New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9 Recap “The Empty Spaces”

Do not miss Celebrity Myxers summary of Final Season of New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9 “The Empty Spaces”, Reynolds gets creative to help an expectant mother in distress. Max takes a risk with Wilder and learns a hard truth. Bloom treats a young brother and sister in distress. Iggy makes a decision about Martin. Here’s what you missed!

Air Date and Time: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 9:00 p.m. ET, 8:00 p.m. CT and 6:00 p.m. PT on NBC.

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previously on New Amsterdam season 5 episode 8, Max discovers a lucrative department at the hospital that has serious legal ramifications. Iggy discovers a janitor with otherworldly talents. Reynolds treats a truly inspiring patient and makes plans for his father. Wilder’s young patient teaches her not to jump to conclusions when making a diagnosis.

Warning… spoilers below!

On the Season finale part 1 of last seasonfrom New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9 “The Empty Rooms” Horace lives with Floyd after the court determines he needs a guardian. Horace tries to fix Floyd’s apartment, but it drives Floyd insane.

lies and claims

Lauren and Vanessa are at each other’s throats after learning that their mother just died. Lauren informs Vanessa that she will not fund Vanessa’s drug addiction more. Max goes into each department and tells the employees what ratings they got from the visitor survey. Max thinks Iggy’s numbers are too high and echoes his department’s assessments. Iggy gets a lower score and Max lets Iggy’s department work free of appointments and treat their patients on a first come, first served basis.

Hiya Diallo and her brother Avi arrive by ambulance and Avi claims they were riding a bike and were hit by a car. Hiya has a serious brain injury and needs immediate surgery, but Avi claims her parents are on vacation and unavailable. Lauren doesn’t believe anything Avi says and wants to call CPS.

Floyd spots a pregnant woman, Olivette, standing in the hallway and offers her some help. She claims she needs to get rid of her unborn child. Floyd offers her to talk to someone about adoption, and Olivette is upset. She demands thisIf the child is not removed from her body today, she will kill it.


Elizabeth tells Bob, one of her patients, that according to his lab work, Bob is cancer-free. He tells Elizabeth that He threw away all the chemo pills she sent him home with her. Elizabeth is very worried but Bob just leaves her.

Lauren calls CPS and Avi is very upset. He runs back to Hiya’s room and Barricade and bolt the door. Lauren and Casey desperately try to get inside as Hiya begins to fall. Avi panics and lets Lauren and Casey in to save his sister.

Olivette tells Floyd she has relapsed and can’t stop using. She explains that the baby has to come out today because it’s not safe in her. Bob’s wife tells Elizabeth that Bob bought hundreds of dollars worth of strange vitamins and supplements. Elizabeth asks her to bring all of Bob’s home remedies that he has taken. One of them actually helped heal Bob.

district of the state

Avi tells Lauren that Her parents died of COVID-19 2 years ago and it was just the two of them. David will be 18 in a few months and will then seek custody of Hiya. During an ultrasound of Olivette, Floyd realizes that she is lying about how far along she is. He tells her that she needs to keep the baby at home for a few more weeks to reach the 26 week mark to give her unborn baby a chance. When Olivette starts freaking out, Floyd informs her about it he puts her under psychiatric control. Floyd will force Olivette to stay in the hospital until she is 26 weeks and then take her baby.

Iggy’s department is in chaos with no appointments made and the line is ridiculously long. Gabrielle disagrees with Floyd’s decisions or actions in dealing with Olivette. Lauren explains the meaning of Hiya to Avi to become a ward of the state when she gets fired. Lauren tells Avi that he needs to seek therapy for his own mental health so that he will be strong and ready when he turns 18 to legally regain custody of Hiya.

While Iggy’s department is in utter chaos, he confronts Max. Iggy is pissed that his department was doing so well and Max came in and ruined everything. Iggy is very upset and Max tells him to do what works for him and his department.

New and old relationships

Iggy returns to his department and decides to keep the unscheduled format. It actually works better for him. He goes back to Max and apologizes by saying that Max was on the right track. Floyd goes back to talk to Olivette and informs her about it He started a program called “The Sisterhood” to support pregnant women. He knows she can do it.

While reading their mother’s will, Vanessa and Lauren are shocked to learn that their mother has left them $7 million discount to Vanessa! Floyd goes home to find that Horace really did fix something and is proud of himself. Martin tells Iggy all about his day as Iggy grab his face and kiss him!

Max and Elizabeth have a heart to heart. She tells Max that she is crazy about him. Elizabeth signs the Max She cannot be with anyone who is not fluent in ASL. She signals that Max will never understand everything about her. Max explains that Elizabeth signed too quickly and he didn’t understand everything She said. Elizabeth wipes away tears as she tells Max she knows he didn’t do it. Elizabeth walks away and Max is confused and heartbroken.

Danielle and Floyd are sexting when her mom interrupts and yells that the sink is clogged again. Danielle calls Floyd and says it’s time for her spend time together. Floyd agrees and they make plans for tonight. Horace tells Floyd he got them tickets to the Fishing Expo tonight. Iggy and Martin wake up in bed together, just as their three children burst in, happy to see the two fathers together again. Max introduces the staff to Dana, his ASL teacher. Elizabeth begs him not to learn sign language for her because it won’t change her mind about being together.


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dr Reynolds and Gabrielle help Olivette in episode 9 of season 5 of New Amsterdam
dr Reynolds and Gabrielle on New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9
Max talks to Karen Brantley about New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9
Max confers with Ben on New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9
dr Bloom treats Avi in ​​New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9
Vanessa and Lauren discuss New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode 9

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When does New Amsterdam return?

Episode 11 of New Amsterdam season 5, entitled “Falling,” returns on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 on NBC.

New Amsterdam cast

  • Ryan Eggold as dr Max Goodwin
  • Janet Montgomery as dr Lauren Bloom
  • Tyler Labine as dr Iggy Frome
  • Jocko Sims as dr Floyd Reynolds
  • Sandra Mae Frank as dr Elizabeth Wilder

Recurring cast

  • Kathryn Prescott as Vanessa Bloom
  • Alejandro Hernandez as Casey Acosta
  • Conner Marx as Ben Meyer
  • Matthew Jeffers as Chief Res. Mark Walsh
  • Nora and Opal Clow as Luna
  • Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre
  • Debra Monk as Chairwoman Karen Brantley

guest cast

  • Renika Williams as Olivette
  • Toya Turner as Gabrielle
  • Debra Monk as Karen Brantley
  • Sky Lakota Lynch as Avi

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New Amsterdam Season 5 Episode Guide

season Consequence title air date
5 11 “Falling” winter premiere January 3, 2023
5 10 “Don’t Do That For Me” Back to Back Midseason Finale November 22, 2022
5 9 “The Empty Spaces” back-to-back midseason finale November 22, 2022
5 8th “The whole world is a stage…” November 15, 2022
5 7 “Maybe tomorrow” November 1, 2022
5 6 “Give me a sign” October 25, 2022
5 5 “Hands to Grasp” October 18, 2022
5 4 “Heal Thyself” October 11, 2022
5 3 “Big day” October 4, 2022
5 2 “Hook, line and plumb line” September 27, 2022
5 1 “Episode 1” New Amsterdam Season 5 premiere September 20, 2022

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