DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar

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Product Description

The Original Spinal Air Decompression Belt Company!

The DDS MAX provides drug-free pain relief while still allowing you to be mobile. Never be restricted to the confines of a doorway again!  The process is simple: by increasing the intervertebral disc space, pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved, thereby, eliminating pain while assisting active-rehabilitation.  Spinal decompression reveals promising results for the future, and effective management of patients with all types of disc disease and spinal injuries.  DDS will speed up your recovery and help you enjoy the daily activities that were once too difficult.

Relieves neck pain. Relaxes muscle spasms, May reduce need for pain medication. Ambulatory, very light and comfortable.  You can take it to work or on vacation! Helps maintain proper posture.

How It Works

Spinal decompression is created as the DDS MAX inflates vertically with air. Gently pushes upward on the occipital bone and down on the upper shoulder. This creates a chin-tuck sensation and decompresses the cervical spine.  Pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved, reducing/eliminating pain.

How is DDS different from “similar” products and companies? Similarities Begin and End After First Glance.

DDS is the Original Decompression Belt Company w/ 4 US patents.  We are the only company that incorporates our technology throughout our line of Decompression Bracing including Lumbar, Cervical and Knee. The quality and construction vs. competitors braces are unquestionable: The MAX has a 100% soft cotton inner lining.  Some competitors do not state what theirs are made out of and warn not to submerge their products in water.   The DDS MAX is designed to conform to the natural curvature of the spine whereas others are deisgned without this curvature. This is a design flaw that causes problems w/ the lifting effect that compromises the brace’s decompression effectiveness.  DDS is designed w/ the cervical curvature in mind only inflating on the posterior side, allowing the cervical spine to straighten and decompress the nerve root.  DDS has an easy-to-read gauge on the Hand Pump.  You will know exactly how much air pressure you are using.  NO PSI Gauge on the Hand Pump for most competitor’s products making it nearly impossible for individuals to know how much pressure they are using for optimal effectiveness, consistency, safety and for personal preferences.


We Know Neck and Back Pain!

Typical Indications

Herniated, Bulging discs Whiplash injuries (injuries which do not involve breakage or dislocation of the bones) Degenerative changes (arthritis) Nerve Impingement Compressions / Radiculopathies Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis Spinal Stenosis Sciatica Compression fracture

Learn about our decompression back braces!

Disc Disease Solutions’ Braces are used by over 2 million people daily, including most of us at DDS.

As a company with employees, family members and friends who have a history of bulging and/or herniated discs and general neck and back pain, we are proud to introduce an improved and far superior life to so many around the world. To be able to perform simple daily tasks such as driving or walking pain-free is something we do not take for granted; having the capability to go far beyond that and ski, bowl and truly enjoy other leisure activities is an entirely humbling experience altogether. We believe with certainty that DDS can improve your life as it did with ours.

Drug free neck pain relief from herniated bulging discs, radiculopathies, degenerative disc disease and many other symptoms
Relieves pressure on pinched nerves- Prevents, Treats and Relieves neck pain
One size fits most (Recommended for 13″ – 16.5″ neck circumference). Please measure before purchase
Easy-Twist air valve, for safe & slow deflation. (Securely fasten during inflation to prevent air leaks)

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DDS MAX Cervical Traction Collar


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