is feeling better, the gloves are back on,” @get_innocuous tweeted on Wednesday.

“Jovan Pulitzer posted several pictures of David Clements moving to the trash, and in retaliation, Clements ripped off SharpieGate.”

(SharpieGate addresses Pulitzer’s false claims that marking the outside of the oval on Arizona ballots is evidence of fraud.)

Pulitzer seems to have dealt the first blow. On Wednesday, he posted the picture on his Telegram channel introduce to Clements as “an example of our negligent nature fighting this battle to take back our country.”

Clements is back on Telegram, where he goes by the Professor’s Profile. He Written Pulitzer’s statement about the ticking on the Arizona ballots, “How many million dollars have been spent unnecessarily on a sweep?” He also demanded full accounting of the money that Pulitzer spent.

It escalated from there. Clements said that Pulitzer accused him of being a wrongly convicted felon and posted his cell phone number. When Pulitzer refused to take it down, Clements retaliated by posting his post.

“Please do me a favor and ask Jovan via text to delete my profile. He can be reached at… ”he Written.

Since then, Pulitzer has posted voicemails and screenshots, including their phone numbers, of the people who texted him. like, “Your career = done,” and, “Leave David alone. Watched you talk this summer. Know that you are related to Satan. “

They also continued to attack each other on their respective channels. “God is watching me. How do I know? Yes, Jesus’ personal assistant, Little Davey Clements, told his chlamydiaites so! “Pulitzer” posted on Thursday.

Tens of thousands of their subscribers have lined up behind them, as have other influencers in the space.

L. Lin Wood went public shown support for Clements. Pulitzer announced that Joe Flynn, brother of Michael Flynn, hero QAnon, was on his side. Wood also trust The Flynns assist Pulitzer in the rift.

“It seems that Mike Flynn is a follower of Jovan Pulitzer. Jovan and Deep State Mockingbird propagandists are now attacking Professor David Clements,” Wood Written on Telegram on Wednesday. “Do the research. Connect the dots. Draw your own conclusions”.

Their feud is threatening to tear apart the conspiracy theorists’ world.


There is hope that they can eventually reconcile. The two are supposed to disperse their grievances on New Year’s Eve. The debate has been rescheduled to January 2.

But there’s also a chance it won’t happen. On Saturday, Pulitzer announced that Clements changed the terms without consulting him.

“I can expect Clements not to show when considering this new tactic and it could have [to] both have no program,” he Written.

In the next one post, Pulitzer said that if Clements didn’t show up, he would present his findings from the Maricopa County, Arizona audit as “identifiable.”

“You’ll know which events you’ll be watching based on the image open on the screen at the time of the broadcast.”

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*First published: January 1, 2022, 4:45 p.m. CST

https://www.dailydot.com/debug/jovan-pulitzer-vs-david-clements-feud-qanon/ Pulitzer and Clements Feud Rocks QAnon World

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