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Do not miss Celebrity Myxers Summary of P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Pussyland.” The Pynk family, still reeling from the events of Murda night, face a new enemy: Rona. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere “Pussyland”.

previously on P Valley Season 1, it was “Murda Night” and people from Biloxi to Atlanta unpacked the pynk to watch two bright stars soar into the sky on a truly unforgettable night. Meanwhile, Autumn’s past finally catches up with her.

Warning… spoilers below!

On P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere, it’s a chaotic children’s birthday party and Julian (portrayed by Rolando Boyce) is annoyed and decides to leave. He comes to a crossroads and sees a message from the Lord on one shoulder. On the other hand, he is lured by the pynk for a custom car wash!

He was surprised by Uncle Clifford and wanted to resign, although this was an announcement urging the girls to give his car a chance wet wax. Mercedes seemed to be driving to the climax on the pole. Julian got free wings and needed towels for his climax…

Covid complications

It’s been 5 months and Mercedes was upset they all split the pot at Pussyland especially as the Covid pandemic has slowed their money. She became friends with Toy and Clifford had to put out the fire. Suddenly the Lil Murda and Miss Mississippi music video was playing and Clifford turned it off as Keyshawn was now a video vixen and the girls were staring at Murda.

Halley confronts Uncle Clifford about his expenses for the P-Valley season 2 episode 1 premiere

Halley confronts Uncle Clifford about his expenses for the P-Valley season 2 episode 1 premiere

In the office, Halley confronted Clifford that the $250,000 used to save the Pynk had dwindled to $25. Clifford explained how he used the money to keep the ladies afloat.

Then there was more chatter from the girls… the governor released the Covid restrictions next week and they all rejoiced. Happiness was hampered as they studied Mayor Tydell Ruffin (portrayed by Isaiah Washington) had died from Covid complications. Wayne Kyle (portrayed by Josh Ventura) would be the interim mayor. They were wondering if the casino now that he’s in…

Farrah (portrayed by Shamika Cotton) cautiously entered her home and showered, stripping off her clothes. She showed up upstairs and Andre (portrayed by Parker Sawyers) had been playing video games all day. They got into an argument about him being a bum all day while she worked in the ER losing patients to Covid. He missed several calls one by Halley and another informed him that Mayor Ruffin had died. Despite her pleas, he had to attend the funeral in Chucalissa.


Patrice Woodbine (portrayed by Harriett D. Foy) ran her church in a drive-by manner, and it was pouring rain on her.

Meanwhile, Lil Murda and DJ Neva Scared were working on new music, and the rapper sulked at his news of Clifford. He hadn’t responded in 5 months and let Unc read. Murda dealt weed to make ends meet. Suddenly an old school car pulled up, Murda thought it was the Ops and prepared to draw his gun but they wanted to know when he was releasing new music. (Though a man in the back seat had a heated expression on his face.)

Halley was now staying at Mercedes’ place and her beauty sleep was interrupted by Mercedes playing loudly with herself. Halley discussed an additional cut in door profits for Mercedes. She also suggested an audition for new girls since they lost Gidget and Keyshawn. Mercedes particularly protested when Keyshawn’s name was mentioned. Mercedes was pissed that she had pointed a gun at the family…

Meanwhile, Keyshawn was doing live streams in front of hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. Derrick (portrayed by Jordan M. Cox) was taking care of her child and wanted to go to an interview, but it went against her work schedule. He felt emasculated that she was the only one making money. She felt it was only temporary… he would return to work and she would be in front of a live audience again.

Mercedes reached out to her girls, but most of them couldn’t afford to return to their empty gym. The other part could not return for safety reasons.

Save your excuses

Murda visited Woddy (portrayed by Bertram Williams Jr.) and asked him to plan a tour. Woddy was worried he wouldn’t draw an audience…only Keyshawn would make the money. He was forced to call her to ask her to reunite for a tour even though she passed.

Andre returned to pay his respects to Ruffin and was emotional. He was asked to be a pallbearer as he was like a son to Ruffin.

Halley later discovered Andre and they talked about times gone by and Ruffin being like a father to him. Ruffin’s funeral was televised and Ernestine (portrayed by Loretta Devine) wanted to come over for some Chitterlings to eat, but Clifford stopped her. Andre delivered a powerful speech to his godfather.

Keyshawn meets Diamond at the premiere of P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1

Keyshawn meets Diamond at the premiere of P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1

Keyshawn threw away some diapers to get a break from the baby and went into the store while video calling Gidget. She encountered Diamond (portrayed by Tyler Lepley), who denounced the guests as a security guard for not wearing her masks. She begged him When she tried to apologize for that night, she pointed a gun at him. He refused to hear it. She tried to return the necklace he once gave her and pushed it away…

Uncle Clifford crashes the meal, and so does Wayne Kyle at the P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 premiere

Uncle Clifford crashes the meal, and so does Wayne Kyle at the P-Valley Season 2 Episode 1 premiere

Clifford visited the Chitterlings’ home and spoke to Andre about it her sabotage the Pynk. Then interim mayor Wayne visited Kyle to offer his condolences. Clifford threatened to run for mayor. Wayne argued with Andre about upholding Ruffin’s wishes, even though Andre fired the man.

Get out of the hood

Andre had stayed at Ruffin’s and the doorbell rang. Two large stacks of money lay on the doorsteps, and Corbin Kyle (portrayed by Dan J. Johnson) offered him an advance on the casino referendum provided they owned the pynk. Andre told him that Clifford would not sell. Corbin refuted that the new owner might. He would meet him in the pynk!

Meanwhile, Mercedes and Halley watched What does love have to do with it and Mercedes saw on social media that Halley had posted about the audition. They quarreled about it but Halley shut them down as she is the owner of the club.

Murda got a text from Keyshawn agree to a 12-city tour (the Dirty Dozen tour). Murda saw it as his way out of the hood…

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Air date: June 3, 2022

P Valley season 2 cast

  • Brandee Evans as Mercedes Woodbine (aka Mercedes)
  • Elarica Johnson as Halley Colton (aka Autumn Night)
  • Nico Annan as Uncle Clifford
  • Shannon Thorton as Keyshawn (aka Miss Mississippi)
  • Skyler joy as a gadget
  • J Alphonse Nicholson as Lil Murda
  • Parker Sawyer as Andre Watkins
  • Loretta Devine as Ernestine (Uncle Clifford’s aunt)
  • Harriett D Foy as Patrice Woodbine (Mercede’s mother)
  • Thomas Q Jones as a mane
  • Roland Boyce as Julian
  • Brandon Gilpin as DJ Neva Scared
  • Morocco Omari as Big L
  • Tyler Lepley as a diamond
  • Josh Ventura as Wayne Kyle
  • Dan J Johnson as Corbin Kyle
  • Nikita Johnson as Janice
  • Psalms Salazar as a whisper
  • Gail Bean as roulette
  • Dominic Devore as Duffy
  • Jordan M. Cox as Derrick

guest role

  • Isaiah Washington as Mayor Tydell Ruffin (posthumous)
  • Shamika Cotton as Farrah
  • Bertram Williams Jr. as Wody
  • Ashani Roberts as Britney Watkins
  • Josh Ventura as Wayne Kyle
  • Zachariah Rogers as Pico
  • Bertrand E. Boyd as Chief Fi Chiefs

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