PF Chang worker quits after being touched by a rude customer

A PF Chang employee posted a viral video on TikTok explaining how she quit after a rude customer grabbed her.

Social media is full of videos showing questionable behavior by customers and employees. TikToker Tina (@peachyy.tina) has over 46,000 views for her first video and nearly 5,000 for the second, which details the incident that led to her quitting her job. In the video, Tina is sitting in her car, which is still parked in the La Jolla PF Chang parking lot, as the video was taken just minutes after she quit.

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“You can all tell me if I’m right or wrong, but I’m bloody right,” the TikToker begins as she begins telling her side what happened. She says that while she’s not a busser, she helped out busting the table that night. Tina had just cleared a table when a customer pointed to her empty glass and rudely asked for a refill.

She informed them that she was not allowed to get drinks for them as she was not their waitress and that they needed to speak to the person attending their table. The customer at the table then asked Tina if she could tell her server what TikToker said she would do after she filled the table. However, this did not go down well with these customers.

Tina says she was walking back to the bus ride at the table when the woman “came up to me, she grabbed my arm and she said, ‘Oh, you’re going to regret that.'” The PF Chang employee immediately pointed out the rude behavior of the customers, “Don’t f***ing touch my arm,” she recalls.

“Well, I just want you to know that you’re going to regret it. You’re making a big mistake… you should have gotten my server,” the woman allegedly replied.

The woman proceeded to speak to the restaurant manager and although she tried to explain her side of the story, Tina said her manager did not stand up for her, his own employee. After the call, her manager asked if she was okay, and then she shared her thoughts with him.

@peachyytina #fyp #foryou #cristinaareyan #pfchangs #iquit #server #busser #resturant ♬ Original sound – peachyytina

“I was like, no, I’m not fucking fine,” she says in a follow-up video. “She put her damn hands on me, you didn’t fucking say anything to her like you think I’ll be fine?” She also told her supervisor, “You should have stood behind me. you are my manager The customer is not always right.”

Tina says her manager claimed to have told the rude customer not to touch her, but he also said, “Next time this happens, you have to do what the customer asked you to do.” She squeezed hers Frustration that the same manager got mad at her for not getting things done right away, but instead of letting him know, she just asked for a 10-minute break to cool off.

However, when her manager told her she had to be back in a hard 10, she felt like he didn’t care if she was really okay. Tina says she called her boyfriend at break and decided to quit. Before leaving, this worker had one last thing to say to the rude customers.

She went back to her table and but instead of apologizing she told them they were being rude and warned them not to touch people again. She also told them that she stopped and threw her apron on their table, which by a stroke of luck landed right on top of her food.

Almost all viewers of the video sided with Tina and shared their thoughts on the customer’s behavior and the manager’s reaction.

“People are so damn demanding!!” said one person.

“That’s because society has had it in our heads for so long that the customer is always right [and] In fact, almost 99% of the time they never are,” tried to argue another.

“No you weren’t but next time call the police and file a complaint against her ass for touching you,” suggested a third.

Many also agreed that the manager should have been more supportive.

“Just the fact that he didn’t support you!!” said one person.

“Tea girl customers are bad everywhere but there are good managers out there who stand behind their employees you did the right thing!” another said, agreeing with the worker’s decision to quit.

Others also shared their own experiences with unhelpful managers. “I had a boss throw us under the bus…every time!!” said one user.

However, some people felt that TikToker’s response went too far. One person said: “She was wrong because she definitely touched you and was rude but as someone who worked in a restaurant business I would have given up my job to go.”

Update 1:33pm CT Sep 30: In an Instagram direct message to the Daily Dot, Tina added that the customer’s behavior ties into a broader issue of customer claims in upper-class communities.

“People in La Jolla feel very entitled to things and we grow up learning that the customer is always right but they are not,” she wrote. “Not just La Jolla, it’s actually just the rich communities in general. Customers and bosses need to realize that because we work in a restaurant, we are not their slaves and they cannot take advantage of us, especially when we work for minimum wage.”


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*Initial publication: September 30, 2022 at 1:30 p.m. CDT PF Chang worker quits after being touched by a rude customer

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