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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Normal Joe season 1 episode 10 “Snowball.” Gwen reconnects with the old flame. Cops Joe and Amy push each other to confront some tough truths. Music Joe’s World shakes when Amy reveals a big secret. Nurses Joe and Jenny enjoy being apart after spending the vacation as a family. Here’s what you missed!

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Watch Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 9 “Snow Globe”

Previously on Normal Joe season 1 episode 9, Officer Joe prepares a tense Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Music Joe battles his feelings of betrayal to help Amy’s campaign. Nurses Joe and Jenny decide to hire outside help for Chris as they prepare for their first Thanksgiving.

Warning… Vandals below!

Above Normal Joe season 1 episode 10, each Joe must deal with the consequences of decisions…

Nurse Joe

Jenny came home briefly but had to go to Atlanta. Joe was in the shower and there was a knock on the door and came in. Joe thought it was Jenny and appeared naked but it’s Kinsley and she can see his full forehead. He’s shy but she’s cool.

Later, when Joe got dressed, Kinsley shared with Joe that zipper pants were a great idea. So much so that she has had a few orders and now the house has turned into a mini garment factory, making pants for other people.

Gwen doesn’t want Joe to be a cop. She grew close to her music instructor, James Lampson, Joe had to play for but she got cold feet after kissing him and was then possessed by a ghost. Years later, she wants to see him again. Kinsley encourages her to take the leap.

Family making zipper pants on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 10

Family making zipper pants on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 10

Before the show, everyone came over to help sew the zippered pants. Kinsley encouraged Christopher to sing Gwen’s song and he did like an angel. Meanwhile, Jenny is bored with work and Barrick has offered some relief by asking her out. While Joe and Kinsley chat and learn each other’s weaknesses. So did Barrick and Jenny.

Christopher, Joe and Gwen on Normal Joe Season 1 Episode 10

Christopher, Joe and Gwen on Normal Joe Season 1 Episode 10

James arrives at the concert and sits next to Gwen. She immediately invited him to dinner, and he was extremely happy about it. Joe announces his mother’s annual student concert, and then he and Chris share their song.

Music Joe

Gwen visits Joe to ask about him and Amy and he says they are fine. Suddenly, Jenny called him and told him that Zeke wants to meet him.

Amy learns that not only is she pregnant, but Bobby’s too. Suddenly, Joe comes to her office and confesses that Zeke wants to see him. He tells her that Jenny’s husband, Darren, is the only objector and that they have to get him on board. Amy offered to invite them over to dinner.

Meanwhile, Jenny confessed to her husband that she had a small child and put it up for adoption. His adoptive parents came to him and asked to meet his biological father. She told him it was Joe. Darren has been reported.

At dinner, Darren did not falter when he learned of the deception. Jenny apologizes and tries to show a brighter side when she meets Zeke. Darren got stuck in the situation and turned it all negative.

Joe and Jenny must meet Zeke and his adoptive parents. Zeke charms them, however, when things get serious, he asks why they put him up for adoption. They explained that they were not prepared to give him the care he needed when he was a child. Jenny shared with him that she has carried him in her arms all these years and is happy that he has a loving family.

Gwen and Joe rock a concert on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 10

Gwen and Joe rock a concert on Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 10

Joe led the choir and included Zeke and Gwen. Then, not when Joe and Amy got home, she confessed that she was pregnant and the baby was Bobby’s

Joe Police

Joe is recovering from mild smoke inhalation after running into a burning building to save a child’s life. Amy was there to greet him, asking him to never lie to her.

Jenny and Darren talked to her father about Lucas’ health problems. Jenny and her husband, Ray, invite Joe to tell him that Lucas needs spinal fusion. He wondered why they told him. They then shared that he was the biological father and a couple. Joe was stunned to learn that he was Lucas’ father without even knowing it. Jenny explains that she tried to tell him at the lake house that fateful weekend after graduation.

When Joe got home, he told Amy that he just found out he has a son with Jenny. She asked his mother what he thought and he was still not prepared to tell her. She tells him the secrets that spoil the relationship and is coming to her.

Amy was asked to go on a podcast to talk about the Bobby scandal. She was ambushed, accused of being one of his mistresses. Amy hit back at the host, telling him and bailing out of the interview.

Joe can’t hold the news and shared with his mother that he had a son. Also, he invited him to her concert tonight.

James Lampson goes to Gwen’s concert. He invites her to dinner and she turns to coffee. So did Jenny, Ray and Lucas. Joe was delighted to see him, and so was Gwen. She has a VIP seat for Lucas in the front.

Amy confesses her love for Joe on Regular Joe season 1 episode 10

Amy confesses her love for Joe on Regular Joe season 1 episode 10

Joe played the piano for the crowd. He then told Amy that he confessed to his mother and that she was glad he did. Amy then confessed her love for him

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Air date: January 3, 2022

Ordinary Joe

  • James Wolk like Joe Kimbreau
  • Natalie Martinez as Amy Kindelan
  • Elizabeth Lail like Jenny Banks
  • Adam Rodriguez like Bobby Diaz
  • Charlie Barnett like Eric Payne
  • David Warshofsky like Frank Kimbreau
  • John Gluck like Christopher Kimbreau
  • Anne Ramsay like Gwen
  • Sarah Charipar like Aunt Meg
  • Curtis Edward Jackson like Wayne Coleman
  • Wynn Everett like Celeste Kimbreau

Guest actor

  • Joe Carroll like Ray/Darren
  • Lili Mirojnick like Kinsley

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