Open Source Home Automation: Introduction to Home Assistant ( and ESP32 based Automation

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This book shows how to set up and operate your own Open Source home automation server. An introduction to Home Assistant ( is given.

Home assistant is the perfect platform for all hobbyists who do not want to be locked into a single vendor system.

Think about your Chromecast, your Nest, your lawn mower, Arduino, ESP32 or your intelligent light.

With over 3000 community driven components, your home assistant system can nearly control everything within your house.

The book shows how to use a Telegram bot to receive push notifications directly on your Android or iPhone. Telegram being the perfect and most flexible way of integrating with your smart home automation system. Telegram pushes can be sent with text or even with images from your security cameras.

The built in MQTT broker allows to attach any MQTT sensor or actuator within a single line of configuration.

The last two chapters give practical examples on how to build your own ESP32 based sensors and actuators that are directly controlled with MQTT.

Example one shows how to build your own temperature and humidity MQTT sensor, while the second example shows how to build a MQTT power switch on top of the Arduino ESP32 boards.

Arduino software stack in combination with the ESP32 WLAN and Bluetooth boards are a great start to build your own sensors and actuators.

All examples are implemented with low cost Arduino ESP32 hardware components, so that each example can be realized with a budget below 15$ each.

The last part of this book shows how you can give something back to the home assistant community by implementing your own home assistant components within Python.

„Introduction to Home Assistant ( and ESP32 based automation“
Home Assistant (
Installation Raspberry Pi image installation
Alternative manual installation with pip
Configure automatic startup
Change user to homeassistant
Running Home Assistant as a Docker container
How to share and mount the config directory within a Docker container?
Map the network ports of your home assistant container
Run home assistant on your Synology NAS
First login
Reactive dashboard design
Turn on a light when the sun sets
Turn off the pool light after a delay
Turn on the robot mower if the weather is fine
Turn off the robot mower if it starts to rain
Backup your config in Git(hub)
Tinker your own ESP32 MQTT temperature sensors
Tinker your own ESP32 MQTT power switch
Implement your own component
Read a config value
Install a specific version
Final thoughts
Contact and download

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Open Source Home Automation: Introduction to Home Assistant ( and ESP32 based Automation


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