Passenger refuses to move the child’s seat during the flight

A PLANE passenger refused to move the seats despite a mother’s request to sit next to her child – but people are divided.

The man was on a six-hour flight to see his family and had pre-booked his seat near the toilet.

A man asked if he was wrong not to move seats for a child during a flight


A man asked if he was wrong not to move seats for a child during a flightPhoto credit: Getty

He explained he booked the place because he has Crohn’s disease and therefore needs “quick and easy access” to the bathroom as the condition can cause intestinal problems.

He wrote on Reddit: “I’m taking my seat and starting to settle in when a woman with a 4-year-old child comes up to me and asks me to move to a window seat far from the bathroom. so that her child can sit with her.

“I politely decline and explain that I paid extra money for this seat and need an aisle seat due to a medical condition I have.

“The mother starts making a fuss and brings the flight attendant into play.”

He said eventually the flight attendant found them two more seats together elsewhere on the plane but was shamed by his friend for not moving for them

He continued: “I understand that a mother needs to be seated close to a child this young, but it’s frustrating to expect to give up a seat that I paid extra for and planned in advance.

“Especially since she failed to book seats to ensure she could sit next to her child.”

He asked if he was wrong not to move for her – but most people were on his side.

One person wrote: “Even if you didn’t have a valid reason, you are under no obligation to swap seats.”

A third said: “They paid extra to get that spot. You are not responsible for her inability to plan ahead. Good for you.”

A mother also chimed in, saying: “Mom here. When I travel with my children, I always make sure we sit together. That’s the bare minimum I have to do as a parent of young children.”

Others said it wasn’t the mother’s fault, it was the airline’s.

One mum, who said seats are only split once booked, said: “Parents can be bloody entitled but sometimes it’s the giant corporations who take all the money they can and then say their hands are tied are the problem.”

Someone else had a similar issue: “On my last flight, my seat was moved three times. I flew with my family. We wanted to sit together.”

A third added: “We recently paid extra to book our spots together with a 2 and a 6 year old. I just found out yesterday that they have changed our seats and they say there is nothing they can do to seat us together even though we pay extra to book our seats together when we bought them.”

It’s not the first time a passenger has been shamed for not moving for a family during a flight.

A Ryanair passenger was divided after refusing to move when a woman with a young baby asked if he would swap seats with her husband.

A couple said they were also mortified after refusing to move for a woman and her daughter who were “scared of flying”.

And a flight attendant has revealed the dangerous reason you should never change your seat on a plane without telling a member of staff.

Most people were on his side and said the mother was wrong.


Most people were on his side and said the mother was wrong.Photo credit: Getty Passenger refuses to move the child’s seat during the flight

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