Non-Obvious Megatrends with Rohit Bhargava

Non Obvious Mega trends

This week, Mike sits down with best-selling creator Rohit Bhargava to speak about Rohit’s new ebook Non-Apparent Megatrends which launches this week. We talk about what it’s been prefer to put collectively a trendspotting ebook every year for the previous ten years and the way shifting the main focus to Megatrends this 12 months has supplied new perspective heading into the 2020s. Then we dig into a couple of of Rohit’s Megatrends from the ebook to speak about how Immediate Information and Consideration Wealth, amongst others, relate to studying and schooling in 2020. We hope you benefit from the dialog about the place the world of studying could also be heading within the close to and additional distant future.

Episode References

Bhargava, R. (2020). Non Apparent Megatrends: How one can See What Others Miss and Predict the Future (Illustrated version). Ideapress Publishing.

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