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Do not miss Famous People Myxer summarize Dexter: New Blood Episode 9 “The Family Business” Dexter fights for his life in the woods of Iron Lake, leading to a confrontation in an abandoned summer camp. Is there a better place for a serial killer to confront another violent killer? Harrison finds himself at a crossroads between two paternal figures who can lead him down two very different paths. Meanwhile, Angela begins to make some disturbing discoveries of her own. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Dexter: New Blood Episode 8, Dexter was kidnapped by Kurt’s goon but he managed to escape. The man shot and injured Dexter but he lured the hunter into a cabin and killed him. Kurt’s plan is to drink and have dinner with Harrison while a tied Dexter will be assigned to him to witness Kurt hunt down Harrison. The plan goes awry when Dexter arrives at Harrison’s location and tries to run Kurt with a truck, though he escapes. For the first time, Dexter connects with Harrison and manages to tell him everything about Harry’s cipher.

Meanwhile, Angela investigates drug overdoses in town that reveal notable similarities to MO…

Warning… Vandals below!

Above Dexter: New Blood Episode 9, Dexter explains the code to Harrison in detail. Welcome…except for some important details as advised by Debra. She warns Dexter not to tell him about taking tokens from victims. Dexter explains that they both carry a dark passenger because of both witnessed their mother being killed when they were babies… born of blood.

Deb warns Dexter not to explain everything to Harrison n Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Deb warns Dexter not to explain everything to Harrison n Dexter New Blood Episode 9

After that, Dexter had to dispose of Elroy’s body. Meanwhile, Angela’s investigation leads her to have more evidence of the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Come bring gifts

That morning, Dexter gave Harrison his Christmas present, a new rifle. He helped him with his shot and the teenager was an instant crack shot. They visit Angela and Audrey and exchange gifts. Even though Angela is suspicious of her man, she plays around like everything is normal between them. However, Harrison and Audrey began to grow closer.

Suddenly, they received an unexpected knock on the door…it was Kurt brings gifts. The irony and irony of the man visiting the two people he tried to kill the night before. He even gave Harrison the pistol-shooting move before he lived.

Dexter talks to Harrison about Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Dexter talks to Harrison about Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Kurt left, so Dexter and Harrison followed. They go to Kurt’s property to find where he has been hiding. Harrison used the drone Kurt gave him to track down a possible hideout of him. They waited until nightfall and returned to his place. Meanwhile, Kurt went to Dexter’s and burned down his house, wait for him to run out of the house and shoot him down… but Dexter isn’t there.


Angela went to the vet to ask who ordered the Ketamine and that Jim’s name was on the list. Next, she wants to ask the podcaster more questions about the Bay Harbor Butcher, but she’s already checked out her motel. She asks to see Molly’s room and discovers she forgot her camera and tape recorder…something she will never leave.

Dexter and Harrison make a grim discovery in Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Dexter and Harrison make a grim discovery in Dexter New Blood Episode 9

Back at Kurt’s, Dexter and Harrison find his hidden ceremonial room. There were more than two dozen standing coffins, each filled with the women Kurt had killed and preserved for him to see. Towards the end, Molly was in one of those coffins!

Harrison gathers the missing pieces of Dexter’s ritual that he keeps and asks him if he killed all those serial killers. Dexter tells the truth and also tells his son that he killed Arthur Mitchell (Trinity Killer) because of what he did to his mother. Dexter hugged Harrison and kissed his forehead.

Save thousands

Kurt goes back to the house to get a bag to hide. Harrison surprised him and gesticulated like a gun to distract Kurt, and Dexter shot him with a Ketamine needle.

As they prepare in front of the murder room, Harrison asks why plastic is used and how many times Dexter has performed his ritual. Dexter explains that it was to avoid arrest, to leave evidence. He also explained that he killed hundreds of people this way. Harrison sees a brighter side and visualizes he has helped save thousands of people.

They wake up Kurt and he feels confused. They questioned why he killed so many women. Kurt declared he preserves them and keep them safe from returning to the streets like fugitives. Kurt even tried to rub Dexter’s face, the time he spent with Harrison.

Harrison then asks why Kurt was trying to kill him, and Kurt tells the truth that Dexter killed his son. He wanted an eye for an eye (or a son for a son.) Dexter offered his justification, telling him Matt blamed his father for his reasons. . Dexter gags Kurt, then asks Harrison if he’s ready for what’s next, and the boy agrees. he stabbed him!

Dexter made an excuse for Harrison to watch the rest, but Harrison was prepared to watch. So Dexter cut him into nine pieces. As the blood began to flow, Harrison reminisced in horror about his mother’s murder and searched for fresh air.

Dexter then emerges from the bunker with some bags for Harrison to put in the RTV. Then they threw his body in the crematorium. Harrison asked what would happen when authorities discovered he was missing. Dexter explains what prompted Kurt to pack up his things and try to run away from the murder charges.

When they got home, they found Their house burned down. The firefighters were there, while Audrey greeted them glad they were alive. However, Angela asked Dexter about his whereabouts that night and why he didn’t answer. Audrey suggests they stay at their house.

When they arrived at Angela’s house, Dexter was eager to make breakfast with the kids. There is a letter in the mailbox for the Chief Bishop. When she opened it, the note simply read, “Jim Lindsay kills Matt Caldwell. “There were also some titanium screws in the package and she looked at Dexter…

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Air date: January 2, 2022

Dexter: New Cast Blood

  • Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan / Jim Lindsay
  • Jennifer Carpenter like Debra Morgan
  • Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan
  • Julia Jones like Angela Bishop
  • Alano Miller A slogan
  • Johnny Sequoyah like Audrey
  • Clancy Brown like Kurt Caldwell
  • Fredric Lehne like Edward Olsen
  • Jamie Chung like Molly

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