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Hi! tiffany here, stand in for Andrew. Welcome to today’s edition of internet insider.

We have a news-packed issue for you, with some reports from Claire Goforth to the online reactions to the mass shooting at a July 4 parade in Illinois that killed several people. then Michael Thalen explains Large Hadron Collider conspiracy theories and Michelle Jaworsky tells us why the internet is freaking out Minions: The Rise of Gru.

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HIGHLAND PARK SHOT: As people try to uncover the shooter’s motive, the killed six people on July 4 in Highland Park, Illinois, conspirator trying to advance the theory that the 22-year-old was brainwashed by the CIA.

DO NOT TWEET: A victim of Shooting at Highland Park posted about their experience on Twitter, along with gory photos. One woman decided to respond by telling her register to vote.

CERN SPIRACY: remember them Large Hadron Collider (LHC)? The particle accelerator led to the discovery of the Higgs boson, also known as the 2012 “God particle.” Now, after a three-year hiatus, CERN is turning the LHC back on, and TikTokers don’t waste time with theories about opening “portals” and more.

CULTURE: When it comes to abortion it is important to include Everyone who has abortions. But some people claim that inclusive language somehow obliterates the word Women– like actress Bette Midler, whose viral anti-trans tweet on the topic met with much criticism.

(lr) Minions Stuart, Kevin, Bob and Otto in Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions memes make The Rise of Gru one of the summer’s surprise hits

Who would have thought that the meme wars at the box office in 2022 would end in Gru and the Minions, not Morbius?

lighting Minions: The Rise of Gru– a sequel to the first minions Movie and a prequel to Despicable Me Trilogy – made a a record-breaking $125.1 million domestically in theaters during the first four days. It’s a massive achievement no matter how you look at it. But the audience breakdown is intriguing: 89% of the viewers were under 25 years old— and 34% were between the ages of 13 and 17, a demo that might raise an eyebrow or two.

The first Despicable Me Moviewhich featured super villain Gru (Steve Carell) and his scene-stealing minions was released in 2010. One could argue that viewers of a certain age who grew up watching this franchise would want to watch The Rise of Gru. But what is also true is that The Rise of Gru‘s theatrical release inspired at ironic meme and TikTok trend totaling 8.7 million views, resulting in both butts in the seats and a host of complaints.

The core of Gentlemenas an official minions movie’s TikTok account is simple: you go to the movies to see The Rise of Gru dressed in a suit, a trend that teenagers (mostly preteen boys) have embraced to the fullest. Some attendees have posted photos online, others film themselves entering the theater in suits and cheering at specific moments during their performances, e.g. B. when the Illumination logo appears on the screen. (Yeat’s “Rich Minion,” a song made popular by Minions memes, serves as the soundtrack for many of these videos.)

Both Universal images and the MovieThe Twitter accounts supported Gentleminions – who would say no to free publicity and excitement with a movie? – but the theaters weren’t so keen on… shall we say, enthusiastic crowds. Several theaters in the UK have banned ‘unaccompanied children in suits’ by seeing The Rise of Gru after other moviegoers complained about the noise, including the on-screen mimicry of the Minions. A theater manager said the teens in suits had cost the theater £1,300 in refunds after customer complaints.

Minions memes have been around for ages. Their yellow cylinder shape makes them easy to fit into almost any situation – even if it doesn’t make sense; They’ve already had a backlash and were considered uncool years ago. Her reappearance as one of summer’s memes is remarkably similar to disease became a permanent meme based on the idea that nobody saw it. There is a big difference between The Rise of Gru and disease— and one that Sony Pictures didn’t get, to the tune of a second box-office flop. Apart from The Rise of Gru make more money in four days than disease made throughout its lifetime, The Rise of Gru is a decent (albeit conventional) children’s film based on well-known characters. Whereas diseaseeven with his Marvel links, had no bite.

That Summer of Morbius is over. That Summer by Gru has come.

Michelle Jaworsky



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Here’s some breaking news from across the web.

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🍹 TikToker encourages viewers to do so “take a load off” at their jobs as “the world is ending”.

✡️ Why an organization that “fights” anti-Semitism just got one Jewish college kid fired from her summer internship.

🖥️ Google’s search engine shows images of Nazi paraphernalia when users enter the search term “Desk Decorations”.

🚪 A Twitter user sparked a debate around ring Video doorbells after she posted a series of videos showing a neighbor reading the labels on their packages.

🌞 No Watch list for summer movies wouldn’t be complete without epic movies from one of the most popular indie studios. These are the The best A24 films You should binge watch over the summer.*

💿 When you think back to the beginnings of the internet, how does it look to you? in the “The Lost History of the Internet” the Daily Dot examines the online communities and events that have shaped us.

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A woman warns people about a Scam on Facebook Marketplace where people pretend to be a support person from the digital payment app cell.

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